John Norris Bites Back At Snippy Madge, Via Article

Madonna‘s never been a shrinking violet.

And she definitely made no exception while chatting with MTV’s equally ancient John Norris, who asked her about her age after her recent Roseland Ballroom performance here in New York City.

She may have gotten snippy during their exchange, but Norris got the last laugh.

Read and watch his bitchery-laden retelling, after the jump…

From the mind – and transcript – of John Norris:

John Norris: With the Hall of Fame, with the Warner thing ending and with Live Nation starting – and with something happening on August 16 – do you look at it all as a milestone, or …

Madonna: Define “it,” please?

Norris: This year.

Madonna: This year has been amazing so far. That’s how I look at “it.”

Norris: Yeah, but not anything more than that? Nothing more momentous, or…

Madonna: Life is getting better.

Norris: No chapter ending, one beginning?

Madonna: [Looking at me quizzically, like I have two heads, and shaking her head] No, just continuing. Did you not hear the song I was singing tonight? “There’s no beginning and no ending”? Yeah?

On that note, last week a friend of mine (and rabid Madonnaphile) brought to my attention something Madge said 10 years ago in a 1998 VH1 special called “Madonna Rising.” The show’s host (and her BFF at the time) Rupert Everett asked Madonna whether she could see herself “like Mick Jagger, at age 50, still stomping around Madison Square Garden?” Her reply? “I do not.” She went on to explain that while she didn’t think there was a “stop date” for her, she did not see herself making pop music and videos in 10 years’ time.

…When I brought this up at the very end of our interview last week (and remember now, this is after Madonna’s rep had three times told me to wrap it up, and after Justin and Madonna had said they wanted to “go drink”), she denied having said it, telling me that in fact she had said she didn’t see herself “running around in limousines” – and continued by telling me that I was “once again, not paying attention”!

Well, this time, Madge, I’m afraid ya did say it – we’ve got the tape!

We full expect John Norris to go missing within the next week…

Here’s Norris’ official video: