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John Travolta Is a Bottom And a Size Queen

I walked in and the guy was giving John a blowjob and, like guys do, he pulled his head up when I walked in. Then they left the room. … I decided to follow them. There was an empty massage room upstairs where guys could go and have sex. I followed them up there and I went in the next room where I normally got my massages, and I watched them have sex. Full-blown sex. Anal. … He does do more masculine gay guys, but his thing is straight guys,” Randolph says. “He pulls them in because they’re shocked and impressed that it’s Travolta and that they’re hooking up with him.

—Robert Randolph, describing the already well-documented spa sex life of actor John Travlota (who he’s chronicled in You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again), and his proclivity for Middle Eastern fellas [via]