John Waters: Coming Out Seems So Square. Have Gays Become Humorless?

The self-appointed Pope of Trash never ever really came out because everybody already assumed he was quite queer with any announcement. But now that coming out and fighting for rights has become an important part of LGBT life, he wonders whether we’ve lost our humor and our rebellious spirit while. He doesn’t understand getting outraged over any perceived anti-gay insult (like when GLAAD got upset over Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives) and demanding that every gay person look and act alike. After seeing how many commenters hated a Starbucks barista for singing about how much his job sucks, I’ve wondered the same thing.

Video via The Sword (NSFW)

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  • Cam

    Not coming out and only using humor are what a minority does when there is no hope of equality right then.

  • ewe

    Interesting that this is somehow news?

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    He has a point about when people get upset over minor things like the TRANNIES movie, but I think Cam hit the nail on the head with why Waters is so, so off the mark. He’s so in his own world he has no clue what it’s like for people who aren’t well off and cocooned in an elite strata of society where eccentricity (and that is how they see gayness) is a plus.

  • christopher di spirito

    Love ‘Pink Flamingos’ and ‘Female Trouble’. Huge fan of the late, great, spectacular Divine.

    But, John Waters seems strangely out of touch with the current culture around him that he helped to change.

    Even Ricki Lake now lives in Malibu, has two kids and is dancing up a storm on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

    Maybe if John left Baltimore every once and while and absorbed new influences he might seem more relevant?

  • Mitch

    This site incubates spoiled, coddled gay people without perspective who take themselves too seriously…

  • Cinesnatch

    Waters may live in a bubble, but the gay movement doesn’t always choose its battles accordingly.

    @Matthew Rettenmund: Hi Matthew! Fancy seeing you here!

  • WillBFair

    I like his points about the seperatists. They always got on my nerves, and I was sad to discover that they’re still around.
    Slightly less importantly, I think the trans people’s constant fuss over labels is a waste of time. Get ready to see massive attacks on Waters for using the T word.
    But ultimately, I agree with Matt R. Waters does seem cushioned by his money from the problems of everyday queers.

  • Miss Understood

    I think there are five transgender people freaking out about the word tranny for every 100 who don’t give a shit. Every tranny I know (and I know lots) uses the word tranny. It does not have a history as a slur. While it’s slang and therefor inappropriate in an official or journalistic context, it’s absolutely silly to get up in arms about casual use. Mean people are being mean, nice people are being nice, it’s not the word, it’s the context.

    John Waters has always been a bit of a post-gay progressive. When you are an all around non-conformist “gay” is just a small part of what makes you different from the masses.

  • Spence

    Live and let live. Too many gays making demands of other gays on how to live, when to come out, what to think. It is simply not our business how another individual chooses to live his life whether they be famous or not. I’ve been pulbicly out for 23 years but could care less if someone chooses a different path regardless of the reason.

  • Chad

    Funny how if you actually watch the whole video instead of the attention-grabbing headline, Mr. Waters makes a great deal of sense.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Spence: to be honest, Spence, those gays who complain about “gays telling them when to come out” are misdirecting the blame – the reality is that they’re already letting Straight people force them to Stay In.

    the whole “gay people shouldn’t tell me how to live my life” excuse is an evasive way of saying “i let straight people control how i live my life”

    there is no such thing as “forcing people to come out” – those folks are already allowing others to “force” them to Stay In.

  • Skeloric

    Funny dang thing, I never really thought about the possibility of John Waters NOT being gay.
    It was just sort of almost a total shame if he weren’t that I had pegged him as being one of us from the start.

  • Cam

    @Little Kiwi: said…

    ” those gays who complain about “gays telling them when to come out” are misdirecting the blame – the reality is that they’re already letting Straight people force them to Stay In.”

    Boom! Well Said.

  • Alan Brickman

    He is a person of accomplishment and is entitled to his opinions!! What a bunchy of whiny :assholists” on here….

  • Ginasf

    Yup John, about as humorless as the last 5 films you made or you endlessly droning on and on about how ‘mean’ GLAAD was towards TOTWK.

  • SteveC

    I love John Waters. He was a true outlaw who continuously gave the finger to mainstream acceptability, when this was a truly outrageous thing to do. He is a talented filmmaker and writer.

    And his opinion makes sense. He supports full equality, but simply does not think we should become a homogenous, hyper-sensitive mass, in the process.

    I agree with him.

  • SteveC


    Mr Waters last 5 films have been A Dirty Shame, Cecil B Demented, Pecker, Serial Mom and Cry Baby. All 5 are watchable. The middle 3 are very, very good.

  • John

    Hey Asshole on here….he’s a gay pioneer. He always incorporated gay characters in movies when no one else was. All your negative comments are proving his point, you’ll all let yourself become gay clones. Being gay DOES make you different and he’s pointing out that we’ve become bland.

  • Lefty

    John Waters is god.

  • John

    Oh and another thing…I live in Baltimore and John does a lot for the community. He does a ton of work for non-profts, etc…but ONLY to benefit the AIDS community. He does not affiliate himself with any other organization….so what have YOU done lately?

  • Rob

    I agree with what he said how there are way too many GLBT sepratists and it is rather annoying how PC GLADD is to the point of censorship, and yeah there are a lot of GLBT people who want to be just like heterosexuals.

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