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John Waters Loves Gay Trouble

Hairspray may be a family friendly film, John Waters made a career out of so-called filth. These days, however, our one-time feature subject’s having a hard time shocking audiences.

Indy Week‘s Zack Smith writes,

While the over-the-top camp of Waters’ films still holds up, the writer-director admits that the “mainstreaming” of gay culture in recent years has made it harder to be shocking. “I had more fun when it was illegal to be gay,” says Waters, who adds that he’s also “anti-separatist.” “I don’t want to get married and I don’t want to go into the army and all that stuff, though I understand people’s right to want that. I am for gay trouble. I like gay troublemakers. I am most gay when I am in a voting booth.”

Does that mean he votes Republican?