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John McCain’s Fag-Loving Wife and Daughter Won’t Change This Elected Bigot’s Mind

Just because his wife Cindy, and his daughter Meghan before her, came out in support of gay marriage — by posing for Adam Bouska’s NOH8 campaign — doesn’t mean papa John is going to become some sort of flip-flopper!

“Sen. McCain believes the sanctity of marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman,” his office says in a statement. And yes, it was only in 2008 that he backed Arizona’s voter initiative to define marriage as between a man and a woman. (Curiously, in an interview about shooting Cindy, when asked about John possibly moving toward supporting marriage equality, photog Bouska says, “Um, I got that impression. I don’t know that I should speak much about it, but I definitely got that impression.”)

Oh how awkward things are going to be when Cindy and Meghan invite their gays over for a slumber party and start braiding each other’s hair, and John is forced to sleep on the couch.

But in all seriousness, this is pretty remarkable stuff: The wife of the guy who could have, technically, been sitting in the White House right now has violated her own husband’s very public beliefs on an issue controversial to both Republicans and Democrats. Whether Cindy would’ve joined her daughter for the NOH8 campaign if the words “First Lady” preceded her name is another question entirely.

But also: Would Michelle Obama ever do it?

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  • W

    So John McCain and Barack Obama share the exact same position on marriage equality? Interesting.

  • Cam

    No. 1 · W said…
    So John McCain and Barack Obama share the exact same position on marriage equality? Interesting.

    Well the same view except for the fact that Senator McCain cheated on his first wife after she was in a car accident that had injured her, then dumped her for a much younger wealthier woman. In the end ross Perot came out and said that HE had paid for much of the first wife’s medical bills after the split. Whil Obama has stayed with the woman he married and his children.

    What I would REALLY love to hear McCain answer is THIS question.

    Senator…you have stated that you are opposed to gay adoption, your daughter Bridget was dying with heart problems when she was adopted out of an orphanage in India. Should children like your adopted daughter be allowed to die if the only option available is a gay adoption?

  • Brian NJ

    Rahm would never permit Michelle to support current civil rights struggles, anyway — too distracting! Her civil rights speech has been restricted to old battles won, glory days, etc.

  • Alexa

    I always thought Cindy was some kind of Stepford wife, glad to see I was wrong.

  • Same Crap

    I see random, non-celeb people on facebook do this. This helps change existing law–how?

  • Do we need?

    Do we need to use the word “fag” at all, let alone in the big bold headline of an article?

  • Queeny

    I don’t agree that gays can use “fag” but then get upset when others use it. I think the same re: the “n” word – either no one uses it or it’s OK for everyone to use it. All these rules about who’s allowed to use a word, when… are ridiculous!
    On Jan. 20th, here in San Francisco, a man called another man a faggot. I called him on it, & am doing the same here.
    Your article was informative & good news, but tainted by the headline.

  • Ben

    Uh… “violated” her husband’s public beliefs?

    Since when are two married couples not allowed to hold different opinions?

    I guess I was spoiled, growing up the child of an ultra-conservative military officer father and an ultra-liberal trial lawyer mother who are still married after nearly thirty years.

    It never occurred to me that simply disagreeing with your spouse’s beliefs constituted some sort of “violation.”

  • Jacob Williams







  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    First Lady Michelle Obama is somewhere between Hillary and Laura (A Rock and a Hard Place) when it comes to political stances hence the Organic Garden, Designer Dresses and Military Families as standard fare for the Presidential Spouse after the unfair radical image of fist-bumping. Perhaps, she may have her private fears of her husband, President Barack Obama more than slam-dunking it with Reggie Love. There is always a deep-seated reason for homophobia (fear of gays) because quite often for the semblance of a “Perfect Marriage” it is what is knocking at the door. A heterosexual who is secure in himself or herself quite often have no qualms about other people’s sexuality, if their own is on secure footing. In the Clinton White House, Hillary took the East Wing and continued her own career trajectory after the most famous affair ever, Barbra Bush became bitter at Bush Senior’s alleged affair with a powerful woman that never saw the light of day and Presidential also ran, John Edwards’ long-suffering wife is in the denial phase, at least in public. I certainly hope that the State of the Obama Union is stable, but with Power comes Responsibility! Other people’s human rights is his responsibility and he could well be failing his First Daughter’s generation with his fear of gays, or being found out.

    For the Queerty Children, a definition of the origin of Faggots (and it wasn’t just witches burned at the stake):

    faggot (fagotts) Small branch-wood tied into a bundle. Faggots are used mainly for fuel, but also for fencing or thatching. In the dark ages and still in some societies today, gay men and especially lesbians were burnt alive at the stake for being different, non-conforming or just at the behest of an influential land-owner or town gossip. It is the bundling of wood (faggots) that are set on fire to burn the accused alive.

