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John McCain’s $100 Billion Plan to Let The Terrorists Win

Can a conniving senator or lobbyist please take Sen. John McCain’s call to cut $100 billion from the Defense Department’s budget and turn it into a narrative about how he is turning his back on our troops? If it’s kosher to use the Pentagon’s spending bill to block gays from serving openly, and it’s possible to successfully twist repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into a defense of national security, then so too can McCain’s plan to kill over-budget arms programs. You wanna play with fire you dirtbag, then we’re gonna pour the gasoline.

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  • Mike in Asheville

    John McCain is one extremely nasty twit — anti-gay, anti-immigrant, war monger. The older he becomes, the nastier he gets.


    So what the fuck is the point of this post? Congressional earmarks cost ALL taxpayers by diverting limited funds to wasteful weapons programs instead of HIV/AIDS funding, education funding, health insurance support, highways and infrastructure funding, etc.

    The Pentagon has identified over $200 billion worth of weapons programs that are no longer wanted, already out-of-date, no longer applicable, and not feasible. But, the wasteful funding keeps going because of earmarks keeping those funds in certain Congressional district and states.

    So McCain has one good idea (well actually, even this idea is watered down because there is much more waste than McCain admits).

    And, certainly, veterans have been totally fucked with reduced benefits and reduced medical care.


    So Queerty, just because McCain is a homophobic bigot, you think its a good idea to continue flushing money down $10,000 Pentagon toilets OUT OF SPITE? Big fail.

  • alan brickman

    Did he also fire the gay translators before 9-11 happened…true story…

  • Jeffree

    McCain should see that some of the money not needed for weapons programs gets diverted to the VA to provide better care to veterans. There are not enough MDs, NPs, RNs or psychologists/ counselors available in the system.

  • Matt

    the existing Defense spending Bill is riddled with special interest and Nancy Pelosi waste! Why is the legalization of illegeal students and funding for unwanted Air Force planes in this budget proposal – other than to add to the show Demorcrats ignorance of not reading what they are voting for. Yes, DADT is in the bill and would be great if approved, but there are too many other Pelosi wasteful BS ideas in this bill for approval without it adding to the slaughter of Democrats. Ried needs to open up real debate on this bill and stop the Pelosi train derailments!

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