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Johnny Weir ‘Would Marry a Woman,’ And You Would Laugh At Him

I’m completely self-sufficient. I don’t need anyone for anything. I can have sex with myself, I can love myself, I can do all those things myself. The importance that people place on me not having another half even if it’s just for sex, it’s irrelevant to me. It’s very old-school. When you put people in boxes, you take away a lot of who that person is. How many gay men do we know who are completely straight-acting, who don’t even seem gay but they get classified in the same box as somebody who’s a drag queen? It’s void. It’s not real. I filled out my census form and I wrote down that I was a Pacific Islander because yes, I’m white, but why is that important? Why is anything important? You don’t need to have labels. I would marry a woman. I very well could. People laugh at me, but why is that so funny? I love women. My whole stance is that I just want people to react to who I am, I don’t want people to react to what I am. … My sexuality is not something I’m ashamed of. It’s not something I’m not sure of, it’s just that I have a very specific opinion of what sexuality is. For me, sexuality is sex. You can be heterosexual or homosexual with sex but be completely opposite with the relationship aspect of it. The two can go hand in hand, but they don’t have to. So, while someone can enjoy having sex with women, they could be totally happy marrying one of their bros.

—Johnny Weir, continuing the dance around his sexuality, which I’m actually starting to really enjoy [via; photo: New York Magaizne]

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  • ronn

    What a mess this one is.

  • Marcus

    What the hell is he talking about?

  • Top


  • Michael

    I’m sure all Pacific Islander’s are relieved to hear Johnny is in their hut.

  • John

    Who cares what he thinks? Not me.

    It’s a disease all these semi-celebs have. Anything to stay in the spotlight… ‘I flopped out of figure skating, I shall be a designer. And a philosopher… if that’ll get me press.’

    I think Paris Hilton is one of the worst things to happen to ‘entertainment.’ It sort of opened the floodgate.

    We’re surrounded by vapid, boring, ‘reality’ stars. Talent? Who cares if you can throw out one-liners and look bitchy and ‘fierce?’

    The only thing more pathetic is that there is an audience for these people.

  • desdemona

    i think he has a point. people need to look beyond gender and sexuality the same way they need to look byeond race and any other thing that causes knee jerk reactions.
    Inner character is what truly matters.

  • pete

    @John: I totally agree with you. Everybody tries to be a celebrity for whatever reason they can come up with. Whether it’s that Steven Slater wacko or the “Real Housewives of Wherever”, or any of the fools on the many reality shows, or even this guy roaming the country looking for his “soul mate”. It’s just too awful to watch and it’s so annoying. With Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or blogs, everyone has to come up with a gimmick. Then we have the goddam Tea Partiers and the right wing nutjobs! We need to unplug…..And don’t get me started on the crap that comes out of Hollywood and those pathetic fame-whores…….I need a vacation.

  • L.

    @John, @pete: I’m not sure why you lump in Weir with Slater, Hilton, the Jersey Whores.

    He has accomplished far more than most people, whereas those have done nothing. They are ‘famous for being famous’, and, yes, I agree, boring and should be ignored.

    A guy who won medals for years in the demanding world of sports can forgiven for being famous.

    Whether one agrees with his pronouncements is another matter entirely.

  • Marcus

    The more this guy speaks I tell ya…

  • Christopher in VA

    Amen, Desdemona.


    Johnny qWeir has been a lightning rod for controversy since he laced up his first pair of skates. He is who he is and never compromises. This is someone who was the United Stated Figure Skating Champion and the association refused to post his info or pictures on their official website because they felt he “didn’t portray the proper image”. Unofficially the word was they wanted to portray a “more masculine image” for figure skating! I had a bit of a problem rooting for him until he finally said the words “I am Gay”. If you watch any of his interviews, he is quite entertaining, witty, and pretty much tells the world “take me or leave me” he is not changing to conform to anyones criteria as to how who he is,nor how he should act.

    I dunno I think a lot of celebs might be better off living as Johnny does, rather than trying to fit into some preconcieved image idea of just what a celeb should be simply to gain endorsments……….

  • Clint

    So sick of him and all his ugly ass fur.

  • SouLKid

    I actually think he has a point and i dont see why Queerty think he’s dancing around his sexuality. He doesn’t have to announce to any one that he’s gay and since he’s not denying it either why yall so pressed?

