Johnny Weir’s Husband Bullies Michael Lucas In A String of Threatening E-mails

Hell hath no fury like Johnny Weir’s husband, Victor Weir-Voronov, and we have his emails to Michael Lucas to prove it.

Back in September, Lucas published an opinion piece on criticizing figure skater Johnny Weir’s response to Russia’s sweeping new antigay legislation and accusing the Olympian of being more interested in his celebrity than in the rights of LGBT people.

Months passed.

Then yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, Weir-Voronov decided to take it upon himself to respond to Lucas’ editorial. He sent a string of angry and, at times, downright threatening Facebook messages, accusing Lucas of being a “fame-whoring piece of shit,” “scum,” and telling him he was going to destroy Lucas’ livelihood and have him placed on the “sexual predators” list.

In a Facebook e-mail sent very early yesterday morning, Weir-Voronov wrote:

Lucas then responded:

To which Weir-Voronov replied:

Sounds like Weir-Voronov likes to play dirty.

Here’s hoping these two can eventually work out their differences and get along. Ain’t nobody got time for this kind of drama.

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  • 2eo

    Very big mistake Voronov. I appreciate this information Queerty. It will be put to VERY good use against Weir and his husband.

    They wish to betray us, wrath will be vicious and permanent.

  • Cam

    Just so I understand this…… somebody associated with Johnny Wier called ANYBODY else a fame whore?!?!?!?!?!?

    Wow………the complete lack of self awareness there is almost frightening.

    As for Weir’s husband, how interesting that he says he will have Lucas placed on a list as a sexual predator. Isn’t that pretty much what the Russian govt. does to gays now with that law.

    I guess weir’s husband is as much of a sellout to the Russian anti-gay govt. as Weir is.

  • Rockery

    Lucas should back off, it’s not worth it, it will just cost more money in legal fees and smear his company (not that a porn company is full of prestige……)

  • litper

    I wouldn’t call Weir husband, he’s more like wife.

  • ouragannyc

    Weir hubby is very immature. Empty threats, just talk.

  • SolsticeOfMarin

    It appears that this Russian bully does not understand the role of a free press and is equally as stupid about making public threats. Why doesn’t Weir have a voice of his own? Does his hubby keep him barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen? What a loser.

  • DarthKitsune

    Dammit! Why must people constantly put me on Michael Lucas’ side? I don’t like him, personally, but more often than not, he’s not the asshole I hate in these petty squabbles. Also, for a lawyer, Victor Voronov (Pronounced with two ‘W’s’ because it sounds cute and phonetically accurate)spells like a highschool girl.

  • Alan down in Florida

    If Mr. Weir-Voronov is such a public figure how come I’ve never heard of him before this Queerty article.

  • QJ201

    Actually Lucas is a sexual predator. He approaches guys in public to get them into his films by way of his casting couch.

  • MikeE

    @QJ201: you REALLY need to look up a definition of “sexual predator”.

  • kpj558

    @DarthKitsune: Agreed. This Victor character seems deranged and I do not like his husband, but after reading the Wikipedia entry for Michael Lucas – I think he’s just repugnant. I’m so over people bashing Islam and trying to seem progressive while doing so.

  • Dixie Rect

    Silly queen drama.

  • dougmc92

    I can’t stand Michael Lucas- but after reading this- I can’t decide who’s the bigger tool….Voronov is a public figure with stalkers- many people have barely heard of Johnny, let alone his husband.

  • dougmc92

    I meant to put 5 or 6 question marks after ‘Voronov is a public figure with stalkers?????’

  • 2eo

    @kpj558: There’s nothing wrong with bashing islam, it’s a violent, hateful, vile belief system, and nearly all of its followers are violent lunatics.

  • Fawkes

    Voronov said nothing wrong. Michael Lucas is a disgusting, degenerate piece of trash and deserves to be vilified for what he is.

  • scruffbutt

    Michael Lucas is a bully in the porn industry. I’ve heard time and time again how terrible he is especially to his employees. The real question is why is this conversation between these 2 people even newsworthy? Does Michael Lucas have a friend who works for Queerty?

  • MichaelReynes

    The Weir-Voronovs just became the most hated gay couple didn’t they…

  • JPinNC

    I’m sure by now someone forwarded Victor’s his comments to the bar association.

  • kpj558

    @2eo: You’re a fucking moron and a bigot too.

  • Fawkes

    @kpj558: That fact has been well-established.

  • oilburner

    Johnny Weir is a bigger and way more annoying and a bigger fame whore than Michael Lucas . I’d rather watch Michael Lucas porn than Johnny doing anything. And I still have no idea who his husband i

  • Akasha

    Victor, dear: You’re making a HUGE mistake. Whether an attorney or a lawyer, you MUST BE LICENSED WITHIN YOUR STATE OF DOMICILE before you make a statement that you are one in public, to the media or to the press. Also, you must have a license to practice as a paralegal, etc. Where are you?

    Further, you have never possessed a license to practice law of any kind in the States of Georgia, Connecticut, or Massachusetts. The comment made public here that you think or say you ARE one, when you clearly are NOT one, means you have violated the law. No Governor of ANY state has declared you to act in any capacity as an attorney or lawyer, and UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN SWORN INTO YOUR OFFICE OF PRACTICE WITHIN YOUR STATE OF DOMICILE, you cannot LEGALLY state that you are an attorney or a lawyer, EVER. Any attorney or lawyer who allows you to practice a case, when you don’t have a license and especially when a State like New York has revoked/suspended your license and has not re-instated it as yet, stands a very good chance of losing his/her license for allowing someone like you to practice. Mr. Lucas may deal in pornography, but it’s gay porn and he has a license. I am sure Johnny Weir knew Mr. Lucas’ reputation before they met.

  • Akasha

    Further Victor, dear:

    I’ve screen saved everything and am passing it on to someone who’s been threatened in similar fashion by you, fans, etc. As for Johnny’s fans “ganging up” on Mr. Lucas or anyone, I strongly advise against it in as they and others involved will be deemed accessories to your crime and will be duly charged. You’re not a public figure, but this proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that you are a public idiot and an embarrassment to any unit worthy of being called a family.

    This correspondence has a date and a time. Therefore, MR. VORONOV: Consider yourself hereby placed on legal notice and GOVERN YOURSELF, ACCORDINGLY. Thank you.

    And thank you, Queerty, for allowing the soapbox.

    Mr. Weir, you can certainly do a lot better than this. Hope you will.

  • allthingsevil

    So Mr. Goody Two-Shoes who ran Madoff scam is criticizing Michael Lucas for making porn? Hmm… why wouldn’t he try to “repair his reputation” as it is one of the options offered by the website or threatened to take legal action against whoever filing the report? It seems to me the real scum is Voronov.

  • allthingsevil

    Also, Michael Lucas is a much better writer than Voronov. His response and his comments about Weir are crafty and smart. I wouldn’t hire an attorney who spells worse than me.

  • DarkZephyr

    @kpj558: Why are you defending a religion that causes gay people to be shot to death, women to be buried up to their shoulders and stoned and has tried to enslave the entire Western world in the past? Please explain yourself. If you are a defender of Islam, there is NO way you can possibly be pro-gay.

