Johnny Weir Attacks Again, Draws Blood, And Sends Victor Voronov Running To Police

Another day, another accusation of physical abuse in the ongoing Johnny Weir/Victor Voronov love saga.

It seems the couple’s “happy reconciliation” announced earlier this month didn’t last long. Over the weekend, Weir was accused of attacking Voronov in New Jersey. The two allegedly got into a heated argument Saturday night after Weir found nasty text messages badmouthing him on Voronov’s phone.

Voronov went to police on Sunday claiming the messages, which he says were written during the couple’s separation earlier this year, sent the fashion maven/ice skating champ into a fit of uncontrollable rage. Weir allegedly scratched, slapped, and hit Voronov, bruising his hand, wrist, and knee.

TMZ has acquired photos of Voronov’s injuries, which include what appears to be a bite to the hand and a small scratch on the wrist.

Of course, this is just one of many accusations of violence and other bad behavior against Weir. Earlier this year, Voronov accused the ice skater of biting him, as well as sexting with porn stars and stealing his Japanese Chin dog.

Weir has yet to release a statement about the latest accusations, although he did send this cryptically calm Tweet on Sunday morning, just a few hours after the incident:

We can only imagine what kind of “OCD cleaning” he’s talking about. Collecting the fragments of his shattered heart, perhaps? Mopping up Voronov’s blood? Let’s just hope nothing happened to the beloved Fabergé egg.

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  • Billy Budd

    This is better than watching Mommie Dearest.

  • DjARD

    Not particularly liking the trivialization of domestic abuse going on here. Abuse is abuse, whether it’s male on female, male on male, female on male, or female on female (or anything other combination, for the intersex and genderqueer among us). We shouldn’t be treating this like some little vapid queen fight and covering it like a gossip rag. This is a serious issue, and Weir shouldn’t get off scott free for it, either.

  • Rational

    Could this be a very calculated ploy on Voronov’s part to get a larger cash settlement from Weir when the divorce finally happens… play sweet, get back together (get the dog)…knowing what buttons to push to get the violent reaction from Weir that Varonov wants documented…pictures, police, and BINGO…a larger settlement than would have happened from the first separation… Varonov’s a lawyer isn’t he?

  • Kathukid

    We don’t know anything about their relationship, but I would guess that they are both very high maintenance, having been treated like divas most of their professional lives.

  • Tookietookie123

    I love how he said they wanted privacy in all of this. Well you just threw those words out of the window *grabs popcorn*

  • Stache99

    It’s great when someone’s famous for just being a shit head. Playing it well.


    They’re the new Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor

    ..alas the parallels don’t go far enough, mortality-wise


    Which one is Blanche and which one Baby Jane?

  • lykeitiz

    Get him in the ring w/Naomi Campbell!

  • rextrek

    Victor – u need to RUN..not Walk to the nearest exist and escape from the clutches of Weir. You’re a Cute guy, who seems intelligent……find someone who’s less toxic..and more your speed dude…’re easyon the’ll find someone.

  • michaelroy

    another popcorn moment! Catfight claws and slaps and nasty digs at each other. They need a reality show asap!

  • deanpierce

    Ms Weir needs to get over herself. Her 5 minutes of fame have expired, and her ‘delusions of adequacy’ are getting tiresome.

  • Bryguyf69

    No comment from me re: this mess. I just want to be notified of new posts and there’s no way to do it without posting a comment. For what it’s worth, I’m on Team Voronov. So there.

  • michael mellor

    Johnny Weirdo strikes again.


    It’s like something Edward Albee would scribble on the back of the soiled napkin and then discard as worthless

  • Cam

    A sellout Vapid former Ice-Skater who threw his support behind a bigoted anti-gay govt, and a scam artist.

    Hmmmm, they kinda deserve each other.

  • NG22

    This is getting to be messier than Liza and David. Enough is enough. Victor needs to move on. He’s adorable, educated, and seems decent enough. I had no clue why he was with a toxic, vapid, self-aggrandizing unattractive queen like Weir in the first place. And now that Weir has shown a pattern of violent behavior, even more reason to keep it stepping.

    I don’t condone violence at all, but Idk why Victor doesn’t just punch this waify bitch in his face on his way out the door. I’m tired of hearing about this mess.

  • evdanker

    Johnny Weir is an annoying little piss ant.

  • The Swallower

    It’s a shame that in his case hotness is related to insanity.

  • truth_bomb

    Agreed…this is a serious issue…as more people enter marriages we can realistically expect more of this down the line.

  • truth_bomb

    @truth_bomb: that was in response to Djard

  • jockjack5

    Two words for Miss Weir.

    Bitch please!

  • DarthKitsune

    This is the most I’ve ever liked Johnny Weir.

  • rextrek

    3 words for Ms Weir…RuPaul’s Drag Race

  • mz.sam

    These two Russkie fucktards need to pack their bags and go back to their mother country.


    Romeo & Juliet on ice?????



    You are soooooo right!!!!!

  • mpwaite

    “Weir allegedly scratched, slapped, and hit Voronov, bruising his hand, wrist, and knee.” This is a YOUTUBE re-enactment video waiting to happen…………..a la Mommie Dearest..

    JOHNNY: “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy cant you give me the respect that I’m entitled too???… Why can’t you treat me like I’d be treated by any STRANGER on the street???”


  • Curtispsf

    Someone’s missing a consonant:

    Johnny Weir(D).

  • johnozed

    Really? Can no one take Johnny Weir out while defending themselves?

  • DickieJohnson

    Whooo! This came about much quicker than I’d imagined! Where’s the Hèrmés ashtray??? And all those hideously expensive F*ckn’ purses??? “Vapid” doesn’t even come close to describing this pair.

