Johnny Weir Says He Won’t Tone Himself Down At Winter Olympics

Johnny Weir and G Lounge StaffOlympic ice skater Johnny Weir was the celebrity host for G Lounge’s 16th anniversary party last night in New York City. Accompanied by Victor Voronov, his husband of two years, and some Russian gay men, Weir toasted the Chelsea gay bar’s birthday with bartenders dressed in bow ties, cummerbunds, and no shirts. The night also celebrated the opening of an art piece by David Paul Kay in the space: essentially black lines drawn on wallpaper all over the joint. Queerty chatted with Weir about what’s to come at the Winter Olympics in Moscow, whether we should boycott Russian vodka and why Michael Lucas is badmouthing him.

[Update: After posting this interview, Sports Illustrated revealed that Weir will definitely not compete in the Sochi Winter Olympics because he “did not register for the qualifiers for the national championships.” The deadline to register was September 1.]

You’ve been very vocal about not boycotting the Russian Olympics but going and being proud of who you are. Has anything changed that?

Honestly, no. I still believe even more so that we need a strong presence of LGBT people and countries that support our kind. We need to be there to show our solidarity to the world, to the community, and hope for change. We need to show that we’re normal people, that we’re good in all aspects of life. I think the only way for Russians to know that is to see us there.

Do you think there are going to be any silent protests, like rainbow flags?

I think that during the Olympics, there will be silent protests and there will be moments where LGBT athletes and friends of the community will do something to draw attention to our plight. But as far as it coming from the athletes, it’s in the rules that we aren’t allowed to join in a protest. We aren’t allowed, whether it’s for gay rights, African rights or Asian rights. We aren’t allowed as athletes.

You’re allowed to wear your country’s colors, though.

We are allowed to wear our country’s colors, but until we can all move to the gay nation [New York City], then we have to respect the rules of the people that are bringing us to their country, as unfortunate as that is.

Any painted nails in Moscow?

If I’m lucky enough to qualify for the Olympics, I will bring the usual Johnny Weir. I’m not going to tone myself down, but I won’t go over the top to make a statement. My statement, whether people feel it’s enough or not, is being there. The fact that I can be proud, strong and an Olympian? That’s a huge statement. And the Olympics are a thing I’ve worked my whole life for, and they’re something I respect so much. For people to really understand all that goes into the Olympics, you have to live it. Which is why I understand the criticisms I get from a lot of the gay press and a lot of the gay people in this country. But at the same time, I understand what it takes to be an Olympian and a gay man and to do it at the same time. It’s an incredible gift. But you have to respect both sides. 

What other gay athletes might be at the Olympics?

There’s a gay speed skater from New Zealand, Blake Skjellerup. He has an opportunity to qualify for the Olympics. Then there’s me. Then God knows.

I’m trying to think of a gay winter sport. Skiing?

Figure skating. I mean, at the end of the day, most winter Olympians are in front of the world dressed like sperm. Everyone is in super tight lycra. And that’s how we roll, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter. Sport.

What do you think should be done to guarantee the safety of gay athletes and their fans?

I think the most that we can hope for is that the Russian government suspends this law during the Olympics and takes a strong look at whether it wants to continue on with it in the future. I think the International Olympic Committee, while they’re not a political party, they need to be on the ground and have their own security measures, for my safety, for my family’s safety, and that’s what should happen. That’s what we can expect from any major sporting event. There has to be safety.

How do you feel about the Russian vodka boycott?

My opinion is that there could be LGBT people who work in the factories in Russia. There could be families that are supported by the vodka industry. For us to boycott vodka, it’s hurting the family more than it’s hurting the money people that are in charge.

Did you see what Michael Lucas wrote about you?

I didn’t actually, but I know a lot of my fans were upset by what he’d written.

I think he called you over the top.

I am over the top.

In a negative way.

I’ve grown up being criticized for everything about myself, so whether it comes from Michael Lucas or Obama or Putin, I’ve grown up with it and I understand how to live my life happily without pleasing anyone else.

So you have no desire to read it.

No, if I spend any time reading all the bad press about me I wouldn’t go out of the house.

How’s married life? 

Two years in almost, and we’re still doing good. My puppy’s great. He’s like our kid. I constantly Instagram about him. But my life is good.

Any plans for real children?