    My fiance is a Muslim and he had to break away from some of his religious beliefs to get to a point where he was willing to be true to himself and marry another man. His family and his religion terrorized and mentally abused him for years. And he hasn’t completely recovered from the damage that Islam has done to him. So save your pro-Islam nonsense. If you are pro-Islam you are anti-gay.

  • 2eo

    @DarkZephyr: First time I’ve been called a bigot on a LGBT site for defending our community.

    I’d love to see Fawkes provide some proof.

  • seaguy

    He’s a public figure who has stalkers? I never heard of him until seeing this on Queerty so he must think having his name in the phone book makes him a public figure. And the stalker comment was like a brag who brags about having a stalker, and I would like him to prove he has them. Police reports something to back up his assertion.

    While I am not a huge Lucas fan Johnny’s hubby seems to have a big head and thing he is all that which he is not. That kind of crap really annoys me.

  • Akasha

    “Anything you think you’ve worked for, I will take down.” Really, Mr. Voronov? Sounds like you’ve had some experience in this line of work. Pray tell us just who’s career or person(s) you’ve “taken down”? The public and the police have a right to know.

    “(I) reserve my right to tweet and get OUR fans on (the) attack.” Really, Mr. Voronov? Please tell us just who you and “OUR” fans have attacked and “taken down”? Are you, your friends and “OUR” fans known assassins? Inquiring minds want to know.

    You enjoy taking risks. Is that right? Is that what you’re going to do?


    Girls, girls! You’re both shitty…fascist-sympathizing pieces of shit who fuck used up assholes,

  • AuntieChrist

    The comments section was way more interesting than the Queerty article. The frenetic pulse of many comments just leapt off my computer screen. But now I have to go and find out who the hell you people are talking about. I know who the mincing skate queen is, that bitch put the S in stereotype. We are all mad at her for taking a job with one of the networks hosting the winter Olympics…I take great pride in knowing less than half of the stuff you girls are chatting about. Fortunately I have the weekend off to um… bone up… on the local gossip and issues.

  • kpj558

    @DarkZephyr: Do you know anything of the Crusades? The Spanish Inquisitions? The partition of India? The occupation of Palestine? Do you have any sense of the economic oppression the West has inflicted upon the East for centuries and continues to inflict today? Have you not paid attention the burnings of Korans, the terrorizing of Muslim school children, the the restriction of religious freedoms within your own country? Are you aware that most Christians are anti-gay and that person’s politics, religious beliefs, and personal convictions are seperate things?

    I feel sorry for your husband – what happened with his family is deeply saddening- but I feel more sorry that he would end up with such a small minded man who would disrespect his people, belittle his faith, and spread such filth. How can you be so xenophobic? Why do you conflate politics with religion? Why are you such an asshole?

    Peace. Get fucked.

  • AuntieChrist

    @kpj558: I’m sorry honey, but that WAS a bit harsh. Anyone with half a brain is aware of the horrors that the Abrahamic religions have inflicted upon society and various peoples throughout it’s often bloody history. I would like to point out that there is plenty of blame to go around. The history of the Islamic conquest of the east is every bit as bloody and horrifying as the Christian one. I am not defending anyone. I think religion as a whole is ridiculous. Religion and superstition are the same and a perfect refuge for a feeble mind. As is anger and all the other silly base emotions that we allow ourselves to indulge. I am no different but at least I am somewhat aware.

  • JPinNC

    @Akasha: Very well said!

  • Kisasi

    Victor Voronov is definitely not a lawyer in any state. He did go to Georgetown law school and pass the bar exam in at least three different states but he was never accepted by the bar association in any of those states (GA, NY, and NJ) because of the investment fraud (a Maddoff-like money scam) he perpetrated back in 2008-2010. Nonetheless, he loves going around telling people he is a lawyer. He knows this is illegal, but being involved in illegal activities is what Victor is best at. To Mr. Lucas, I would not worry one bit about Victor’s threats. He has threatened many people in the past with lawsuits and threatened to destroy their lives, but it is nothing but hot air from an insecure nobody. He has no power. He has no grounds to stand on. He’s just being a bully.

    He may even try to tell you that he has ties to the Russian mafia. Again, this is pure fabrication. His father is not in the Russian mob, as Victor likes to claim, his father (Tony) is a suburban computer repair technician and his mother (Lily) is a stay-at-home suburban wife living near Atlanta, GA. Victor is a fake, a fraud, and a scammer. Virtually every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Don’t be intimidated by this insecure bully. Oh and by the way, he may speak Russian but he isn’t really Russian. His parents are from L’vov, Ukraine, not Russia. Victor was born in a Boston suburb in Massachusetts and spent his teenage years in an Atlanta suburb before going to Emory university and then Georgetown Law.

    Victor has wronged many people in the past and there is no question he will do so again in the future. As of yet he has managed to slither and slime his way out of the grasps of justice but one day he will get what he deserves.

  • Akasha

    @JPinNC: Thank you.

  • Akasha

    @Kisasi: Thank you for your input. So, there was a major act of some kind of investment fraud committed on behalf of Mr. Voronov (and family) before he violated the terms of his license in New York; which he was granted briefly around 2009 or 2010 and before he had a run-in with police in Georgia around April and May of 2011. That makes sense. The Maddoff-like scam must have began when he was in Georgia giving out legal advise without a license while going to Emory, and during his Georgetown days in D.C.

    True, some of his early childhood was spent in the suburbs around Boston before his family moved to the suburbs of northeast Atlanta. He was born in Connecticut, however. People should also know the Voronovs around Boston own a travel and insurance agency. Haven’t checked their licenses, yet; but I doubt Tony’s only means of income circles around computer tech. I’m sure he and family members can handle the family’s core business via computer and phone from anywhere. Give a free trip, make a friend. The point is, if they channeled any of the investment money gained into the family’s core business they have back in Boston, and then failed to return on the investment, that’s a PONZI scheme. It’s Federal crime with Federal time.

    As for any of them being connected to THE Russian Mafia, it’s no wonder Putin pulled the rug out from under Mr. Weir the way he did. One b-slap deserves another. Further, if Mr. Weir is denied a visa to enter Russia, I doubt he’ll do anything but commentate via NBC-TV Station in NYC or CT. The Voronov family may have their own little “mafia”. Some family members are known to deliver on threats, but I doubt it has anything to do with the known Russian Mafia. Yes, there is one. They’re quite powerful and are not to be played; especially by their own kind. Anyway, thanks again. I appreciate your input. And yes, one day Mr. Voronov will sadly get what he has deserved for a long time. I fear for him.

  • lailaichong

    @2eo: i agree bashing islam, kill them all!!!!

  • BrandoPolo

    Duckface Lucas, Johnny’s Weir’s husband, and Ayn Rand all have me askingthe same question: why do we continue to let Russians into this country?

  • lailaichong

    Victor Voronov is so stupid, i think Johnny Weir is going to divorce

  • Dxley

    Oh, Gosh!!! He really is “duckfaced”, but I honestly don’t know what you people are talking about. I don’t even know who this Johnny Weird thing is. I’ve seen Michael Lucas quite a few times but that’s it.

