Johnny Weir Triple Salchows His Way On To the U.S. Olympic Team

If you did not watch last night’s premiere of Be Good Johnny Weir, get off this website right now! (And come back after you see it.) Not only was the Sundance series this infectious narrative of Johnny’s entree into the sport, but it also explained how this whole figure skating competition thing works. And it was made all the more relevant — great timing, Sundance programming execs! — given next month’s 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which Johnny just qualified for.

Whether Johnny would, after failing to medal at the 2006 Games (he placed fifth), continue skating for another four years for the chance to be an Olympic champion became the driving plotline in Be Good. Of course, we already know the answer: Johnny continued to skate, and on Sunday competed at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, where a third place medal earns him a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

Wearing two different signature “sparkling onesies,” Weir performed the above free skate (titled “Fallen Angel,” based on the last year of his life), and the below short program. And they were beautiful — even if Johnny has a tendency to complain about all the required elements in these routines.

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  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    The plucked peacock; NBC may have a few rainbow fans for the men’s figure skating team which are expected to win Gold in this year’s Winter Olympics. Comcast, the new owner of NBC is expected to lose 200 million dollars so could Gay Buzz save the flailing network? Maybe, if they put it against homophobic American Idol…

  • terrwill

    Everytime she opens her mouth a purse falls out and yet she
    still will not utter the words “I am Gay”………..

  • romeo

    He was exciting to watch, and I wish him the best of luck.

    Oh, and terrwill, did you see the couture outfit he had on? If that doesn’t say “I am gay,” I don’t know what does. LOL (Off the shoulder maribou, I LOOOOVE it.)

  • Michael W.

    Why does Johnny Weir need to say he’s gay? Has anyone ever asked him and he denied it? Is it mandatory that homo celebs randomly declare their sexuality in front of a camera or something?

    Does anybody on the planet earth even think that Johnny Weir is a heterosexual?

  • Cam

    Thank GOD we’ve moved passed Rudy Gallindo trying to convince everybody he was the only homo in skating. He wrote a book and outed himself after he thought his career was over, then, Surprise surprise wins the nationals and the first thing he does is announce something along the lines of, “Well I’m gay, but really it’s not common in skating, I mean look Todd Eldridge is a skater and he has a wife.”

    So I’m glad that Johnny isn’t worrying his gay little head about trying to hide what the hell he is, I hope he brings home a big ole rainbow medal.

  • Cam

    In the first part of the video he looks like Kristen Scott Thomas in “four Weddings and a Funeral”

  • terrwill

    @Michael W.: Because it just grates on me when a person will admit to “being in a relationship with a guy” and then refuse to utter the words that they “are Gay”. Why play these childish games. It kinda sorta follows that if you are having sex and are in a relationship with a fellow penis weilding person that you are indeed Gay………

  • terrwill

    PS: And I actually do like this chucklehead, because of all the shit he gives the skating federation who want to take male figure skating in a “more masculine direction”……..

  • scott ny'er

    he needs a quad or better jumps if he wants to medal at the Olympics.

    i actually thought that performance was boring.

  • RPatz

    his revolting.

  • heh

    It’s funny to see people trash on someone who’s doing something they could never do. Johnny Weir is pretty damn talented, whether he wins a medal or not.

  • Cam

    No. 11 · heh said…
    It’s funny to see people trash on someone who’s doing something they could never do. Johnny Weir is pretty damn talented, whether he wins a medal or not.

    So we’re not allowed to trash anybody who can do anything we can’t do? So just because Lindsay Lohan can probably curl into a ball and lick herself I can’t say that she’s a waste of space?

  • alexspade

    Damn you’re right Cam! Johnny is one of the most fantastic and talented skaters in history of this sport ever. Whether he wins a medal or not. He’s pure art on ice. But everyone of those twats who has written all this dirty words about Johnny (gays are worst than homophobes sometimes) hasn’t the least clue how hard figure skating is. And hasn’t the least clue who Johnny Weir is. But I know what skating is and who Johnny is. And believe me, he’s one of smartest and interesting persons I’ve knew EVER. I wish him big luck before the Olympic games. Go, Johnny!

  • Sexy Rexy

    He’s such a TIRED little loudmouth twink! He ran his mouth in Torino and ended up missing the podium because it was more important to make witty comments to the press, instead of focusing on his skating. I don’t care much for his rival Lysacek either. Remember, Jeremy Abbott WON the competition and we should be focusing on HIM and NOT Johnny.

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