Johnny Weir’s Husband Bullies Michael Lucas In A String of Threatening E-mails

Hell hath no fury like Johnny Weir’s husband, Victor Weir-Voronov, and we have his emails to Michael Lucas to prove it.

Back in September, Lucas published an opinion piece on criticizing figure skater Johnny Weir’s response to Russia’s sweeping new antigay legislation and accusing the Olympian of being more interested in his celebrity than in the rights of LGBT people.

Months passed.

Then yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, Weir-Voronov decided to take it upon himself to respond to Lucas’ editorial. He sent a string of angry and, at times, downright threatening Facebook messages, accusing Lucas of being a “fame-whoring piece of shit,” “scum,” and telling him he was going to destroy Lucas’ livelihood and have him placed on the “sexual predators” list.

In a Facebook e-mail sent very early yesterday morning, Weir-Voronov wrote:

Lucas then responded:

To which Weir-Voronov replied:

Sounds like Weir-Voronov likes to play dirty.

Here’s hoping these two can eventually work out their differences and get along. Ain’t nobody got time for this kind of drama.