    This is just too good! I wish it’d been longer!!!!!

  • DarkZephyr

    @kpj558: What do the crusades and the Inquisition have to do with the price of Tea in China? Are you saying that Christian crimes cancel out Islamic ones? Bullcrap.

    Now that you have your ad hominem nonsense and red herrings out of the way, care to actually answer my question? Why are you defending a religion that causes gay people to be shot to death, women to be buried up to their shoulders and stoned and has tried to enslave the entire Western world in the past? After all, that attempt to enslave the West(and East for that matter) is kinda what motivated the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades in the first place, right? Islam subjugated Spain forover a century and they didn’t want that to happen again. I am not saying that what wound up happening with the Crusades and Inquisition were good things, but the historical cold hard fact of the matter was that they were initially DEFENSIVE rather than OFFENSIVE in nature (and please take note that I am not excusing them). Islam drew first blood. Now, answer my question please, if you are a consistent person who stands by his views. And by the way, I DO get f**ked and quite well by my horse hung athletic bodied 25 year old Muslim Turkish fiance who ADORES me. :-D

  • DarkZephyr

    @2eo: I would like to see kpj558 explain why he cares so little for LGBT people that he would defend a religion that would see us all dead if it could.

  • 2eo

    @DarkZephyr: I’m still waiting on proof or social science study that proves that hating religion and genocide and believing in people and our community makes me a bigot.

    I’d love to see some proof, I’ve posted a fair amount so there must be a lot, or will it be like hytbyt who hasn’t been seen since I challenged him to show me a none religious place that torment and “correct” gay kids. He couldn’t because there isn’t one obviously.

  • tdx3fan

    @Akasha: Really nice build up, but if you think saying you are an attorney on Facebook matters one hell of a bit to the state you reside in you must be really idiotic. That law is designed to adhere to people that claim they are a lawyer while practicing law only to have not undergone the proper licensing process. The only one that it really adheres to is “lawyers” that are giving legal advice to someone while not actually being a lawyer. I am relatively certain, that is NOT what has happened here.

  • tdx3fan

    @Akasha: Who exactly are you to put anyone on notice? Seriously!?! I think that that is why we have a judge and jury system. Internet stalking laws are different depending on where you are, so I will not pretend to know the laws in New York, but I can only imagine that a fan posting something negative about a PUBLIC figure is covered under freedom of speech. You come off looking like a major asshat here. Are you Mr. Lucas!?!

  • tdx3fan

    @DarkZephyr: My partner is Catholic. Its the same exact thing only in a different denomination. I think what you really mean is that any fundamental religion is worth rallying against. However, the problem is that there are many people in every religion, rather it be the big three (Judaism, Christianity or Islam) that are fundamentalist and there are plenty that are very open minded and supportive. Religion is a tool. It is how man uses it that explains its level of harm.

  • tdx3fan

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: So true… Is like the Queen of England fight with the Queen of France over whose husbands has killed more Muslims during the crusades. They both suck, and this whole Russian movement is insane to begin with. Russia is a sovereign nation. Let its citizens worry about how they are treated. I do not see England lodging complaints about how gays are treated in America.

  • Mike Pi

    This guy should have stayed in Russia where his type of mentality prevails. Gay people in Russia are censored, beaten and jailed daily. I guess he wants to bring Russian law to the U.S.A. Good luck commie. Jonny dump the Russki.

  • Polaro

    Seriously bad judgment all around.

  • DarkZephyr

    @2eo: You mentioned Fawkes earlier, but just to be clear it was kpj558 who called you a bigot and it looks to me like he isn’t wanting to reply to you.

    @tdx3fan: I agree that all religions that teach homophobia are very wrong. I just want to know why kpj558 is specifically so hot to defend Islam which is probably one of the most homophobic and anti-woman religions on the face of the earth.

  • AuntieChrist

    @DarkZephyr: My feeling is that some people enjoy taking the unpopular view… Being contrary comes naturally to some. Also you guys talk about trolls… I am pretty new to the game here so I can’t say for sure but, there are so many comments in most publications that ones voice becomes lost amidst the din of people clamoring to be heard… tdx3fan looks to be a contrary person defending that which is clearly not defensible…. The suffering of any person no matter what their faith is deplorable, however no religion is blameless, except perhaps Buddhism.

  • KDub

    That’s the most grammatically correct Facebook beef I’ve ever seen. Lol

  • Akasha

    Oh, Gosh!!! Just what we need; fans of Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov using the learned dark sarcasm of his teeny-bopper-like-fandom bloggers to try and come to Victor’s rescue; even to make fun and joke about as Victor threatens the life and livelihood of another human being. How typical of these self-proclaimed, professional “writers and authors” who are regulars of the “Aunt Joyce”, “ONTD Skating”, “Live Journal”, “Facebook” and “Blogger” circuits.

    Really now. Is THAT the best you can do? Try, again. Try HARDER.

    tdx3fan : Love your SNAP-CHAT. No, I am not, but you sound very worried so I’ll cut to the chase and ask who are you? If you don’t know how the law reads then maybe you should get your nose out of your blog and FB Fan Page, visit your local law library in real life and READ. You may start with the term PRO SE. For a bunch of “nobodys”, I and others here have certainly put you and Mr. Voronov on the defensive, haven’t we. I’d say you’re either Mr. Voronov, his “legal eagle” cousin or a wayward fan coming to his defense. Nice try.

    Regarding Mr. Voronov’s false claim of being a lawyer who practices law: The law makes no difference between online and real life media, press, news, etc., now. It’s all the same and MUST adhere to the same ethics, truths, morals, etc. Blatant lies, falsehoods and acts of FRAUD are NOT protected by our Amendments, dear; so don’t even try. Yes, we have Freedom of Speech and Press, except in cases where little white lies become blatant acts of FRAUD with regards to a PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, psychologists, cosmetologist or anyone who deals directly with the public and who’s practice can affect the lives of others for good or ill MUST be licensed and MUST tell the truth at all times; or at least in some cases offer their very best guess. Therefore, one MUST have a license before one can even SAY they are in a PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE in ANY PUBLIC FORUM (internet, included) or one has committed FRAUD. Period. The End.

    In a PRO SE capacity, I can advise anyone to go to your local law library and READ. In PRO SE capacity, I can advise someone and put them on official notice that I mean business in any public forum I choose. When an online forum of any kind has a date and a time attached, it can act as an official notice and evidence in Court; all you need do is print. In a PRO SE capacity, I can advise you to stop boning others and BONE-UP on your CURRENT EVENTS, instead (no pun, intended).

    Now, who’s calling who an idiot.

    You sound very emotional and highly strung-out, and I am sorry for turning your chair over like that, but that’s the way things are, now. However, if you refuse to READ and EDUCATE yourself as you should before coming to this or any forum, I really cannot help you to help yourself. Thanks dear, but please do not waste my time.

  • kpj558

    @AuntieChrist: there’s currently what many are referring to as a genocide happening in Burma and it’s being perpetuated by Buddhists. Please read the news.

