Johnny Weir Appears In Court On Domestic Dispute Charges After Biting His Husband

Johnny Weir Voronov biting llOlympic figure skater and Russian fetishist Johnny Weir apparently got a mouthful of juicy Russian goodness before heading off to werk the 2014 Sochi Olympics last month.

According to Radar Online, the 29-year-old appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of a domestic dispute with husband Victor Voronov.

Back in January, Voronov allegedly filed a police report claiming his fabulous husband had bit him in a way that was totally unwelcome. Putin would be so proud.

Radar was in the Lyndhurst, New Jersey courtroom during proceedings, and confirms that Voronov dropped all charges against Weir, and the case was quickly dismissed. Despite the toothy incident, the couple appeared to be all lovey-dovey:

Sitting next to each other, Voronov put his hand on Weir’s knee and whispered into his ear before the case begun.

When Weir approached the bench in an unusually subdued black ensemble, the judge took note of Weir’s impeccable style and apparent celebrity status, remarking: “Nice hairdo!”

Without stating any specifics about the case and charges, the judge asked if the “victim” was present and ordered Voronov to approach the bench.

Voronov asked the judge to dismiss the case – and the dismissal was granted.

Both Weir and Voronov refused to comment on the case. “It is a private matter I do not wish to discuss,” Weir told Radar before getting into a car with his literally delicious husband.

Play nice next time, kids.

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  • Jawsch

    Am I the only person that would prefer to not have all the catty sarcasm input into news articles?

    “claiming his fabulous husband had bit him”
    “Putin would be so proud.”
    “Despite the toothy incident”

  • viciouslies

    Gurl, you lookin’ like a red hot mess! Get it togethah!

  • Cam

    So he speaks out in support of Putin, he attacks gays who opposed the Olympics being there because of Russia’s new anti gay laws and crackdowns, calling gays in New York idiots. However he gets married because those same “Idiots” in New York made it possible for him to.

    And it also seems he is the type of person who when he gets angry attacks his husband and violently bites him hard enough that the court system was brought into it.

    Yeah, he just keeps getting more and more pathetic. Perhaps he and Lindsay Lohan could hang out together and talk about the past.

  • stanhope

    I too could do without the cattiness in the NEWS articles. In other coverage it often makes me laugh. Johnny Weir is tragic. He is not interesting, he looks like a clown, and he is irrelevant. Why cover him at all.

  • oilburner

    Watching these two fairies fight like two junk yard dogs must have been incredibly funny and sad at the same time. Gay guys like these two are the reason so many people loath and despise gay people and they make the fight for equality more and more difficult. Nonetheless I still would have loved to see them fight . Trashy morons

  • Louis


    Uh no you referring too them as 2 fairies and using the same OLD EXCUSE as I have seen many gay dudes like you use is what is TRASHY.

    Your comment is like many who make that statement its no different then trying too separate people and divide us as a community.

    Oh well that TYPE of gay dude makes us look bad or that TYPE of gay dude makes people hate us.

    I regret too inform you that the hate and ignorance was already there and your comment just continues too perpetuate the ignorance .

    Do I think Weir is a great person? Hell no but it has nothing too do with his sexuality it has everything too do with his lack of character humility and integrity though.

    Quit using that typical excuse too attack and admonish other people who are also gay by claiming its that kind of GAY person that makes people loathe and despise us.

    Keyword dude US its a COMMUNITY for a reason and that kind of ignorant comment is nothing but a divisive and derogatory remark meant too insult a certain kind of gay dude YOU have an issue with.

    Its always obvious in that regard intolerance exists even within this community im afraid that’s just the realistic truth of the matter.

  • Louis


    Referring too them as fairies is what any other heterosexual bigot would do.

    Amazing you do not even see the hypocrisy in that you might as well as call them 2 prissy faggots.

  • Cam



    Ladies, Ladies, you’re BOTH pretty!

    Ok, just kidding, but I get both points. Oilburner is disgusted by Weir’s behavior and was describing him as basically a douche and a tool. Louis is not disagreeing with the overall assessment of Weir’s character, just in the wording used.

    You guys are arguing two sides of the same coin. You can bond through your overall dislike of Weir as a person. ;)

  • jar

    It’s not surprising that someone as publicly petulant as Weir would be violent in private. Or maybe that bite was just an expression of Russo-philic passion.

  • modernfamilyfan

    First we do not know the circumstances, Victor could had been physically restraining him and biting was the only was to escape, we do not know if Johnny had bruises or what or who provoked the fight. What is obvious is that everyone is treating this like a joke, it’s not, it’s domestic abuse and just because it involves two men does not make it okay.

  • Dawson

    Sadly for many Johnny Boy is who people identify as representing the GLBT community. His exposure is based on his personality. The more outrages the more coverage. Unfortunately this can hurt us as it marginalizes the bigger issues.

