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John Travolta’s Attorney Not Thrilled With Detailed Spa Sex Claims

Just when I was starting to be truly impressed with how John Travolta was handling his gay spa sex scandal (i.e. not responding to it), his attorney Marty Singer, one of Hollywood’s most litigious, is on the attack.

While the National Enquirer has been running stories about Travolta’s alleged man hunting at spas, the new father hadn’t raised much a peep. But when more detailed claims appeared on Gawker, Team Travolta had it: Singer fired off one of his standard cease and desist letters to the website. which calls the claims “blatant defamatory lies” from a “patently unreliable source.” Author Robert Randolph — whose book both the Enquirer and Gawker source from — has previously acknowledged he suffered brain damage, which means nothing he says can be true!

So far the Gawker post from gay writer Brian Moylan — which talks about how Travolta likes guys with dark skin and big dongs — is still online, which makes sense, since C&D letters are really just legal bullying. What’s interesting, then, is that we haven’t heard anything about Travolta’s attorney going after the Enquirer for alleging much of the same. Seems the intimate details (“I followed them up there and I went in the next room where I normally got my massages, and I watched them have sex. Full-blown sex. Anal.”) proved too much.

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