  • 2eo

    @kpj558: So are you intentionally not answering my question or are you so idiotic you can’t even see how you undermine your own points?

    In what way is it bigoted to hate religion, it isn’t a race or a person, it doesn’t have rights and the expectation to live without discrimination with fairness, justice and equity.

    All you’ve done is post a lot of reasons why it’s completely rational to recoil against religion in all its forms.

  • Akasha

    @tdx3fan: By the way, are you proclaiming here that Mr. Voronov IS a “public figure”. I hate to inform you, but he is not; or at least he wasn’t until Mr. Weir came into his life and MADE him that way. So, don’t push it.

    With regards to stalking laws, from what I’ve read, I think these were originally created under the blanket term Domestic Violence to protect women, children and girlfriends from their violent husbands, fathers and boyfriends and I believe the Department of Justice has a Domestic Violence division; so that would mean stalking laws would be uniformed from state to state. It is sad, however, that lately I found cases where there are those who have learned to fraudulently use these laws that are meant to protect the “weak” and economically challenged to their twisted advantage. But generally, these types have always been the more resourceful of the sexes; especially when it comes to self-service, self-preservation and self-love. Maybe that’s why some people get along with each other in the bedroom so much better than their like-minded counterparts. Like really does attract like.

    Again, if you and others would simply get out more often and READ a real book, we wouldn’t have problems or misunderstandings of this nature. I rest my case.

  • AuntieChrist

    @kpj558: More than 240 people have died and 240,000 others fled their homes in the last year, many of them Rohingya Muslims hunted down by Buddhist machete-wielding mobs, occasionally as security forces looked on…. Well excuse the f**k out of me…. All religion is bad…. The Dali Lama is an evil baby killing monster…. Human beings are not responsible for their individual actions, the blame falls on the shoulders of all religions….. Everyone is an evil self serving douche and we are all going to burn…. Happy now?????

  • B Damion

    jesus! some of you guys are some heartless F’s. He is just a man protecting his husband.

    Yes, maybe he went about it wrong. But, so what? give him some credit. His partner was being attacked and he was trying to defend him.

  • 2eo

    @B Damion: Given his words, a suit he may [or may not] have had in 2011 is about to be blown apart by his words here.

    He attacked and “destroyed” a man for slander, this information [certainly not sent by anyone named 2eo] has found its way into his hands and his law firms hands.

    Don’t know how such a thing could happen though, baffling.

  • Akasha

    @B Damion: While I appreciate your defense, I must say no dear. I’m not heartless. I’m just exposing the facts as they clearly stand. I’m sure Mr. Weir can handle and protect himself. He’s had plenty of experience, he knows how to hunt and he owns firearms. I doubt he required Mr. Voronov’s assistance to the extent of threatening others in a life or death fashion.

    As an adult of thirty years, Mr. Voronov should know better than to behave with such immaturity. Mr. Voronov is using words and phrases like “take (you) down”, “force”, “audit”, “shut (you) down”, “deportation”, “rot in jail”, “I’m the last person you want as your enemy”, “I will get OUR fans (in) on the attack” (which may or may not involve Mr. Weir’s approval), “You’re a fame-whoring piece of shit”; even though Mr. Voronov, himself, has obviously and indeed bullied, threatened, pushed, used false charm and muscled himself into a self-proclaimed “public figure” status (and from the sound of his own words, I wouldn’t put it past him and his associates to fatally harm others in order to achieve this status); not withstanding Mr. Voronov’s blatant use of defamation, libel and slander against Mr. Lucas and Lucas Entertainment (a licensed and legitimate company).

    In this context and given Mr. Voronov’s past track record of making good on threats, whether alone or with the help of others, and apparently doing so at all costs (including the fact that his behavior cost him a New York license to practice law); I hope Mr. Lucas and Lucas Entertainment spearheads a lawsuit in Court against Mr. Voronov for threatening his life and livelihood, and for libel, slander and defamation of character among other issues I’m sure will be raised in Court. When this occurs, others who have been threatened and damaged will come to Court and join Mr. Lucas and Lucas Entertainment in a very aggressive class action lawsuit against Mr. Voronov, as it should be. Further, I hope the Courts recommend a complete psychological evaluation and treatment within a suitable and safe environment for Mr. Voronov’s obvious illnesses. Mr. Voronov has problems. I hope he and his associates, if and where implicated, get the help they so desperately need.

  • Fawkes

    @Akasha: “Lucas Entertainment (a licensed and legitimate company)”. Ha!

    Did Massa Lucas pay for him to piss in your mouth, or did you just selflessly volunteer?

  • Akasha

    @Fawkes: Well, they are licensed and that makes them legitimate; in spite of the risque subject matter. That’s much more than anyone can say about Mr. Voronov; who, according to one source, did expose his erect penis online via Twitter during August of 2011 before anyone really knew him. He seems to have a knack for tweeting then quickly deleting the tweet.

    I really didn’t mean to piss in your bean curd, dear. Would you like some mayo with that? Soup?

  • kerilynn


    Stalker Profile:
    Personal Information:
    Name: Kerry Jones
    Address: 11847 West Bluebell Drive , Crystal River, FL 34428
    Phone: 9042100394
    Email: [email protected]
    Her real twitter, which she doesn’t use to stalk: @Thekerilynn
    Business Information
    Aurora Borealis, Ltd.
    A subsidiary of Nadine’s Enterprises, Ltd. & KLM Enterprises, Ltd.
    PO Box 54677, Jacksonville, Florida 32245
    904 210-0394
    [email protected], [email protected]

    Brief Synopsis: She is roughly 60 years old and believes that Johnny Weir and her are romantically and destined to be together. She has a history of being of stalking and and history of being institutined in numerorous phsycholical instituions. She believes that Johnny Weir is straight and they are meant to be together and since the rise of his career and worked endless to defame anyone he got close to, most spceficially, his husband. My undersanding is that legal action is being takin against her.

  • Akasha

    @kerilynn: At first, I had no idea what you were posting about. Then, it click! What do you know? Another crazy fan, friend or family member of Mr. Voronov or maybe it’s him! In any case, to the dear idiot who is posting falsehoods under the name kerilynn: You sound like that same insanely crazy, stalker-fan @SlipperySwanson , who’s account is now thankfully suspended and for a very good reason. You posted this same BS all over Mr. Weir’s timeline about her. You’re wasting your time. You should know that defaming another person will not help to ease Mr. Voronov’s troubles. Last I heard, the person you post of hasn’t seen Mr. Weir since late 2011, and is probably dating someone she met in the Hamptons. My question is, dear, what the flaming fk does any of this have to do with you? Who are you to Mr. Weir? Do you own him? Are you his secret lover? His past time? His mistress? His pet? His bitch? Really?

    Oh, but I understand you. Mr. Weir still has a few loved-crazed stalker-fans and friends (male, female) just like you who post BS like this thinking and hoping Mr. Weir will LOVE them romantically and (fk) sexually in return for their posting BS about a perceived rival or threat. You come across as nothing less than a crazed, lovesick, desperate stalker-fan who is trying ever so desperately to “win” the heart and love of the idol you so desperately worship, one Mr. Weir. Trust me, your insane behavior hasn’t worked, yet. Nor will it ever. Your actions will prove futile and useless for Mr. Voronov and yourself. She’s been thoroughly checked and half of the information you have here is either outdated or incorrect. But you know everything, right? No.

