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John Stamos celebrates turning 54 by stripping down once more, with feeling

On Monday, while so many people were gleefully staring at the sun until their pupils sizzled out, sensible creeps stayed indoors leering at their computer screens, and a picture of John Stamos’s backside, which the actor generously offered his fans on Instagram in celebration of his 54th birthday.

Here’s how that turned out: 

#54 and clean. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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It’s far from the first time Stamos explored his exhibitionist side. Why, just last September he took it upon himself to give us a close-up clothes-off with his Screen Queens costar Glen Powell, like so:

When he turned 52, he treated fans to an impromptu striptease, because he’s John Stamos and he does whatever he wants.

We should probably mention that in 2015 he happily turned the other cheek for Paper magazine:

Come to think of it, perhaps a naked John Stamos isn’t quite as rare as spotting a caracal.

Or a pigeon:

Oh, and:

Dog day afternoon. ?: @kenhada dog: @friedastamos

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She won't swim with me. #summertime. @kenhada ???

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What he gets up to next year is anyone’s guess.

Everything you want (and Need!)to know! #JohnSuperSpecial #Tigerbeat @x_teenidol

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h/t: NewNowNext

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  • hwc2016

    He look’s good for 54, most people look his age at 40.

    • baal61

      He does have money’

    • ChrisK

      That’s a great point. Worrying about money and general stresses of life can really age you fast.

    • niles

      right, being naked means you are gay

    • Jack Meoff

      I wondered the same thing only because some of those poses were classic gay guy poses

    • niles

      Yes, you can spot a homo by his “classic poses”.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      This is Queerty, so of course he’s straight.

  • Orgoglio Masch

    That ass is quite appetizing.

  • Kieran

    If he did come out we’d have the usual slew of comments from the peanut gallery all saying ha ha they knew all along.

  • Luna1979

    Technically, he should be a sort of has-been type. Instead, he created his own category of hotness which only he can withstand. The clip of him in bed with Bob Saget was the best.

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