Johnnie and Ronnie Sitting In A Tree?

Lance Bass isn’t the only famous gay with a new friend. A “reliable” source tells Bay Windows that former basketballer John Amaechi recently spent some time with actor Ronnie Kerr:

One of our more reliable sources spotted former NBA star John Amaechi at Sidetrack, a gay bar in Chicago. This in itself is not gossip worthy – after all, Amaechi is out. However, he was seen canoodling with actor Ronnie Kerr (who is not out). Kerr is the hottie you may recognize from the Lifetime series Merge – he’s the cute carpenter. Apparently, Ronnie and John were spotted making out and preparing to “merge” at the end of the night…

Master says Kerr’s not out, but he played the titular gay character in Regarding Billy. He will also be appearing on Outlicious TV’s flab2Fab, which sounds pretty fucking gay to us.