    Then of course you know the latest, that is currently under investigation. The story goes that a lovesick, crazed stalker-fan or friend (sounds like you) journeyed to the very address you listed here. They fatally harmed her loved one and did so under disguise. So, pardon me while I laugh at your calamity. See, if as I now suspect, you or someone you know or someone you are trying to defend is the guilty party, it’s no wonder you are now resurfacing here to try to twist and turn things around. But it’s too late for you. Apparently, you love digging your own grave. Thank you for announcing yourself as a possible suspect.

    After careful study, I found no such case against her. But what I have found is the fact that you’ve elected to illegally use the likeness of her professional name in public and in a very defaming and vulgar manner. You appear so insane with jealousy and are such an idiot, you don’t even realize you just made her more popular. In all due fairness, I must copy and send your post to the innocent party you are defaming and slandering here so that she or her manager may email Queerty and subpoena information about you and your contact information; and so she may finally file a lawsuit against you and others like you. It is the right and fair thing to do. You leave me no choice. I hope you get everything you deserve and everything that’s coming to you.

    And may God help you if you ARE Victor Voronov, posting this rubbish.

  • Akasha

    Mr. Lucas, looks like you’re not the only one being threatened by Mr. Voronov. Looks like he’s making good on his threat to bring “OUR” fans in on the attack. Or worse, maybe this really is Mr. Voronov posting now as “kerilynn”. How very Norman Bates of him. Given the way he threatened you, Mr. Lucas, I wouldn’t put it past him.

    He has proven that he is the type to threaten, just like he did with you, and in his threats to you he did indicate that he is the type to gather more information on people to try and expose them and bring them down. I guess it’s safe to suppose he’s like that with anyone who crosses him, or anyone who is a perceived rival or threat (like you, since you’ve been with Mr. Weir back in the day). The person posting as “kerilynn” is living up to the Mr. Voronov persona you and Queerty generously featured in this report, and I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to find that Mr. Voronov has now posting in his own defense as “kerilynn”. That would be a very Russian thing to do, yes?

    Well, there it is.

  • Akasha

    Also, please note the same bad spelling, bad grammar, and almost the same type of errors found within Mr. Voronov’s email threats featured in this report. You’d think he’d find a much better way to cover his own ass after it’s been thoroughly exposed. Guess not.

  • modernfamilyfan

    Keri Lynn is a real stalker. She used various twitter accounts to make threats against Mr Weir and his husband. On one twitter account, now suspended. she claimed Voronov was trying to kill Weir by spiking his foods. She claimed Voronov flew down to Florida and murdered her mother. And before her twitter accounts were suspended, she posted nasty accusations about one of Voronov’s relatives who she had never met and had no reason to go after – except this person’s last name was Voronov. Keri lynn thinks Johnny Weir is in love with her, she claims Victor Voronov is an actor getting paid to pretend to be gay. She claims he was hired by someone close to Johnny in order to keep Johnny from his real love – KeriLynn who claims she and Johnny shared a romantic dance at a club because in Keri Lynn’s world, Johnny Weir is not gay and is in love with her. Now who on this board believes Weir is straight??
    Now what does this have to do with the fight between Victor Voronov and Mr Lucas? Absolutely nothing except it gives Keri Lynn another excuse to put herself into somewhere she doesn’t belong – Johnny Weir’s life.

  • Akasha

    @modernfamilyfan: In that case, I would ask you to show proof that these alleged and various Twitter accounts are indeed hers. Do you have proof that she is THE ONE who actually made these statements with these alleged Twitter accounts? I have searched and found no such statement or accusation made to any degree where she accused Mr. Voronov of actually flying down to Florida to murder her mother. Your statement, however, is extremely definitive and places YOU on the defensive. When you make a statement like that, it appears to stem from a guilty conscience on your part more than anything else. It begs the question and so I must ask: Did you have anything to do with it? Apparently, something or someone is getting to you or you wouldn’t come here in some form of twisted defense whether on behalf of yourself or Mr. Voronov to make a defensive and definitive statement like that. Perhaps you have some additional, pertinent information you would like to share with us and basically get off your chest. Do you have proof that Keri-Lynn ever stated that she belongs in Mr. Weir’s life? However, what we do see is that you and your ditto, posting as “kerilynn” (who is making good on the same threats made by Mr. Voronov and may BE Mr. Voronov), certainly think YOU belong in Mr. Weir’s business AND in his life. Do you?

    As for these nasty accusations of which you speak, don’t be such a fan-girly-stalker-fan. Any past statements made by her or anyone else regarding the fact that Mr. Voronov has no license, and is therefore not allowed to practice as a lawyer, have been researched and check out as true statements of fact; when you perform your due diligence and research the Attorney databases of New York and New Jersey and when you contact the Department of Licensing and Regulation (and as any normal human being would and should). And IF you had perform your due diligence, as I and others here suspect you have not, you would find that the law states very clearly that you must be a licensed Attorney within your state of domicile in order to practice as a legitimate lawyer. The laws also state very clearly that if you pretend to be a licensed lawyer in any state, and if such pretense makes it into prime-time media sources, as it has in Mr. Voronov’s case (NYTimes, LATimes, People, AP, Reuters), then such pretense is in direct violation of applicable laws, ethics, morals and Oaths. Those are the facts. It’s the law, dear. Blame the people who created the laws, not some Keri-Lynn person.

    Oh, but I do understand why you would blame her on some strange and twisted, fan-girly-stalker level. I see via her Instagram that her fans from overseas give her gifts of Prada, Gucci, Chanel. Do your fans do that for you? I also heard through the ole grapevine that the casting directors of “The Voice” want her on the show very badly; this in spite of the fact that they’ve received hordes of similar BS statements like yours via email. Speaking of that and the ole grapevine, why did Mr. Weir’s fans (staunch defenders of Mr. Voronov) contact the D.J. who gave Keri-Lynn that promo spot on his radio show? What was that all about? What business do any of Mr. Weir’s fans have attacking her, Mr. Lucas or anyone else and their professions? Having stated that, it appears that you and Mr. Weir’s other stalker-fans are very jealous of her and Mr. Lucas and others, and it’s easy to see why you might want to stalk them and try to destroy them, relentlessly. Ironically, if you are as I suspect the same idiot stalker as the one posting as “kerilynn” (who also posts in high defense of Mr. Voronov); then you (as Mr. Voronov) would be making good on your threats to destroy Mr. Lucas and Keri-Lynn and others by trying to bring them down this way. You certainly sound like a carbon copy of the same idiot who’s been stalking Keri-Lynn and Mr. Lucas and others. If so, then you ARE the same one who just posted as “kerilynn” (who may in fact be Mr. Voronov) within a few hours of your post. You’re both jumping to conclusions. Thank you for giving your game away.