    That is what you think of yourself or others when you use the ‘F’ Word.

  • W

    Better late than never. We are still waiting for Obama to make that move, are we not?

  • Cam

    No. 11 · W said…
    Better late than never. We are still waiting for Obama to make that move, are we not?

    Better late than never for who? Cindy McCain is the wife of an also-ran presidential candidate. Comparing her doing this with Obama coming out and saying something is silly. The opinions of McCain and Obama as stated are the same on marriage, yet different on adoption, ENDA, and DADT. But the longer we wait on those the more I start to wonder just how different they are.

  • Wayne

    Cam, no offense but I don’t see how anyone should put any extra faith into Obama’s “stated” positions. He stated he was for the repeal of DOMA and DADT yet as president he has directed his justice dept. to defend DOMA and he refuses to even sign a executive order to put a moratorium on the discriminatory discharges of gay soldiers through his continued enforcement of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Actions (or lack thereof) speak louder than words.

  • Brian

    Cindy McCain is not religious.

    Michelle Obama is very religious.

    That’s the difference. Not politics, but beliefs.

  • Republican

    To those who say it doesn’t mean anything, remember that her husband, John McCain, is up for reelection this November and quite possibly could face a difficult primary battle from the right if polls are any indication. She is definitely taking a risk here. Not as big as during the 2008 elections, I’ll grant you that, but it’s still a risk, so give her some credit.

  • Cam

    No. 13 · Wayne said..
    Cam, no offense but I don’t see how anyone should put any extra faith into Obama’s “stated” positions.

    I put no faith in it…thats why I specified his “Stated” position. Until any actions happen my cynicism is outweighing my belief. However, McCain was against allowing the census to count gay couples, gay adoptions etc… so to say that their positions are exactly the same isn’t quite right.

  • Wayne

    Agreed. But both of their stated positions on the issue of marriage equality are the same – almost exact mirror images in fact. They both are found of that “between a man and a woman” only type language.

  • Wayne

    ooops. I meant “fond” not “found”

  • Jaroslaw

    My comment is pretty tame compared what is here – but food for thought just the same- AOL home page and other places have shown the same photo of Cindy M and the news caption is “Cindy M is for allowing SSM.

    My first thought (nothing against her personally) was the choice of the word “allow” implies Gays are weak or something. We DEMAND equal rights as a matter of principle. And not just for us, safeguarding religious freedom for all ensures a paricular mode of thought or belief doesn’t prevail leading to less freedom for those who don’t share it.

  • Cam

    No. 17 · Wayne said…
    Agreed. But both of their stated positions on the issue of marriage equality are the same – almost exact mirror images in fact. They both are found of that “between a man and a woman” only type language.

    Exactly, when it came to gay issues, for me it was a choice between somebody who may not do anything and somebody who was hypocritical enough to have an openly gay man as his cheif of staff yet still was apparently going to work against us. Obama wasn’t great with gay issues, but I figured with him, worst case scenario he leaves us alone.

  • Michael W.

    @Republican: There’s a huge difference between running for president and running for re-election as an incumbent senator. It’s not very risky at all, which is why she waited until after he lost.

  • Wayne

    But sadly its turned out to be worse than the worse case scenario. Obama is not just leaving us alone. His Justice Department actively works against our equality. As does his refusal to direct the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA and start defending equality by filing a brief in the Fed. Prop 8 trial. Obama’s actions and inaction are hurting right now and sadly it seems he plans to continue to do so.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Also note, John McCain could die of old age. LOL!

  • Republican

    @Michael W.:

    Did you even read my post?

    I explicitly said there was a difference. Also, word is that McCain may face some serious PRIMARY competition this time around from the right, so to call it “not very risky at all” is not true. If she would’ve waited until after the primaries, then I think I’d find your argument more convincing.

    But besides the issue of whether it is a risk, it is simply a good thing for her to do. So, I say, good job Cindy on doing something to support equality.

  • Observer1000

    Everything these political families do, be they the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Cheneys and McCains, is politically calculated.

    So, the McCains are obviously communicating that there is some political advantage to supporting same-sex marriage. And, that is a step forward.

  • romeo

    @Jacob #9: Actually, Cheney did come out for marriage equality during his years as VP in the Butch Administration. Seems unimaginable, but he did. I saw him on television in an interview.

    As for Cindy, I’m with Republican. I can imagine the position this puts her in with the party, so brava! to her. And it may actually help us.

  • Sav

    Queerty I will no longer visit your website due to your irresponsible use of the word fag. I incourage others to follow my lead.

  • christopher di spirito

    Wealthy women like Cindy McCain are often surrounded by “the gays.”

    I hope her posing for the NOH8 campaign caused the Old Coot to flip out and bash his head against the wall.

    But my guess is, since it’s Cindy who has the $100 million dollar bank account, the Old Coot just did what he was told and that was to SFTU.

