John Travolta Apparently Wanted To Make A Sex Tape With His Pilot “Lover”

John Travolta’s pilot drama continues to hit turbulence as Doug Gotterba is leaking even more sordid details about his and the actor’s alleged six-year relationship in the 1980s. Like Travolta wanting to take their affair to new cinematic highs — or lows — by making a sex tape.

Radar Online reports:

“It came up, but I said no,” Gotterba exclusively told the National Enquirer about Travolta asking him to film a sex tape.

“He wanted to film it, and I said no,” he said about the actor’s desire to record their trysts.

Gotterba said that the subject came up “when we were watching porn in his bedroom.”

Why Travolta would want that incriminating piece of evidence floating around is beyond anyone’s guess, but it certainly would have been more intersting viewing than anything else he made in the 80s. Staying Alive anyone?