    It’s been noted today that Mr. Voronov was far too sleepy and tired to stay awake during Mr. Weir’s taping of an episode on Bethany’s show during normal waking and business hours. Maybe, perhaps Mr. Voronov should try getting some actual sleep during regular evening hours like normal people do; instead of staying awake at all hours of the night and during the wee early hours of the morning, scheming and planning and posting and defending himself as one of Mr. Weir’s fan-girly-stalker-fans here on Queerty and other media sources.

    Having stated that and on a side note: It’s a proven fact that getting adequate sleep is essential for good mental health and proper brain function.

  • TruBlu

    Curious-er. KW? Maybe it’s time I posted a threat I received from “Alex” who uses a certain gmail addy that’s supposed to be linked to Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov. The threatening email “Alex” sent to me was almost the same as done here by the psycho posting as “kerilynn”. I’m not surprised to find this same name and person slandered here, tho. After getting the email, I began reading up on things and all I can say is Johnny Weir’s cray fans blame her for everything. If the sky falls or a water main breaks, it’s her fault. If their toilets don’t flush right, this Keri-Lynn bitch must have had something to do with it or did some hoodoo or voodoo trick to make it happen. In their screwed up worlds and to their mentally messed up way of thinking I guess they must see Keri-Lynn as a threat to their would-be-dream-come-true, that of bedding Johnny Weir. All bc he may have invited her to his place one night or some shit like that. Or that’s what I was told by this Barbara blueye something chick, who along with other cray fans hinted it’s their fantasy to have bisexual encounters with Johnny and Victor. Talk about ratchet!!!! I think some of his fans are loving the fanfic drama way too much, need to check their meds, get some sleep or something. ITA they should back off and stay O.U.T.OUT! of other peoples’ business or this shit would never happen. Team Lucas might find my email interesting tho bc the email I got has a threatening tone same as the ones he received from Victor and shared here. But this Keri-Lynn bitch must be da HOLY schizt!

  • TruBlu

    @modernfamilyfan: LOLSOB, I think we KNOW what’s going on with your pointless excuse of an argument based on your insane hate towards this Keri-Lynn bitch, and what THAT has to do with the fight between Victor Voronov and Michael Lucas, in YOUR mind. But TY for directing us to the common denominator and link in the chain. It all boils down to similar THREATENING EMAILS sent by Victor Voronov to both Keri-Lynn and Michael Lucas. Bet others have been threatened by Victor this same way and I hope they come forward. It doesn’t matter if Victor is acting alone or if he has a little help on the side, bc no amount of PR hoopla’s gonna turn this thing around. Munching popcorn and expecting this Keri-Lynn bitches record sales to blow UP charts and asses!

  • modernfamilyfan

    Rest assured, I am not Victor, Johnny or even Keri lynn, I am just an observer.

    I do not know what the truth is concerning Victor, he is not listed as being a licensed lawyer in New York or New Jersey so maybe he is only a law clerk or a paralegal. I do not know if the allegations about Victor as far as stock fraud are true, part of me thinks if the story was true, Victor would had been arrested for stock fraud, from what I know, his only arrest was one DUI before he met Johnny. Again, if Victor did every thing he was accused of, why wasn’t he arrested? His family, while apparently well off does no have that much influence if they couldn’t get him off one DUI.

    KeriLynn – well she claims to be a songwriter who works with grammy award winning artists but posting videos of yourself singing on You Tube and financing your own record label (Aurora Borealis) does not make you an artist on the par of actual Grammy artists. Call yourself an artist when your music is sold in actual stores and I Tunes. And it is such a coincidence that every time there is an article about Johnny and Victor posted anywhere on the internet, there is KeriLynn using one of her many alias responding with Victor’s alleged criminal history.

    Two sides to every story, I would love it if Victor Voronov would clear the air, if he would answer the charges against him, maybe one day he will and then we will know once and for all what the truth is.

  • Akasha

    @modernfamilyfan: “Rest assured”? Sure, Mr. Voronov. No problem. There you go, trying to convince others you are not posting as yourself. I guess I will humor you, if I must. Again, where is your proof that this Keri-Lynn person is posting under so many aliases? I believe you when you state that you do not know or have not learned the truth, but definitive statements such as yours require truth. So, why then are you making such definitive statements without first gathering proof to back your “truth”?

    Now then, law clerks as a rule are chosen first and foremost from a vast pool of former and retired Judges, Attorneys and Paralegals; since they MUST answer to and work with a Judge on various case loads and are required to help a Judge determine how a case should be decided. Their license must still be in good standing or they do not qualify for this position. Having stated that, I have serious doubts that an UNLICENSED, INEXPERIENCED, and UNTRIED Mr. Voronov would be fit to serve in this capacity due to his lack of required qualifications and required previous court room experience in the actual, practical handling of legal court cases (see “Trial Lawyer” and please note the necessary qualifications of those who are allowed to PRACTICE law, BY law). I repeat, only those who hold a degree and have a licence to PRACTICE law may do so and even then, they may only do so within a chosen and specific field of expertise. This is why some lawyers find themselves requiring a lawyer to represent them in court. The only exception to this is PRO SE, and even then you are encouraged to seek at least some professional guidance.

    Regarding the work of a Paralegal; unless you are in a southern state where sometimes having a two year degree will still suffice (few and far between since law makers are closing the gap), you must also hold a four year degree and a license to be a Paralegal; because you are still helping to RESEARCH, PREPARE AND therefore WORK A CASE along with or in some rare cases ON BEHALF OF AN ATTORNEY (but only and always under the supervision and guidance of an experienced trial courtroom Attorney). Regarding Mr. Voronov’s illegal stock and trade issues; I believe this is still under investigation and authorities are still gathering evidence. Who is to say Mr. Voronov didn’t also move from Atlanta to New York or New Jersey because he knew he was under some sort of an investigation following his arrest or while doing time in jail for the DUI. So, maybe Mr. Voronov also saw this marriage as an opportunity to elude, evade and escape? As you cross state lines, the game changes according to the laws of the state and detectives must regroup, reform and rewrite their plan of action. Mr. Voronov knew this and knows this, still. Wherefore, he is simply playing his cards and dancing his dance. Of course, if this is true then it could only mean Mr. Weir is aiding and abetting Mr. Voronov. Regardless of this, one thing is certain. Should Mr. Voronov start hustling people to invest in (petty, stolen) stocks or his family businesses or channel the investment monies into the family business (PONZI scheme), the authorities will be there.

  • modernfamilyfan

    Okay, let me get this straight, Victor Voronov, who graduated from Georgetown Law School and passed the bar exam in New York and New jersey is NOT qualified to be a law clerk or paralegal??? He is actually overqualified for those positions which are usually filled with law school students or graduates who are studying for the bar exam. Many law schools recommend their graduates find jobs as paralegals or clerks during their senior year and while studying for the bar exam. This gives them an “inside edge” should a position open at the firm once they pass the bar exam.
    Next, stock fraud is a federal offense so as long as Victor stayed in the United States, he could be arrested had the need arose so it made no difference if he was in Atlanta, Boston or New York. The game changes only when state laws are broken, if you murder someone in Atlanta, moving to New York will not make you immune from being arrested. According to the anonymous persons postings, these stock frauds took place between 2007 and 2009, so enough time has passed for the feds to file charges if they felt it was necessary
    And I highly doubt Victor is using this marriage as a means to “elude, evade and escape” to quote your
    words. If he did, he was rather stupid to marry someone who is a media whore as Johnny has proven to be.

