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Johnny Sibilly keeps it VERY real explaining why ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is so dangerous


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Queer actor Johnny Sibilly, 34, is the latest celebrity to comment about efforts to ban discussion on LGBTQ topics in schools.

Sibilly appeared in Pose, Hacks and will soon feature in the reboot of Queer As Folk. He was raised in Florida. He took to Twitter after the state passed HB 1557. It’s officially called the “Parental Rights in Education” bill but has been commonly dubbed the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.

Sibilly said he wished he’d felt free to talk about being gay whilst he was younger.

“Thinking about how if I could’ve said “GAY” growing up maybe I would’ve had a cute school boyfriend & not been meeting up with way older men to give blow jobs in Honda civics to learn how to be gay,” he tweeted.

He followed it up with a further tweet, saying: “and to be clear I’m VERY pro cruising but that is NOT a place for non-adults.”

A couple of hours later, following some of the comments he received, he posted again, saying: “And please with the ‘I was still a little hoe’. You’re missing the point of what a healthy understanding of your sexuality is and learning things through risky behavior fueled by scarce resources.”

Many men responded bemoaning their own lack of information when they first began to explore their sexuality.

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GOP Florida lawmakers claim HB 1557 will help parents control what their children are taught in school. This message has been parroted by some gay people on the right.

On Monday, Brandon Straka, who was recently sentenced to home confinement for his role in the January 6 insurrection, hosted a “Don’t Say ‘Don’t Say Gay’” panel discussion on Twitter. Supportive of HB 1557, it featured the bill’s author, Rep. Joe Harding and Governor Ron DeSantis’ official spokesperson, Christina Pushaw.

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On lesbian media site After Ellen this week, editor Jocelyn Macdonald said: “‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills, or as sane people like to call them ‘Anti-groomer bills’ are the best thing that could happen to gender nonconforming children and gay parents in the current climate of gender identity ideology.”

The bill is now awaiting signing by Florida’s Governor, DeSantis. He has already indicated that he supports it.

HB 1557 has been criticized by all major LGBTQ advocacy groups. A spokesperson for HRC said, “These bills shamefully attack and endanger LGBTQ+ students who are just trying to get a quality education, whom the state has an obligation to treat fairly and protect.

“LGBTQ+ Floridians are more than twice as likely to experience depression or anxiety compared to non-LGBT Floridians. Governor DeSantis must veto HB 1557.”

An ABC poll this week found that six out of ten Americans also opposed such legislation.

Watch a video of Sibilly speaking out against the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill below.


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