Down the line, we’ll have a real child. Not right now. We’re still establishing ourselves as men.

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  • 2eo

    He’s already marching to the fascist drum.

  • Deepdow

    For one with such a large platform it’s mindblowing how he never talks about the violent antigay politicians there, the fact that gay anchors will be summarily fired for being open, the fear and misery gay teens live in, and the fact that gay parents there might soon have their children ripped from their.arms. It’s just totally amazing that he chooses not to speak about that.

  • 2eo

    @Deepdow: He doesn’t know them and considers them beneath him and therefore they deserve their fate. His arrogance is matched only by his belief he is good enough to get there.

  • andy_d

    As long as he can get the spotlight, this Quisling will do nothing to help us. Isn’t that obvious?

  • Brooklynsam

    I am sick of Johnny’s shameless self promotion. He already knows that he can’t go to the Olympics; the registration date for USFSA Nationals qualification was September 1st, and he DID NOT register. He must have learned his prevarication from his husband, Victor. Victor Voronov passed the New York State Bar exam but was refused entrance to the bar. The reason? He defrauded people to finance his drug habit.

    BTW, if all of this wasn’t true, why would Victor be sitting for the Jersey Bar when he already passed the New York Bar?

  • mjcc1987

    He has no integrity or honor. Johnny ME ME ME Weir

  • Brooklynsam

    He isn’t with any Bar. According to Johnny’s tweets, he is studying for the Jersey Bar. However, he already passed the New York Bar but was not admitted. See following list of results from July 2010:

  • Brooklynsam

    He was hooked on amphetamines, and had a gambling problem as well.

  • Fitz

    I seriously hope awful things happen to this quisling faggot.

  • Anony1

    @Brooklynsam: Ok, thx for the link. I didn’t know Victor was on speed. Isn’t that dangerous? Repeated high-dose can lead to delusions, psychosis, and paranoia among other things. Gambling problem means he may be addicted to risky behavior. K-so, if Victor isn’t with any Bar Association then how can he work a federal case? You can’t do that without a license even with supervision. Could that be a delusion or psychosis brought on bc of his drug habit?

  • Brooklynsam

    The drug use was several years ago….don’t know his current drug use. As for the Federal case mentioned on Twitter, I am sure ihe was workingwas only as an intern or paralegal.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Methinks Johnny Weird needs to have his USA Passport revoked.

  • Rockery

    Is Even Lysachek going to turn it up?

  • Rockery



  • Brooklynsam

    Evan is nursing a torn abdominal muscle. He is scheduled to appear @ Skate America in October. However, with his continuing injuries, his Olympics prospects are tenuous; he needs to finish first or second at the US Nationals in January to qualify for Sochi.

  • Pistolo

    It’s the same thing with a lot of the athletes NOT ALL but a lot. We project so much pride, honor, and character onto them when in actuality they’re really just people who’ve devoted their entire life to being good at one sport. That’s it. That’s all. He’s not a hero, he’s just someone who mastered a triple axel in the fugliest outfits possible.

    So of course he wants to go to the Olympics because he wants to wiggle his way into a terribly designed outfit, do the only skill he’s ever learned, and cash in on it.

  • SoThenWhatHappened

    So Johnny Weird knew two weeks ago he wasn’t going to the Winter Olympics because he never competed or qualified. Obviously he’s been lying and doing whatever he can to get attention for himself.

    I hope that he goes to the Winter Olympics and is beaten and raped with a broken bottle like the poor kids in Russia have happening to them.

    It’s sad that this steaming turd of a loser keeps showing up as a face of gay people in this world.

  • balehead

    He didn’t register so the media ho’s not skating….every other site already nailed him for his constant self promotion…..

  • mz.sam

    Both Weir and Lucas are opposites of the same coin: Fame Whores and will do anything to stay in the spotlight with their declining careers.

  • Anony1

    @Brooklynsam: I asked around and I think the general idea is Victor still needs a license for that, even to work pro-bono or legal aid. If a judge ever finds out, he’s in deep caca and if he’s doing this under an attorney, oh no.

  • Anony1

    @Brooklynsam: I regret you may be right about the prevarication lessons from Victor. Johnny had such integrity before all this. IDK. It’s like he’s become the boy who cried wolf the last couple of years or so. Thx.

