Johnny Weir Hasn’t Had Sex In 5 Months. But He’s Willing To Pitch Or Catch

If we’re gonna talk all things gay with a newly out gay celebrity, it’s Howard Stern’s program that’s the best fit. Sure, the Today show did a fine job, but it’s not like Meredith Vieira is going to ask about his sex life. Howard will!

Some interview highlights:

• Weir earned “only” about $500,000 last year. Poor!

• He blames a “generation gap” and his open preference for all things Russia for the reason why judges gave him such crappy scores. Also, for being “too flamboyant.”

• Even gay men think Weir is too gay, the skater believes.

• Why do so many gays join figure skating? “I fell in love with it because it was a sport, and it’s incredibly difficult, and so few people can do it … but you sort of get the pageantry of a show.” Yes, Weir was in it for the costumes.

• During training he eats very little. Does that make him a cranky bitch, asks Howard? Nah, because Weir’s stomach shrinks so much, and it actually made him stronger.

• “I have no sex life.” Nope, guys aren’t lining up at book signings to take him home. “In a sense” he’s a-sexual, “because I never get it.” When’s the last time he got laid? “I think probably in August.” He’s got no fuck buddy (“I don’t need one”), because he’s “literally too busy” for that. Which celebrity would he want to get with? Justin Timberlake. As for being a top v. bottom, while “feminine” Johnny “likes to try whatever happens.”