  • Rick Brannon

    @Top: PUSHY Bottom.

  • Luxury

    I don’t get how this is “dancing around his sexuality”. I also don’t get this obsession with telling him how he should identify..
    We’re the first ones to talk about individuality, freedom of expression, diversity, not putting labels on things, and how sexuality isn’t black and white, and then turn around and can’t wait to tear Johnny Weir down for having those views. He has the right to see sexuality and most importantly HIMSELF any way he wants. Give him a damn break already.

  • wannabegay2

    johnny, thanks for this! amazing! how eloquent…

  • axos

    When he says “while someone can enjoy having sex with women, they could be totally happy marrying one of their bros” he’s pointing at something interesting. Personally, I belong to those (a minority?) who want to have sex with someone they love and like to be with, I don’t isolate sex. But if you look around the world, in a very large number of countries the men are married to women, but then they lock the women up in the homes and spend all their time with other men. They work with men, socialize with men, hold hands with men (Saudi, Egypt). Wonder if they ever consider this themselves? It’s a homo culture – and at the same time steeped in homophobia.

  • Rashid

    As fluffy as he might sound, Weir does have a point.

    Labels are ludicrous. Whether it’s in regards to one’s sexuality, ethnic background, or even mannerisms. The number of times I’ve read things like: ‘MASC LOOKING FOR SAME/NO EXCEPTIONS.’
    It’s remarkable how people find solace in labels, as if it will make the unknown seem a little less daunting. The problem is, not everything’s black and white…and plenty of things are relative.

  • Dollie

    Amen, Johnny Weir! Sex, gender, race, etc.= social constructs. I understand the obsession with labels, as I am certain they were created to maintain order and answer questions deemed difficult to answer. However, it is entirely too obvious that such ideas only proved damaging. And will continue to do so until we disregard the templates we force people to create their identities around.

    And, after that, I would certainly be a woman to marry that cat! Though, that’s leaving my mind running circles around my identity… ;)

  • Vic

    “J Weir would marry a woman” — I guess that would make him a lesbian since he is a woman?

  • WalkderDC

    Ugh, “Yawn” somebody who hasn’t lived life expounding on life….my how interesting. This is somebody who was so unhappy with who he was that he would go around when he was younger speaking in a Russian accent wearing the outfit of the old Soviet Skating association. He seems so desperate to find something, but I’m not sure he knows what that is.

    Usually the only people who talk about not needing to date, and how aweful labels are are people that are unsure of themselves and have never felt that anybody would care about them. Poor guy, he needs to figure his life out.

  • B

    No. 21 · WalkderDC wrote, “Poor guy, he needs to figure his life out.” …. if he in fact “needs to figure his life out,” that would be a lot easier for him to do if he was not the focus of a group of people with nothing else to do but make comments about him.

  • Marcus

    Well, if he’s worried about what we’re writing about him, he’s got bigger problems than I though.

  • axos

    About labels – I agree they can be ludicrous, but are they always? Before the term homosexuality, homosexual acts were always considered something you chose. In an allowing society (ancient Greek) that was OK, but when society became judgemental about it, a name for people who were born attracted to their own sex was helpful in the long run. First alas the label was used as a diagnosis, but in most circles it isn’t anymore. It only clarifies that this is a group of people designed by nature to be sexually drawn to the same sex, and that’s it. No “choice” involved.

  • B

    No. 23 · Marcus : I don’t think the attention he is getting is just from QUEERTY.

  • Jeffree

    At least 8 posts on this thread were from Jason & his imaginary friends in case you were wondering. The text analysis software is running very slowly due to an update, but that # is within 72% reliability.

    Jason: get some help! I’m worried about you.

  • Jeffree

    First half of my message got cut off: I read Weir’s quote about 5 times and I’m still not sure what he said.

    No doubt he is a great skater. I admire his panache!

  • HuneyBee

    Hey Rachel Baker, FSO, IceNetwork, LifeSkate, Jaimie Blanchard, Lynn Rutherford and others. Johnny cannot legally marry both Victor Voronov and Meg Carlozzi. So, which is it? Please, check your sources and get back with the skating community on this, or drop this article. Thank you.

  • Tilda

    He married Victor. End of story.

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