Johnny Knoxville = Hater or Hilarious?

Johnny Knoxville’s never been accused of being a homophobe. Hell, the Jackass star’s appeared on his fair share of fag rag’s. Despite that media frenzy, TMZ’s ink on his latest “gay” story calls his sartorial punchline, “offensive”.

Now, we just took an informal poll of the people in our virtual head and 50% of them agree: Knoxville’s shirt offends. The other 50%, meanwhile, had a good laugh. (Margin of Error: 50%). Help us get out heads straight, readers.

Should we hold Johnny Knoxville to the same standards we’d hold James Dobson (who would never wear such a blasphemous shirt, but just pretend) or can we all laugh at his tongue-in-cheek reference to the dick-in-cheeks? Keep in mind his friend may, in fact, be of the homosexual variety.

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  • Paul Raposo

    Just because he was on the cover of a couple of gay mags, doesn’t mean he isn’t a bit phobic. These are the type of guys who claim they can say “fag” because they happen to know gay people; yet would never use racial slurs, even though they have friends who are visible minorities.

  • bill

    It’s funny. Especially in tandem with the belt buckle that reads “Jerk”.

  • abelincoln

    Who is he? Why should I care about him or what he thinks? Is he like running for president and stuff?

  • Ash

    Hilarious. But this post made me a little sad. With all that we could be doing, are we really sitting around debating whether or not Johnny Knoxville is a homophobe? And if we reach a conclusion, will it really matter?

  • Wolfi

    I’m gay and I own a t-shirt with Justin Timberlake on it that says HOMO!. Geez, some people need to relax and have a laugh every one in a while. He’s wearing a JERK belt to underscore the punchline! I think the last straight man on earth who needs to sit through being criticized as homophobic is Knoxville! And if his friend really is gay – the better! He looks hot.

  • Steve

    Agreed- people need to chill. Let’s keep lovin’ Johnny Knox, and keep away from political correctness.

  • adamblast

    Since I know the world is waiting with bated breath for our conclusion, I’ll be the spokesman for all gays everywhere and say Yes, Johnny Knoxville is a homophobe, a horrible bigot and a hater. And he needs to go into rehab immediately. Or on a personal goodwill tour. That starts in my room, ‘natch.

  • greenman

    From what I’ve seen of Jackass, Johnny Knoxville has had more things up his ass than the average gay man. On this basis alone I think we should give him honorary status at least and let him commit fashion crimes with impunity.

  • Dave

    It’s totally in context with his personality. Even if he was a Joe Nobody just walking down the street dressed like he is, it still is NOT homophobic!!! Anyone not familiar with his work, (and who isn’t?), may raise an eye at his t-shirt and his belt buckle (or at any impending bulge under the buckle in my case) and just think him strange, which is the point to most of his stunts anyway. Besides, Homo is a very common prefix that has other words besides sexual behind it. At heart, we’re all “homos” after all. Homo Sapiens, right? And Johnny is one hot Homo Sapien.

  • Stephen

    I’ll say it cuz you’re all scared to…. CROTCH!!!

  • jack e. jett

    the guy seem to have a great sense of humor.

    i love the t shirt. and stephen….

    i aint scared cuz i am lovin

    i’d homo that anyday.

    jack jett

  • Paul Raposo

    Clearly Johnny boy gets a pass because he’s considered attractive. If he looked like Newt Gingrich, would anyone be defending him?

    Like someone posted over on; would he wear a t-shirt that says “Happy Birthday Nigger” with a picture of a black friend?

  • el polacko

    even if the shirt is meant as a put-down, it’s a pretty good-natured one. besides, those ‘jackass’ guys whole act is built around homo-eroticism and teasing so i’m not put off by the shirt… although i’ll join the chorus of those who’d rather see him without a shirt at all.

  • adamblast

    Paul, he just might. But I bet he’d be more careful about showing it in front of the paps. As you say, he tends to get a pass–though I’d say it’s less strictly due to looks and as much because of his generally transgressive schtick and his eagerness to court the gay press.

  • qpdx

    I’m inclined to agree with most of y’all that it’s funny, tongue-in-cheek and that he is a “jackass” of course. But Paul Raposo (first post) makes a good point too that you can’t just get a pass and not think about things because “some of your best friends are gay.” In this case, though, I think it’s prolly just funny.

  • nystudman

    Ack! Johnny Knoxville is the least homophobic human being on the planet without actually sucking cock. It’s a friggin T-shirt making an in-joke, fer crissakes. It only proves how comfortable he is in his inner queerness.

    The man can do no wrong.

  • ninja rad

    dudes, it’s funny. i almost shot bong smoke out my nose and coughed at the same time when i saw it from the impending laughter. cheers to johnny and everyone else not afraid to use words and be able to laugh.

  • Sune

    What’s offensive about the word homo? And then in combination with ‘Happy birthday’?

    Does homo/homosexual equal the offensiveness of nigger/african-american?

  • Artemisia999

    Um..who is the guy ON the t-shirt?

  • emma

    Jesus. Loosen up. Its just a shirt
    This doesn’t make him a homophobe.
    He wouldn’t do all these gay magazines and be in a rather gay movie if he was a total phobe…
    a homophobe wouldn’t even joke about being a gay icon [as ive heard him been described on occasions]
    People say/do things much more ‘politically incorrect’ than this and they don’t get called out.
    Just leave it.

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