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Johnny Weir Won’t Discuss His Sexuality Until You Buy His Book

I’ve always been comfortable with who I am. When it comes to my sexuality, I just finished the chapter in my book [to be released in January] about my sexuality and my idea of it. I haven’t discussed it — not because I’m ashamed of anything you’ll read about when my book comes out — I just don’t want to put it out there in a way where someone can twist my words. While I don’t believe in masculinity and femininity, I don’t believe in a purely gay person or a purely straight person. I have a very clear opinion of my own sexuality. I’m not saying anything about my sexuality because I want it to be out there in my own words.

Birthday boy Johnny Weir, refusing to make any comment about his sexuality to a print magazine, because everyone will twist his words. Which is less apt to happen when he says them in another print form?

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    Johnny qWeir, I love you, I really do. I like your attitute, I like that you really twist Even Lysack’s panties really tight, but c’mon everytime you open your mouth a rainbow pours our with unicorns riding it. You are 100% certified Gay boy…….

  • Blaine Ward

    What an opportunistic publicity whore!

  • Devon

    You mean to tell me Johnny Weir is whoring for publicity and attention?

    Oh sirrah, how deliciously absurd.

  • Cam

    Oh god, he’s trying to sound like a straight woman “Gee, I don’t believe in labels” blah blah blah. Ugh, just made me not want to read the book.

  • Mark

    aren’t his 15 minutes used up??

  • Clint

    this is a bit silly.

  • Mike

    I wonder how many times he is going to say sexuality in the chapter talking about his sexuality.

  • j

    @Mark: He’s really talented. He deserves attention because he actually has skill, fifteen minutes only applies to people who’re famous for no reason.

  • Blaine Ward

    @j: But it doesn’t apply when you’re a grating, annoying famewhore.

  • AlanReeser

    His chapter on sexuality is two words: I’m Gay.

    Should he come out, it will be have the same effect as Ricky Martin’s. Everybody knew he was gay, just as everybody knows Mr Weir is gay.

    Hope he’s not planning on the top spot of the New York Times best seller list with this. Maybe Oprah will help him sell it.

  • Michael

    “I’ve always been comfortable conveying ambiguity. I just finished a chapter in my book, and other than that, to say anything of interest prior to publication might obscure sales bringing shame to the balance in my bank account.”

  • Michael

    “I’ve become comfortable in conveying ambiguity. I just finished a chapter in my book, and to say anything of interest prior to publication might obscure sales and bring shame to the balance in my bank account.”

  • ewe

    Denial. He already told everyone and the fact is he is the type of gay person that doesn’t have to say anything. That is actually a blessing. Someone please tell him there is no great revelation to be discussed on that topic. I am being very nice here by the way.

  • TonyG

    I live in North New Jersey. I am a friendly acquaintance of Johnny. He is a very nice down to earth person who is not pretending to be anything or anyone he is not. The only thing I find annoying about him is the fact that he insists on wearing fur. It is extremely obvious that he is gay. I am fairly certain that he knows this and he is having fun and getting more publicity by playing coy. Why the hell not? I think that his statements on sexuality are nuanced. Ever heard of “The Kinsey Scale” ?

    God it could be worse. He could be an uber-douche like Ryan Shecrest who actively facts being hetero. You don’t see Johnny running around with a faux girlfriend. Let him have his fun. Let him get his publicity. Let him sell his books. He has worked hard for years to get where he is. He is intelligent, talented, and certainly a real personality in the best possible way.

    He isn’t an uber

  • Chargers

    Queerty- please no more of this silly little dip.

  • Heilarious

    I forgot to remind you all how wealthy I am, today. The Dow closed above 10,000 so I can get some more aqua culottes to wear on my next voyage to the Cabrini Green Country Club.

    Oh yes, Johnny Weir, when your book comes out, I hope you do as well.

    tata for now……..

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