    Like any civil rights issues we need the support of others who are not like us. This means we need straight people to see that our issues are not about what we wear or who we bite or other outrages behavior. When you put your face in the public as a GLBT person you ARE representing your community. This is the price of being a public figure.

    Johnny has never been about character. Doesn’t anyone remember how he reacted to Evan winning the Gold Medal in 2010? He has been a spoiled brat without any ability to edit for years and years. If you follow skating his behavior or attention seeking hasn’t changed in 15 years. This is who he is. He just doesn’t get it or care to get it that people see him as representing OUR community. Does anyone really feel that Johnny Boy is helping expand the rights of the GLBT community?

    T.V. is the most powerful medium. It has an effect to change public opinion with one sound bite. CBS, for example cannot get over the fact that if you are on a reality show that gay men have to be over the top nelly girls in men’s clothing. Hopefully OUR community will start asking for more fair representation. Johnny Boy fills the old tired sterotype because WE haven’t DEMANDED more from OUR community. So it is not just Johnny Boy but ALL of us.

  • Stache1

    @Louis: IN Oilburner’s defense he’s only referring to effeminate men ie Fairies. If you’re masculine or straight acting you have nothing to worry about.

  • Louis

    @Cam: Yes we both dislike him that’s something we most definitely have in common with one another.

    But we really need too stop tearing each other down in this community especially based on something we all know can not be helped or changed I.E. our sexual orientation. I do however get his disdain for Johnny Weir I also do not particularly respect the man myself.

  • Louis


    Umm okay lol

    That word just reminds me so much of words like nancy boy pansies pussies etc…

    When I read it it looks like a heterosexual wrote that not someone who is gay who should know better .

  • MK Ultra

    Weir seems full of spite. At whom? Well, that remains to be seen. But somehow, it’s not surprising he would bite his husband during a dispute. Maybe he should go back to having anal sex in front of libraries, like he claims all the gays in Russia do

  • Cam

    @modernfamilyfan: said…

    “First we do not know the circumstances, Victor could had been physically restraining him and biting was the only was to escape,


    If that were the case then that would have been reflected int he report and his husband wouldn’t have been listed as the victim of the attack. The DA would not have filed the case if there was evidence it was mutual or that WEir bit in self defense.

  • CCTR

    @Louis: I agree! What you are responding to is internalized homophobia.

    Is Johnny making all ice skaters, all white men, all married men, all people from PA look bad? Johnny Weir is making himself look bad and his marriage seem messy.

    I look forward to the day when Queerty post some beautifully written piece about self hate and internalized homophobia amongst gay men.

  • SteveDenver

    Weir really strikes me as the MC Hammer of the gay ice skating world. The difference: Hammer won several Grammys, Weir never medaled at the Olympics.

    Johnny is everywhere right now, but who will want him in a few years? He’ll blow all his money on wardrobe, of which my Jewish realtor pal often remarks, “I think my mom owns that outfit.”

    His politics are based on narcissism alone.

    Weir is tiresome.

  • michaelm677

    @oilburner: I totally agree

  • BrokebackBob

    Johnny you are as stated here in the comments, a hot mess.
    I hope his hair didn’t look like it does in the picture when he
    went to court. Yikes. Can you say “Too Much Forehead”. Perhaps
    it is time for Hair Club for Men, maybe, yes?

  • tomron

    @stanhope: I agree with “why cover this tragic clown at all?”, but if we MUST read about him, the cattiness becomes the best part of the article when cleverly applied.

  • redcarpet

    Fava beans and a nice Chiaaaaanti eh Jonny?

  • customartist

    Forgive me please,…
    but I would definitely, DEFINITELY bite that.

  • Cam

    I’m sure any Weir fans will jump on me for saying this but.

    So… the boyfriend a famewhore or depending on Johnny’s earning power, a Goldigger? I can’t imagine their eyes meeting across a crowded room if Johnny wasn’t famous and that guy going “Wow, that’s the man for me”.

    And we all know Johnny’s personality isn’t going to win him many admirers.

  • sangsue

    Karma is a bitch Johnny.

  • tada-no

    At least it wasn’t a real purse fight as that would be too much cliche going on with a camp, glitter queen!

  • Mike

    When he bites your tit too hard, just slap him.

  • seaguy

    I’m sure it was just a love bite. lol

  • iMort

    Maybe Ms Weir was just hungry. Someone give that queen a sandwich.

  • Louis


    Nods id really like that too there is definitely a lot of internalized homophobia within this community .

  • Sexy Rexy

    The cattiness is harsh, but I find it difficult to feel sorry for him, based on his famewhorishness and unfortunate comments about the Winter Games in Russia and its antigay policies.

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