  • Anony1

    @damon459: But this article was posted the morning before the AP release on the evening of 9/17.

  • Anony1

    @Brooklynsam: Ok, thx. I don’t either, but I think paralegals need a license, too. I think they’re supposed to be regulated and listed with the state or something. I don’t think anyone can just walk in off the streets and say hey I want to help with this case lol.

  • Dxley

    Since you ppl flagged me from the Michael Lucas article, I’ll post here. I hope it reaches @fofomazuzu and @sportsguy1983

  • Dxley

    Why won’t Queerty publish my comment?! FUCK!!!!

  • Gigi Gee

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He didn’t make the team.

  • Geoff B

    I can’t stand this dbag and as much as I hate what Russia is doing, on the upside, my partner is boycotting the Olympics which means I get to watch my Blackhawks unfettered. Just trying to make lemonade out of lemons.

  • 2eo

    @Lefty: Absolutely full of shit, an unintelligent, beligerrent and completely bought out paid for anti gay propaganda.

  • 2eo

    @Lefty: Actually it was also absolutely Xenophobic, bordering on dismissive and even [email protected] hate against us Brits, French, Germans and every other country applying pressure to Russia.

    Why do these people think hating us is okay so they get a few minutes of grandstanding and having a go at “gay inc” whatever that is.

    Sad, for a supposedly left wing post it shares serious overtones of McCarthyist rhetoric.

  • Cam

    How about instead of asking him if he will paint his nails, ask him if he plans to hold his husbands hand in public?

    This guy is about nothing but himself.

  • Lefty

    @2eo: Can you point me to the “anti-gay propoganda” bits, please? The mind boggles!

  • Lefty

    @2eo: Do you think any kind of criticism of a group of people or someone from that group is automatically hatred or phobia, then? It’s odd and ever-so slightly hysterical to describe anything in that piece as racial hatred of the list you provide as well as anti-gay propaganda. We’re not children, 2eo. You know, criticism is not automatically hatred or antipathy. Though it’s also, sadly, indicative of the tone of much of this whole affair. Short on facts and big on hysterical rhetoric.

  • Anony1

    Big on hysterical rhetoric; you mean like all the fan-girly-fandom-fiction and STORY-telling that has needlessly and painfully surrounded Johnny over the last two years? It’s little wonder events have turned about so. IDK about a Scott Long from Radford, Lefty. But there’s something on a Scott Long who graduated from a high school in Maryland (not from the southern school system as your “Scott Long” laments) within the same year and month as your “Scott Long” from Radford. 1980. A coincidence, I suppose. I checked Radford’s Alumni and he’s not listed. Why?

    So, is Scott’s rhetoric the only thing you have as leverage for argument’s sake? That’s a pity.

  • Anony1

    Speaking of argument’s sake; there’s a movie that’s supposed to come out summer 2014. The working title is “BeLIEf”. Working because when you search by title, there’s nothing listed on a movie database, as yet. If you view the one video, you’ll find a Dr. Paul Shmeidt who supposedly conducted research on human beliefs. His (fictional?) research concluded that God only exists because people believe he does and so it is. However, when you search his name, he doesn’t exist as yet, either. I think the point the video is trying to make is be careful what you believe. Good premise for a movie, tho.

    Sad to find there are people who choose to abuse the belief process of others by any means necessary, and they call themselves human. I don’t think so. I don’t see how.

  • Thomathy

    Johnny Weir Says He Won’t Tone Himself Down At Winter Olympics

    Well, he hasn’t shut up yet. He’s a skater. I shouldn’t think he’ll go out naked; the flamboyant outfit is part of the gig. We can all hope he just keeps his mouth closed so that he doesn’t spew anything dumber than he already has.

  • GlitterKidder

    Who is he?

  • Cam


    I see the trolls supporting Russia, DESPERATELY trying to prevent a boycott are in here.

    Gee, I guess they missed the fact that even Russian Journalists are saying that this is the only way to get through to Putin.

    Oh, and by the way, if you’re going to try to pretend to be gay and a regular on this site, it’s better to be a bit more subtle. A screenname like “Lefty” is almost as fake as starting out your sentence with “As a gay, I think that….” before saying something anti-gay.

    So nice try.

