John Travolta’s Alleged Ex Boyfriend Sues For Right To Out Him

travoltaThe man who claims he had an intimate “love affair” with A-list actor John Travolta back in the ’80s has been granted the opportunity to challenge the validity of his 20-year-old confidentiality agreement in order to write a tell-all memoir.

Douglas Gotterba, the 64-year-old pilot who told the National Enquirer that sex with John Travolta “was gentle but very passionate,” was granted the motion by a California appeals court Tuesday.

He has previously claimed that during his tenure at Travolta’s aircraft company Alto, the two were essentially dating. He filed a complaint recently after receiving several cease-and-desist letters from Travolta’s attorney, who claimed that sharing any information regarding his employment at Alto would be in direct violation of the termination agreement he signed upon leaving the company in 1987.

It’s understood that the real points of contention here are the supposed “intimate details” Gotterba wants to share about his relationship with Travolta in his new memoir. Though the actor’s camp has previously refuted the allegations as “ridiculous,” Gotterba has remained a noted character in the seemingly never-ending speculation about John Travolta’s sexuality.

Speculation that the letters sent to Gotterba are directly related to his alleged “affair” is further fueled by their timing — The Hollywood Reporter says the letters only started coming once Gotterba revealed he wanted to “tell the story of his life and those involved in it” through a book and another exclusive interview with the Enquirer.

Attorneys for both Travolta and Gotterba have now taken to arguing about the authenticity of the alleged termination agreement Gotterba signed in 1987, which included a confidentiality agreement that’s believed to be indefinite.

Both parties seem to agree that some sort of agreement was signed, though they disagree on what was in the actual agreement.

According to Gotterba, his agreement dated March 1987 “does not contain a confidentiality provision restricting Gotterba’s disclosure of personal, confidential, or proprietary information obtained during the course of his employment with Atlo.”

Alto, on the other hand, claims it has a different signed agreement dated April 1987, which includes the following provision:

“You hereby represent that you have not and will not disclose, communicate, use, nor permit the use of, in any fashion, any personal (i.e., those matters not customarily disclosed by Employer other than to insiders, in the case of [Atlo], or close friends in the case of Travolta), confidential or proprietary information about Employer or any principals of Employer that you obtained during your employment with Employer.”

Travolta’s attorney, Martin Singer, tells THR that he’s “confident that in the end we will prevail.”

We sure hope he’s wrong, because this potential story sounds too juicy to miss out on. Pun intended.

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