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John Travolta’s Attorney Not Thrilled With Detailed Spa Sex Claims

Just when I was starting to be truly impressed with how John Travolta was handling his gay spa sex scandal (i.e. not responding to it), his attorney Marty Singer, one of Hollywood’s most litigious, is on the attack.

While the National Enquirer has been running stories about Travolta’s alleged man hunting at spas, the new father hadn’t raised much a peep. But when more detailed claims appeared on Gawker, Team Travolta had it: Singer fired off one of his standard cease and desist letters to the website. which calls the claims “blatant defamatory lies” from a “patently unreliable source.” Author Robert Randolph — whose book both the Enquirer and Gawker source from — has previously acknowledged he suffered brain damage, which means nothing he says can be true!

So far the Gawker post from gay writer Brian Moylan — which talks about how Travolta likes guys with dark skin and big dongs — is still online, which makes sense, since C&D letters are really just legal bullying. What’s interesting, then, is that we haven’t heard anything about Travolta’s attorney going after the Enquirer for alleging much of the same. Seems the intimate details (“I followed them up there and I went in the next room where I normally got my massages, and I watched them have sex. Full-blown sex. Anal.”) proved too much.

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  • Cam

    They would have filed an injunction if the stories were false. They’ve got some proof. Travoltas folks are trying the same tactics that Clay Aiken and Ricky Martin’s folks used to “Oh, it’s just the Enquireer”. a

  • ron

    So it`s OK to bully men who have sex with men if they`re over a certain age…say 40? How does that make you different from the other bashers? Oh, right it DOESN`T. Travolta may be bisexual and enjoys dick up his ass, so what? You fucking Queerty fags are the reason people still hate gays. Actually the only gays really hated anymore are the bitchy queeny sketchy faggots that run blogs like Queerty and Perez Hilton.

  • TominDC


    Um, no.

    Travolta is a prominent proponent of scientology, which is anti-gay. Hypocrisy being exposed is quite different from bullying.

  • Screaming Queen

    Ron: TYSM for the laugh, I think I lurves you! It’s funny how all the people pushing the “It gets better” anti bullying propaganda are often the biggest bullies in our community. I’m glad I’m not the only queen that sees it happening.

    Happy Thanksgiving ;0)

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Who doesn’t like guys with dark skin and big dongs?

  • Goodnight Moon

    @Screaming Queen:

    just to clarify….

    you have it all wrong on the bullying thing.

    scientology is an applied life philosophy that promotes an overt anti-gay agenda, and as a prominent scientologist, travolta needs to own up to the painful impact this has on the lives of thousands of gay people.

    check out what the dianetics book has to say about homosexuality:

    and what’s with all the hateful language here on your part? cut it out. keep the discourse civil, please.

  • j

    @Goodnight Moon: You quoted the wrong post, I believe. I think you were referring to

    @ron: this self hating, repressed, depressing low life. I honest to goodness thought this was a troll to begin with. Where do we find these people??

  • jckfmsincty

    John, everybody knows that you’re gay and we don’t care. Get over it, honey.

  • B

    No. 1 · Cam wrote, “They would have filed an injunction if the stories were false.”

    Simply not a true statement (I’ve posted the facts regarding such claims multiple times).

    http://www.expertlaw.com/library/personal_injury/defamation.html#4 : “The publicity that results from a defamation lawsuit can create a greater audience for the false statements than they previously enjoyed. For example, if a newspaper or news show picks up the story of the lawsuit, false accusations that were previously known to only a small number of people may suddenly become known to the entire community, nation, or even to the world. As the media is much more apt to cover a lawsuit than to cover its ultimate resolution, the net effect may be that large numbers of people hear the false allegations, but never learn how the litigation was resolved.”

    There are other reasons as well. Read the article cited for additional details. The short version is that there can be strategical / tactical reasons for not suing even when the statements about you are blatantly false.

    Also, just because a lawsuit has not yet been filed does not mean that one won’t be filed. If Travolta’s lawyers decide to sue Gawker, that might change whatever decision they made regarding the National Enquirer.

    It’s not a question of whether this actor is gay or straight, but rather that a failure to sue is not much of an indication of anything.

  • ewe

    @ron: Well then let me be the first to tell you that i hate you as well. You are the one defending someone i would guess you do not know from NOT being gay. Hypocrite.

  • matthew

    Why the wife & babies JT???

  • corrective_unconscious

    As usual all the media reports and blogs are missing the real story here: Why would well endowed men of color want to have anal sex in a sauna with John Travolta? Even with the obligatory “allegedly” the whole idea is still hard to swallow….

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