  • Lefty

    @Cam: I’ve been posting on this site for years, dearie; far longer than you, so throw your tedious and brainless “anti-gay troll” nonsense at someone else.
    I checked your link. The Russian journalist you mention is living and working in NY. What about Russian people who are, you know, actually in Russia and are close enough to what’s going on to actually make an informed judgment about the best course of action.
    And when I say the best course of action, I’m talking about one that actually helps LGBT people in Russia – you know, the people you seem to be claiming are your concern here – not one that’s big on headlines and quick PR, but short on any kind of long plan. Odd and depressing that this approach is seen by some as “anti-gay” and trolling. Very odd, in fact.

  • Lefty

    In fact, to put it more simply: if someone who is saying that we should first of all consider what LGBT Russians think, want and need us to do and what would be counter-productive to their cause is labelled “anti-gay”, then something in the debate or the way it’s framed has seriously screwed up along the way, don’t you think?
    It’s easy to round on people like Johnny Weir and I see a lot of tedious attacks on the fact that he’s fem and brash, which could easily be construed as “anti-gay”, btw. There’s something very distasteful about the pack mentality of a lot of the reaction to this. Especially, when it’s accompanied by overtures to “our community”.

  • Lefty

    @Anony1: Which is a good argument for not relying on “belief” and instead sticking to the facts. What we know, what we don’t know, what we can do for LGBT Russians and what we should avoid doing lest it hinder rather than help. And most of all, as Scott Long says, real lasting change will only come about in the long term. There’s no overnight fix to this, it seems. It would be great if we could end it all by refusing to drink Latvian vodka that most of us probably didn’t drink in the first place, but sadly that isn’t the real world.

  • 2eo

    @Lefty: The lie of it being a Latvian vodka resurfaces.

    Weren’t you the one who said they did no manufacturing whatsoever in Russia just a week ago?, even though it’s proven in their own press releases they do nearly all of it there.

  • Lefty

    @2eo: At first glance, Stoli seems a logical target for those hoping to promote greater awareness of the plight of gays in Russia. Not only is it widely associated with the country, vodka is also one of Russia’s most profitable consumer exports to the U.S. (It’s hard to imagine a boycott of Russian-made bauxite and aluminum generating quite as much buzz.)

    But while Stoli’s ingredients — wheat, rye and raw alcohol — are Russian, the vodka itself is distilled in Latvia and distributed in the U.S. by William Grant & Sons USA, an American subsidiary of a Scottish corporation.

    “I don’t carry Russian Standard or any of the other Russian vodkas, [and] if I did, I would have immediately pulled it off the shelves,” says Lexi Stolz, a co-owner of the Dalloway in New York City. “But with Stoli it’s a bit confusing because the brand — or at least the marketing team in the U.S. — has been a huge advocate of LGBT rights and organizations.”

    In his column, Savage notes that the SPI Group — a Luxembourg-based export company owned by wealthy Russian businessman Yuri Shefler — controls the rights to Stoli and will handle distribution beginning on Jan. 1, 2014. But what Savage does not explain, however, is that Shefler and SPI are no friends of the Russian government. Savage has not responded to requests for comment.

    I’m still not sure what’s so objectionable to you about the idea that we should listen less to people like Dan Savage and Jamie Kirchick and more to actual LGBT Russian activists and people inside Russia and find out what they want us to do and what’s the best course that will actually achieve the desired outcome, rather than anything pointless or misguided or even detrimental to those people actually in Russia.
    When asked if he’s spoken to any Russians at all before devising the Stoli boycott, Savage replied that he knew many Russians in the US, but didn’t seem to think Russians inside Russia were the ones he and we should be asking and listening to. When asked about them he replied that he’d been to Moscow in 1990 and spoken to some then. It says it all.

  • Cam


    Funny enough, though Lefty you keep saying over and over that the boycott won’t help the Russian gays and that people need to do what they want etc…

    The Russian Journalist I pointed you to may live in NY, but unlike you, she is actually Russian, from Russia etc…

    Putin has already proved that he is happy to imprison people who speak out against him including journalists so lets find out a few things from you.