  • modernfamilyfan

    By the way, all the twitter threats that were made against Johnny, Victor and Victor’s family members? They came from two twitter accounts (now suspended by twitter) who had one thing in common. They followed and posted “twits” on the twitter account of Aurora Borealis which is Keri Lynn’s record company. Some coincidence huh??

  • modernfamilyfan

    Anyway, I am done. I hate that you can’t edit your replies on this website and I do have a job and other things to do besides this. I sincerely hope for Johnny’s sake, that Victor is not the fraud he is accused of being, Johnny seems like a nice guy and it would be a shame to find out that the person you married is not who you thought he was. if Victor is a fraud, I hope people show some sympathy towards Johnny for following his heart.

  • Akasha

    There you go stalking and putting your nose in someone’s business, again. I don’t see any threat coming from Keri-Lynn, over-active and vivid imaginations aside, so why and how is she a threat to you or anyone? Observance, indeed. Her tunes are original and of her own making, so she IS a songwriter. There is nothing for her to CLAIM, except maybe royalties. On initial research, I OBSERVE she is among the few who hold the dubious honor to claim Grammy Masters Phil Ramone and Tom Dowd among her instructors. I also OBSERVED she has worked with Mr. Celis, who also works with RICKY MARTIN, BEYONCE and SHAKIRA among other award winning artists. Mr. Celis earned at least seven (7) Grammys to his credit and by his own merit. Upon further OBSERVATION, I would say that at least puts this Keri-Lynn person in good company, and probably in good position to earn an industry award of her own, someday. And you?

    Obviously you, and others like you, seldom read much less research what’s right in front of you. So in your own twisted, fan-girly-stalker-fan minds and worlds, your blindness to the truth makes everything alright, I suppose. I took your challenge just now and decided to research this artist on ITunes. Her ITunes page is AND her AMAZON artist page is . I don’t know, and I am sure you will correct me if I am wrong, but I guess this means she is a REAL artist who has REAL distribution, and she really works with REAL award winning artists. So, that should solve at least one of (insert Matterhorn-Kanye West voice, here) “THE GREAT MYSTERIES OF ALL TIME”! But seriously, all I had to do was go to the ITunes main page, put “Keri-Lynn” in the search box, click, scroll down and click on her name or product and there she is. It really wasn’t hard or complicated to do, dear. True, I heard some clips I don’t care for, but some tunes rival those on the radio.

    Having done and OBSERVED the research I guess some people may be too afraid or unwilling to do, it is clear that you and other fan-girly-stalker-fans like you may have some other deep, personal and perhaps emotional issues (imagined or otherwise) with this Keri-Lynn person, and are carefully choosing and selecting what you want to OBSERVE and hear instead of taking it all into consideration. That is an acceptable process for selecting a television show, a movie or a video game. But this Keri-Lynn person’s existence, as an artist on whatever level, is by all OBSERVED accounts an undeniable matter of fact. Whether you or I wish for her to be or not to be is irrelevant, at this point. True, she is just an independent artist, but it appears she has proven herself in some way or would she be where she is? I can only guess it took a lot of hard work, dedication, some skill and heart to bring this to life and will it into existence. No harm done.

    If I were as madly infatuated (okay, in love) with Mr. Weir as some of you fan-girly-stalker-fans are, I suppose I would be a bit intimidated by someone who came from nothing and turn it into something, too. Having stated that, I doubt it’s easy to record a song your wrote, make your breaks, take your lumps, earned any deal to get your music on ITunes or anywhere, and earn your keep with The Recording Academy; OR as they say, everyone would be doing it. A simple phone call to NARAS assured me that you must have CREDENTIALS or you do not QUALIFY for entry, so there’s that.

    Mr. Lucas probably started with nothing, too. Now, it looks as though he may be on par with PlayGirl or PlayBoy or he may be close approaching that status. Who knows? I understand how you, Mr. Voronov and others like you may feel, but making false accusations about and sending threatening emails to Mr. Lucas, Keri-Lynn and others is not the answer to Mr. Voronov’s ever-growing and ever-looming legal problems. And pretending to be an Attorney in the public eye when Mr. Voronov is clearly not licensed to practice in that capacity as yet is the worse thing he can do, right now. You and others like you seem to only OBSERVE that which you want and choose; and so until which time due diligence is performed on all fronts, I rest my case. For now.

  • Akasha

    @modernfamilyfan: I wish it were as simple as that, but in general terms Courts usually hire semi-retired or retired Judges, Attorneys and Paralegals for the positions of Law Clerk (if they were previously a licensed Paralegal) and Paralegal (if they were previously a Judge or an Attorney). The logical reasons for this are simple in that these individuals have earned a vast amount of practical knowledge and seasoning during their many years of service as a licensed Court professional or an Officer of the Courts. Interns and students of law without a license may assist a Law Clerk, Paralegal, or an Attorney with the understanding that this intern CAN and WILL eventually receive their license to practice law, someday. I never heard of any law school, Judge, Paralegal, Attorney, or Law Clerk risking their license, status, funding or livelihood to hire someone who’s license has been suspended or revoked to perform the vast legal duties required of a Law Clerk or a Paralegal. Think about it. Would you or anyone really want someone with no license, and yet who has a criminal history, deciding YOUR fate in Court? No, dear. You would not, and I would not blame you or anyone if you ran for your life in the opposite direction.

    Regarding this other issue and again, please show some proof as to the Twitter allegations and that these are directly connected to this Keri-Lynn person. Otherwise, it’s just more Johnny Weir fan-girly-stalker-fan fluff and gossip that most likely may have been created just to hurt someone’s reputation.

    As for Mr. Weir, I do not know nor have I heard of anyone seriously wishing him ill or any harm in real life. I think it’s just more of the same fluff. I hope the best for Mr. Weir, too. That is why, having stated that, I cannot think of anything more harmful or dangerous than being married to or sleeping with the enemy in this case. Obviously, when you read the unprovoked, threatening emails directed at or sent to Mr. Lucas by Mr. Voronov, and knowing there may be more out there where these came from, certain issues arise and become crystal clear at first glance.

    My previous post was meant for you. I forgot to hit the “reply” button.

  • TruBlu

    @kerilynn: and modernfamilyfan: Just like you to bring up some off topic subject and blow it out. ON TOPIC, this started when Victor Voronov sent threatening emails to Michael Lucas that were made public. modernfamilyfan, if the twitter accnts you rant about are suspended then why can’t, why won’t you and the other cray Johnny Weir fans just drop it already? Quit bringing HER up all the damn time into every convo on sites that don’t concern HER. You and the poser posting as “kerilynn”, who may be you or Victor for all we know, like to stir the pot, huh? Its more like the pot calling the kettle bc you’re stalking HER now and you NEED to stop. Michael, sorry about the threatening emails Victor sent you. May send the threatening email, that was sent to me, some other way to you. Love-love.