  • junjun

    I admire you people who shared your comments.
    But pls can u help me find someone who can give me happiness
    I am ready to give my smile tap reply.

  • modernfamilyfan

    Saying it again,, Victor Voronov has a history dating back to 2009 of abusive behavior. He attacked his own mother giving her injuries very similar to the ones he claims a Johnny gave him.

    Weir left Victor Saturday night and 24 hours later Voronov posted a photo of Himself and his new friend – a Michael Lucas. coincidence that Voronov did not call police until the next day???

    Website Pink Day Out has researched Victor Voronov, they have evidence of how dangerous he is, watch their twitter later this week. Coincidence that after they announced they were releasing damaging information on Voronov, they were hacked??

    Think not.

  • rickhfx

    There is nothing funny about Domestic Violence, male on female, female on male, female on female, male on male. It always escalates and always ends very badly. Domestic Violence is a crime and should always be taken out of the victims hands by police. The victim usually is trapped by one of many issues, even including non reciprocated love. To make light of this kind of crime shows ignorance. They need move on, time will tell who is at fault in their next relationships.

  • SteveDenver

    I thought it would be interesting once things turned sour again. It isn’t.

  • wickerwood

    I cannot believe there were was no abuse before these two married. If there was abuse then shame on Victor. Surely, Victor has heard the saying “a leopard never changes his spots.” If the marriage is really on the rocks, Victor needs to get some counseling to make sure he does not get involved with another abuser.

  • odawg

    I wish someone would take out the trash.

  • Stefano

    Is anyone here really surprise?

  • Cam

    When the article came out about these two reconciling, just how many of us posted that this exact thing would happen?

    How sad for sell-out Weir and his gold digger boyfriend, that they are so boring and predictable we all knew weeks ago that this would happen.

  • modernfamilyfan

    @wickerwood: You are correct, Victor needs serious counseling. He physically abused his mother by shoving her to the ground when she tried to call 911 after she refused to hand over her pocketbook to him. He wanted money for his drug habit. The court sent him to rehab for 3 months after which he was arrested four times for drunk driving. He has a record of court appearances from Atlanta to Washington to New York. He passed the bar exam but was not allowed to practice because he couldn’t pass the ethics portion of the licensing

    Voronov is a dangerous man. a few scratches he received while on a drunken binge may fool the gossip sites but the court will see right through it, which is why Johnny wasn’t arrested for assault at the time of the so called incident.

  • Bryguyf69

    @modernfamilyfan: Blah blah blah,=. One wonders what your motive is for getting so passionately involved in the discussion. In the end, his ALLEGED past is irrelevant unless you can prove that the same factors played into the current incident. For example, what is the relevance of being arrested for drunk driving? Was a vehicle involved in the recent dispute? Or drugs? If yes, prove it. Otherwise, you just look like a bitter vengeful gossip-mongerer out for character assassination.

    As for Weir vs Voronov, all this character assassination is so-far only your word. None of it has been seen by the public so it shouldn’t affect our opinion. On the other hand, Weir’s annoying behavior is quite public — and of his own doing. It has nothing to do with being gay or even effeminate. It has to do with a desperate need for attention, often at the expense of others.

    In other words, what happened in this case has no real bearing on me. But Weir’s grating personality does affect my enjoyment of figure skating — not to mention the public’s perception of gay men. Seriously, just look at all the posts from this and past stories, and see how overwhelmingly negative they are toward Weir. Most telling is the fact that the posts are from gays, not homophobes.

  • Cam


    And yet Weir sold out the gay community and supported a govt. in Russia that advocates the torture, jailing, and murder of gays.

    As for your comments about Johnny not being arrested at the time, nice try, charges were filed against Weir, Voronov then requested that they be dropped because he was going to refuse to testify when they made up.

    Victor may be all you say he is, but please don’t come onto a gay site and try to defend Weir when WEir threw his support behind Putin and attacked American gay activists all the while enjoying the rights those activists fought for.

    Voronov is a garden variety scumbag, Weir is a world class scumbag.


    I hate to admit it but now seeing that Johnny qWeir is bat shit crazy kinda makes him more attractive…………….Those guys usually are firecrackers in bed :p

  • Bryguyf69

    @truth_bomb: Yes, as more gays get married, we will of course see cases of domestic abuse. But the increase may be small because such abuse is not dependent on marriage. Both my girlfriend and I have a lot of gay patients, and we’ve both seen our share of abuse victims over the years. Gay marriage would have no effect on these dysfunctional relationships. That said, the rates of domestic abuse will likely be much less since both partners will usually be of equal strength. And a gay man or woman is much more likely to be financially capable to leave an abusive relationship. Finally, there is less likely to be religious pressure or children to prevent divorce. I don’t foresee domestic abuse to be a significant issue after the legalization of same sex marriage.

    The gay divorce rate will likely be higher than that of heterosexuals because gays generally don’t have religion and children to discourage divorce. Nor will there be the financial dependance which prevent some women from divorcing.

  • Smellslikechocolate

    bryguy You seem to make a hell of a lot of assumptions about gay couples. for instance you claim we do no thane children and that a our incomes are financially able to leave.

    Our relationships have the same issues of our confer points. We have children, we have a breadwinner….we have family stress and to top it off we also deal with homophobia like you demonstrated here =…on a daily basis.

    We are just like everyone else.

  • AzLights

    @DjARD: No, he shouldn’t. And Victor needs to leave–permanently. I have been in an abusive relationship and it does NOT get better.

  • yup

    @mpwaite: As someone who is VERY close to the situation ;) Bullseye!

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