    About the Obamas, it’s my understanding they were both pro-gay marriage back in Chicago. But, in order to run and be elected president in this homophobic nation, the president had to take the safe and centrist, “no gay marriage, but civil unions” approach.

  • greenluv1322

    Do not expect Michelle Obama to EVER support same sex marriage. You guys really should read the Enquirer. Barack had a gay tryst with a dude from church. I know: SHOCKER. But seriously a good majority of black people love to oppress, because they have been oppressed, at least in their own minds, at some point.

    So I know a lot has been said about you guys being racist when you call black church folk homophobic but it’s true. Isn’t it funny that your ancestors thought it was a good idea to brainwash my ancestors with the bull shit of christianity and now that same bunch of crap is being used against you, and me too! Oh what irony.

    But for real keep using the black civil rights movement mantra. They, “blacks” hate that shit. Mainly because they love being oppressed and don’t like to be out oppressed by immigrants,gays or any other minority. Trust me guys they are fighting to keep their oppression. It’s nothing personal, they are just dumb.

  • christopher di spirito

    greenluv1322 – I read the Enquirer piece about the cat who claimed he got high with Obama and sucked his cock. The guy refused to take a lie detector test, so who knows?

    I read George W. Bush was known at Yale University by his frat brothers as “Lips Bush” because he was the fraternity cocksucker.

    George W. Bush also was said to have had an 18 month tryst with Jeff “M4M” Gannon. Gannon’s name appeared on the Secret Service White House entry logs. He would arrive Friday night — always when Pickles was out of town, and he would leave the White House early Monday morning. These logs were made public while Bush was still in office.

  • andy_d

    There is an ultra-conservative who is throwing his hat in the ring to oppose McCain for the Republican senatorial seat. My hope is that if whoever does NOT get the Republican’s place on the ballot, they will run as an independent and split the Republican votes. This would have the possibility of repeating what happened in the NY 23rd district race.

  • MitchNYC


    I don’t think I’ve heard anything so asinine in all my life. Black people love their oppression and fighting to keep it?

    Trust me. Facing bigotry every day of your life is not something you love or wish on anyone. I didn’t think I would need to say that to a gay man. To say that there are people that are fighting to keep themselves oppressed borders on delusional thinking. Get yourself checked.

  • No

    @greenluv1322: Did you realize you were an idiot at any point before or after you typed that garbage?

    Just wondering.

    “People with brown skin love doing this, that, and the other because their skin is brown.”

    Read that until you realize just how ignorant you really are.

  • jr

    @Brian: If she’s so religious why does she not attend church regularly???

  • alan brickman


  • MickW

    No. 13 · Brian – You really need to get your facts together, the Church that the Obama’s attended in Chicago actually allows same sex marriage.

  • tjr101

    @Brian…. is there more than one Michelle Obama, because the one in the White House certainly doesn’t look “very religious”

    People don’t buy the political imagery… both Barack Obama and his wife are very pro-gay rights and do believe in same-sex marriage. It will just be political suicide to acknowledge this. Obama would NEVER have stood a chance at the White House if he openly supported same-sex marriage. Look at what’s happening to Gavin Newsom in “liberal” California, he can’t even make it to Sacramento!

    Just imagine… a black man from corrupt Chicago who supports gay marriage in a nation where “liberal” states like Maine votes it down. I can see the black/white right-wing ads running wild on the airwaves with this.

  • purf


    no homosexual was burned alive during the dark ages…silly modern stance and completely not true historically.

  • tjr101

    I must admit to being quite surprised at seeing Cindy McCain in this ad. She always looked like the stuck up, cookies and tea wife… I was wrong!

  • Kieran

    Cindi McCain is chair of Hensley & Co., one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer distributors in the United States. I’m not saying this is the reason she’s come out in support of gay marriage…..but who needs a nasty Boycott by all those gay bars across the country?

  • terrwill

    Methinks we would be better off simply voting for the wives of the repugnaticans from now on. From Nancy to Barbara, to Laura, and now Cindy the wives always have been closet liberals whilst hubby was rattling the right wing sabers………….

    >>> All ‘cept Lynne Cheney she was too busy writing graphic lesbian love novels……

  • Johnny Underscore

    Brian is right about religion. There are lots of libertarian type Republicans who don’t mix politics and religion.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oh Yeah, Witches (lesbians) were burnt alive…

    Not so much the Dark Ages that gay children are burnt alive except in 2009!

    BTW – Cindy looks better with her mouth taped shut. I hope she hangs that Proudly above the bed for her Bravery (Like Daughter, so goes Mother!)

    John McCain will lose his seat because his foe is formidable. I heard he’s the nastiest guy from either side of the aisle, according to Republican sources.

    Poor Cindy!

  • Tom Bacchus

    We need the support of humans, not Cylons.

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