    1. What is your agenda? You are TOO “Upset” about the thought of a boycott for you not to have one.

    2. Please outline how embarrassing Putin boycotting the winter games there would harm Russian gays.

    3. Armenia has already stopped a vote on a legislation similar to the Russian Anti-gay laws because of the backlash against Russia, so there is an entire nation of gay people safer merely because they saw the backlash against Russia

    4. Lastly, I was able to point you to a Russian Jounrnalist who says boycott. You then lied claiming she lived in New York..funny that you failed to mention she is one of Russia’s best known Journalists, is gay and just left Russia because of it’s anti-gay crackdown. The fact that you purposely left that out shows that you are willing to avoid all the facts because you have an interest and an agenda in stopping a boycott.

    Nice try liar.

    You seem to claim that this is horrible for the Russian gays, where are your links to gays living in Russia. Oh and remember, since anybody speaking out there is open to arrest and assault please verify that these folks are not simply stating what is told to them.

  • Lefty

    @Cam: 1. I’ve explained why I’m cautious about a boycott. Sorry if that’s too complicated for you to understand.

    2. If you think some people boycotting a sports event would embarrass Putin, then you don’t understand the country or the position he holds both inside and outside.

    3. That’s great news, obviously; but there’s no proof it was shelved because of the online reaction against it or the Russian law. That’s been categorically denied by the police there, who are the last people we should trust granted, but given there’s no official statement the rest is conjecture. As I said, let’s stick to what we know for sure.

    4. Well, point me to where you read that and I’ll check it out, dear. You don’t provide or cite any of your sources, whereas I do, so the weight of transparency is on you, I’m afraid. Likewise, you’re the one who’s resorted to calling me “anti-gay”, a “troll”, and a “liar” and yet you go on to say I’m the one with a agenda because I’m too “upset”. I’m perfectly calm and trying to debate the issue. If you care about what you claim to, you’d do the same.

    Ask yourself why someone who advocates listening to LGBT Russians inside Russia and doing what they want and need, instead of listening to people who are in the US or employed by the US government, is seen by you as an “anti-gay troll”. You’re not interested in debate. Your aggression suggests that you just want to shut up anyone who disagrees with you. Why is that, I wonder?
    Basic moral principle of activism: “Fist do no harm”.

  • Lefty

    “First do no harm”, rather, haha.
    Though the typo is sound advice too…

  • Polaro

    I’m still amazed at the hatred for Johnny Weir, but, hey, you all pretty much hate every gay man that gets written about on Queerty. Still the vitriol is bordering on a hiss fit.

    I want all sponsors to pull out of the games – that is the real threat that makes the IOC think twice. Hit them in the pockets. I want all entertainers to pass it up too (yes, Elton, stay home) they all have other venues to perform at.

    But, I agree with Johnny that the US should attend with our athletes. Pulling the athletes out only punishes our athletes and serves no real political purpose. This is it for many of the Olympians to compete and we should allow them to do so.

    Boycott the sponsors, not the games. Johnny is right. That’s my position. Flame on.

  • Cam


    Lefty, the fact that you have to pretend that not agreeing with you means somebody is unable to think shows your position is tenuous.

    1. You fear a boycott but won’t state why.

    2. If a boycott won’t make a difference, as you claim, then why do you fear it?

    3. You claim it won’t work, but provide no reasons why. You claim people who disagree with you just don’t understand the country, but again, one of the most popular Russian Journalists who has fled the country for the U.S. disagrees with you. She has written a biography of Putin, but apparently, according to you, she doesn’t understand the country or Putin either, but you do.

    4. you basically are saying that we must go to Russia because of nebulous claims by you that we don’t understand the country. Well here is an idea. How about the simplicity of….they are doing something dangerous to gays, we don’t want our money to go to support them. The IOC going to Berlin for the games under Hitler is STILL held up as a moment of shame to their governing board.

    But again, you have an agenda and fail to state specifically why. If a bocott won’t matter, then why are you on here constantly screaming that we MUST go to Russia?

  • Cam


    I get what you are saying Polaro. The only place where you and I disagree on this one, is that it is also a blow to Russia’s standing and might get their attention. I’m using as my example the fact that Armenia was about to vote on similar anti-gay legislation and they pulled it from a vote in response to the backlash that Russia is getting over their anti-gay laws.

    I figure that the backlash directed at Russia has already changed an entire country’s legal perspective on gays, so I think that the pressure must be kept up on Putin’s govt. Other than that I get your point.

  • Polaro

    @Cam: I fully see your point. Same, shared goal.

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