Johnny Weir Attacks Again, Draws Blood, And Sends Victor Voronov Running To Police

Another day, another accusation of physical abuse in the ongoing Johnny Weir/Victor Voronov love saga.

It seems the couple’s “happy reconciliation” announced earlier this month didn’t last long. Over the weekend, Weir was accused of attacking Voronov in New Jersey. The two allegedly got into a heated argument Saturday night after Weir found nasty text messages badmouthing him on Voronov’s phone.

Voronov went to police on Sunday claiming the messages, which he says were written during the couple’s separation earlier this year, sent the fashion maven/ice skating champ into a fit of uncontrollable rage. Weir allegedly scratched, slapped, and hit Voronov, bruising his hand, wrist, and knee.

TMZ has acquired photos of Voronov’s injuries, which include what appears to be a bite to the hand and a small scratch on the wrist.

Of course, this is just one of many accusations of violence and other bad behavior against Weir. Earlier this year, Voronov accused the ice skater of biting him, as well as sexting with porn stars and stealing his Japanese Chin dog.

Weir has yet to release a statement about the latest accusations, although he did send this cryptically calm Tweet on Sunday morning, just a few hours after the incident:

We can only imagine what kind of “OCD cleaning” he’s talking about. Collecting the fragments of his shattered heart, perhaps? Mopping up Voronov’s blood? Let’s just hope nothing happened to the beloved Fabergé egg.