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Johnny Weir Didn’t Make It Into Evan Lysacek’s Top 10 Thoughts

Like, whatever, Evan Lysacek is straight. Or is that “straight”? He’s a figure skater and soon to be Dancing With The Stars contestant, so really, that’s enough to get our attention. Plus, Olympic gold medal winner? Turn. On. So what were the “Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Evan Lysacek’s Mind During His Gold Medal Ice Skating Routine”?

“Wheeeeeeeeeee.” That’s what.

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  • TheAwfulTruth

    Too bad he is not gay. This is the kind of athlete we need representing us, not that Johnny Weirdo.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Thought #11

    Suck it Weir! No. Not literally. Not that it wouldn’t be kinda uh, oh nevermind …

  • detroitmak

    Just because Johnny feels comfortable expressing himself creatively does not make him a weirdo…

  • tjr101

    And why exactly would Johnny Weir be on Lysacek’s mind? The guy has sexy women fawning all over him.

  • terrwill

    Sorry I don’t particualry want Lysaekc on our team…….he gots a kinda horsey face………….I’ll take Johnny qWeir any day (thats if he was Gay : p)

  • Caleb

    Exhibit #356 why David Letterman sucks. That was awful.

  • Jai

    “The guy has sexy women fawning all over him.”

    Yeah, so did Rock Hudson.

  • Michael W.

    @TheAwfulTruth: Fuck you. For one thing, the only person Johnny Weir represents is Johnny Weir. But should he ever decide to come out and put us on his shoulders, I’d be damn proud to have him.

  • sal(the original)

    take out the word “truth” and “the” and what are we left with?come on a little harsh mr

  • Sexy Rexy

    Evan doesn’t want a femmy twink like Weir – he wants a MAN to pound his manorexic frame. I’ve seen sexier POWs, seriously.

  • Miles

    I’m in the camp that happens to believe Evan is gay. Who is he kidding? I think he is incredibly sexy plus he has big hands and long arms–and we all know what that means! However, if he is gay and not out then shame on him because being out and proud is the most important and radical thing one can do. That being the case, Johnny Weir is an out and proud gay man and we should all applaud him! Go Johnny!

  • Lukas P.

    Me being snarky: I bet hunky skater Brian Joubert was on Lysacek’s Top Ten list.

    Me being politically correct: Whether Evan is straight, gay or bi [HELLO JASON], I’m very proud of his Gold medal and wish him well on the “Dancing with Other Star-like People” show.

    Me being me: “Kick the spray tan off Kate Gosselin’s face” in your Tango.

  • SMB

    What was the point of this… I wouldn’t exactly call it an “article”…? So Johnny wasn’t in Evans top ten list of things going through his head. So what?! Why should he be?

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