John Travolta’s Alleged Former Lover Will Consider Not Outing Him For $10 Million

Photo via the personal Doug Gotterba collection, in case you couldn't tell that his name is burned into it in ALL CAPS
Photo via the personal Doug Gotterba collection, in case you couldn’t tell that his name is burned into it in ALL CAPS

The man who claims he had a six-year love affair and “gentle but very passionate” sex with John Travolta in the ’80s is hitting back at reports that suggest he’s suing his alleged former lover for money, claiming he’s seeking a “non-monetary” judgement in the case.

64-year-old Doug Gotterba is alleging in the suit that he and Travolta shared an intimate relationship for six years until 1987, when he was fired from his piloting job at Travolta’s aircraft company Alto.

In July, Gotterba filed the suit against Travolta in response to several cease and desist letters the actor sent him regarding a book Gotterba is writing, which purports to reveal “intimate details” of their affair.

The suit itself is not about money on a surface level, but rather an argument over the validity of a confidentiality agreement Gotterba signed upon his discharge from Alto. Travolta’s reps claim that details in the book would violate the agreement; Gotterba claims he never even signed it.

Speaking for the first time about the accusations since July, Travolta told The Daily Beast this week that they’re “just about people wanting money.” “This is every celebrity’s achilles heel,” he said, adding that “it happens on many levels.”

In an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday, Gotterba responds to his alleged former lover:

What John Travolta said about me in a recent interview is an inaccurate description of what our court case is about.

Our dispute is purely about declaratory relief and will be a non-monetary judgement. This is about the truth and my right for a court to decide who is telling the truth, not for Mr Travolta to make a judgement.

But that’s BS, says the DM, which has learned that Gotterba asked for a settlement and would most likely agree not to publish his book for a cool $10 million.

These ladies will continue fighting their battle in California court, but until a judgement is reached, we’ll have to settle for imagining John Travolta making “gentle but very passionate” gay love instead of reading it.

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