Johnny Weir’s Divorce Has Already Gotten Incredibly Nasty

Johnny Weir-Voronov And Victor Weir-Voronov Official Birthday PartyPull up a chair, sit back and get comfy, folks, for the Johnny Weir-Victor Voronov divorce is going to turn into a major shit storm. The polarizing figure skater reportedly blindsided his soon-to-be ex hubby with his decision to file for divorce earlier this week. Voronov claims the dissolution of his troubled marriage came as a complete surprise, tweeting that he was “shocked by the abrupt ending of my marriage and am dealing with the trauma including multiple things I am just now becoming aware of.” So he did what anyone does while going through a painful breakup, he hired a crisis manager.

But perhaps Voronov isn’t being 100 percent honest or he’s forgetful or was optimistic the troubles between the two, which including a biting incident that landed them in court, would magically work themselves out.

TMZ Sports reports Voronov was informed by Weir he planned to divorce him prior to his departure to Sochi for his controversial NBC commentating gig during the Olympics and that Weir’s divorce documents were signed January 28. This is around the time Voronov accused his husband of biting him, an incident which resulted in a domestic abuse charge that was eventually dismissed. Voronov is also said to already be on his second attorney, which seems shockingly speedy for someone who just learned he’s about to become single two days ago. Someone isn’t telling the truth.

In an effort at damage control interview with Access Hollywood, Weir claims he bit his husband in self-defense. “You’d never see a mark on my body, but the damage done to me mentally was crippling.”

Not so shocking but just as shady is TMZ’s report that reps for Voronov contacted Weir’s lawyer claiming a media outlet had offered money for an interview, which he’d be happy to decline — as long as Weir pays him $25,000 for lawyers fees, plus support. It looks as if Voronov has finally learned to bite back, although his reps told TMZ the request for money is not connected to the interview.

Weir isn’t willing to settle for the silver in this competition, however. He’s asked the judge to make Voronov pay his lawyer’s fees and all other costs connected to the divorce.