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John McCain’s Fag-Loving Wife and Daughter Won’t Change This Elected Bigot’s Mind

Just because his wife Cindy, and his daughter Meghan before her, came out in support of gay marriage — by posing for Adam Bouska’s NOH8 campaign — doesn’t mean papa John is going to become some sort of flip-flopper!

“Sen. McCain believes the sanctity of marriage is only defined as between one man and one woman,” his office says in a statement. And yes, it was only in 2008 that he backed Arizona’s voter initiative to define marriage as between a man and a woman. (Curiously, in an interview about shooting Cindy, when asked about John possibly moving toward supporting marriage equality, photog Bouska says, “Um, I got that impression. I don’t know that I should speak much about it, but I definitely got that impression.”)

Oh how awkward things are going to be when Cindy and Meghan invite their gays over for a slumber party and start braiding each other’s hair, and John is forced to sleep on the couch.

But in all seriousness, this is pretty remarkable stuff: The wife of the guy who could have, technically, been sitting in the White House right now has violated her own husband’s very public beliefs on an issue controversial to both Republicans and Democrats. Whether Cindy would’ve joined her daughter for the NOH8 campaign if the words “First Lady” preceded her name is another question entirely.

But also: Would Michelle Obama ever do it?