Johnny Knoxville = Hater or Hilarious?

Johnny Knoxville’s never been accused of being a homophobe. Hell, the Jackass star’s appeared on his fair share of fag rag’s. Despite that media frenzy, TMZ’s ink on his latest “gay” story calls his sartorial punchline, “offensive”.

Now, we just took an informal poll of the people in our virtual head and 50% of them agree: Knoxville’s shirt offends. The other 50%, meanwhile, had a good laugh. (Margin of Error: 50%). Help us get out heads straight, readers.

Should we hold Johnny Knoxville to the same standards we’d hold James Dobson (who would never wear such a blasphemous shirt, but just pretend) or can we all laugh at his tongue-in-cheek reference to the dick-in-cheeks? Keep in mind his friend may, in fact, be of the homosexual variety.