John McCain’s A Dancing Queen

Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s website currently features ABBA’s “Take A Chance,” because the Senator simply loves the Seventies Swedish sensation*. From The Arizona Republic:

The intriguing – some might say disturbing – revelation occurred during the Johnjay and Rich show at 104.7 FM (KZZP). The presidential candidate called in at 6 a.m. as part of the duo’s Who Do You Know contest, in which famous people phone in and stump for everyday folks to win a car….

“He said that a lot of people won’t admit that they love ABBA, but he would,” radio jock Rich Berra says. “Then he asked us if it was old-fashioned to like ABBA, and we said that it wasn’t old-fashioned at all.”

Oh, McCain, you adorable kook!

*Is that unpatriotic?