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Johnny Sibilly poses in his underwear for new photoshoot


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Queer As Folk and Pose actor Johnny Sibilly poses in a variety of underwear for a new interview with Behind The Scenes magazine. Sibilly, who was born in New Orleans but raised in Miami, thankfully posted several of the shots to his Instagram. You can see more, and read the full interview, at Behind The Scenes.

In the piece, Sibilly recalls being a big fan of the original American version of the show, but also being a little shocked by it.

“I saw Brian going down on Justin – he was eating him out from the back. I was like, ‘Waaaait a second!’ [laughs] I was very young so I didn’t even think about how gay men had sex, I just knew that I thought boys were attractive – seeing that was a little too much for me at that age, so I remember being floored at what I was watching. I actually didn’t think it was a TV show, I thought it was pornography when I first saw it. [laughs]”

Asked if he shares many traits with his character, Noah, he replied, “Letting men walk all over me is something that I’ve definitely done before! I would say the tendency to romanticize other people in your life: failing to see the red flags and falling in love quickly is something that gets us both in trouble.”


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Sibilly has also given a major interview to W Magazine, in which he talks further about his role in the show and his career.

Sibilly has previously talked his mom expressing concern about him being typecast only in gay roles. However, he doesn’t share that concern.

“Of course, as an actor, I want to be able to play everything, but my heart is set on telling queer stories, whether the queerness be at the front of the storyline or at the back. It is important to me that our stories are getting told, so if I keep getting booked for queer roles, I will be happy.

“But I also understand that a lot of people—not only in the industry, but people like my mother—only know this hierarchy system of, ‘Don’t you want to play the Marvel superhero?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I can play the Marvel superhero that goes home to a husband, and he is just as important as Captain America and Thor.’

“We are just as deserving and just as worthy of our stories being told as our cisgender heterosexual counterparts.”

Queer As Folk is streaming now on Peacock.

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