  • BrandoPolo

    This is the most hilarious comment thread in Queerty history. The only thing I’d like to point out is that Michael Lucas “self-made porn mogul” myth needs to die. No, he is not about to be on Hugh Hefner status. Hugh Hefner is a cultural icon who helped lead the sexual revolution. Duckface is a washed up porn star and legend in his own mind who preys on vulnerable twentysomethings and makes histrionic, over-the-top, campy sex videos.

    We could all be “self-made” if we immigrated from another country, started selling our bodies for money, married the first old rich white dude who came along, then used his millions to lure boys into porn. Duckface loves to hide the fact that this whole time he has been milking an older guy for money to pretend like he worked for it, but let’s make sure the truth is out there before we start comparing him to guys who actually did.

  • TruBlu

    ZOMG! I tapped Johnny Waters and found this! Doug Wilson and Mattis follow this guy and ALL follow Johnny Weir and Victor and are MAJOR on what Victor Voronov calls “disgusting, illegal, indecent, fame-whoring scum, filthy porno”. Kso, why are these guys allowed to follow Johnny Weir and WHY is Victor Voronov threatening Michael Lucas and not these guys??? WTF!

  • Fawkes

    Well now we know Akasha is either Michael Lucas or a psycho. Wait, I’m being redundant.

  • Akasha

    @Fawkes: What does it matter? Is someone anxious, worried or both? You know what they say, “Takes one to know one”.

  • BrandoPolo

    @Fawkes: For the win.

  • Akasha

    @BrandoPolo: Not. Like I said, takes one to know one.

  • Akasha

    Tissues for issues. Passing the box. I know it’s Friday but let’s be and play nice, children.

  • Akasha

    Just noticed. By posting personal and maybe private information about this Keri-Lynn person, it’s obvious at first glance that the person posting as “kerilynn”, who may have used aliases like @SlipperySwanson, wants to cause the real Keri-Lynn great harm. I don’t know of anyone who likes to have their personal and private home address exposed, old or new. So, the person posting as “kerilynn” IS the definition of a stalker. I looked and searched in connection with the name given and found nothing, anywhere. So, the person posting as “kerilynn” must have had other information on the real Keri-Lynn in order to make a connection. Wow. Why not search and post her DNA, while you’re at it.

  • Fawkes

    @Akasha: I guess we really do have Michael Lucas here. Not busy enough taking advantage of men in tough economic circumstances? I guess even sexual predators get tired of the same old routine.

  • Akasha

    @Fawkes: No, but while we’re on topic and due to your remarks, I guess we really DO have Victor Voronov here. Wow. How kind of you to grace us with your presence. It really IS a small world, after all.

  • Fawkes

    @Akasha: lol I’m not the one who responds with an essay every time someone says something about your precious porn kingpin. I’m not some big fan of Voronov (actually, this article is the first time I’ve even heard of him), but anyone who stands up to Lucas deserves to be defended from trolls like you.

  • Akasha

    @Fawkes: I don’t recall asking you to offer rebuttal, dear. You’re a volunteer. You’re seeking this out for a release of some sort. Now who’s calling the kettle much.

    No, Mr. Lucas is not, but he is a human being and no one deserves to be threatened or bullied that way; especially not by someone who pretends to be a lawyer. You claim this is the first time you even heard of Victor Voronov, yet you certainly so readily stick your neck out for him. Is this even possible?

    I’m not the one defending someone who’s under investigation for channeling investments from CIS Holdings into family businesses (see PONZI scheme). I’m not the one who agrees to defend a coward who’s favorite and only calling card and only recourse of action seems to be that of threatening people from behind the safety of his computer or IPhone screen via his crazy, insane and unfounded emails; in which Mr. Voronov loves to make the fraudulent claim of being a lawyer when he doesn’t even have a license to practice law and has most likely never been sworn into office by the Governor of any state, in the first place.

    REAL people say what they have to say to your face. REAL lawyers write it down in letter form on letterhead, and send it via certified mail. Anyone who defends someone who pretends to be a lawyer in public (which IS a direct violation of applicable law, up to 7 years or more per instance), when this so-called lawyer and his license has clearly been suspended or revoked (IF he ever had one) and the State of New York no longer recognizes him as a lawyer, is asking for trouble. Choose your battles, wisely and carefully, for they tell the world just WHO you really are. Have fun, dear. Your turn, love.

  • BrandoPolo

    @Akasha: Michael, is it hard to nail yourself to your cross every morning, or do you have help from one of the cash-strapped boys you and your husband exploit?

    @Fawkes: I’m starting to question whether Akasha is really Duckface. I mean, I knew he was a pompous blowhard, but this is descending into parody. Pure comedy gold, haha

  • Akasha

    @BrandoPolo: If I were Mr. Lucas, would I bother to comment? Maybe. Maybe not.

    I love how you (BrandoPolo), Fawkes and modernfamilyfan are the only ones flattering yourselves, but also appear to be the only three concerned and who act like you have a stake in this. That’s what’s so funny. People at FSM have been known to post retorts like this all over the web in the past to exert their influence and do damage control. Oh, the hilarity. And here I thought it was just a summer fling-thing. Discuss.

  • Fawkes

    @BrandoPolo: I initially thought Akasha was just someone who bent over and grabbed their ankles in one of Michael Lucas’s videos. But after all the obsessive posting and the lengthy essays, I really think it is the Duckface itself. I’m glad it decided to (dis)grace us with its presence.

  • BrandoPolo

    @Fawkes: Ha. With every one of his posts I can literally feel the hot air blowing from the screen. Why Queerty and the gay media enables this self-aggrandizing Russian narcissist is something I’ll never understand.

  • Akasha

    @Fawkes: @BrandoPolo: But I thought you two didn’t like Mr. Lucas’s brand of porno. So, how could either of you know what blows off the screen? Speaking of, I bet you two make a great “tag team”. :D

  • Akasha

    @BrandoPolo: @Fawkes: I have perfect names for your characters: “Cousin IT” and “THAT”. :D

  • Akasha

    It will stand forever as a perfect homage and loving testament to Victor Voronov’s “like a debut-just two years in the making” on Bethenny’s show! What do you say? The title will be “IT and THAT: The Story of Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov!” :D

  • BrandoPolo

    @Akasha: Is this what passes for humor in Russia? Good grief, you guys are weirder than Mormons.

  • Akasha

    @BrandoPolo: Is that what passes as usefulness and intelligence in your country? Wow. I’m impressed. I bet your next line is, “Just wait til I get going.”; to which I will reply, “I wish you would.”

  • BrandoPolo

    @Akasha: Everybody stopped caring about Duckface and his nonsense four days ago, boo, as you will notice no one commented on this story since November 24. You might want to seek help for obsessive-compulsive disorder if you are still invested in this four days later.

    Move on, boo.

  • Akasha

    @BrandoPolo: And my interest in this is of interest to you because why? Sorry, toots, I am not your “boo”. Nor am I a piece of steak. Time to reconsider your words and consider your timing. Since your comment is directed at me, you know at some point I may respond. Logically, it is YOU who choose to drive this issue. You still have too keen a vested interest in Mr. Lucas and in this story; in which Mr. Voronov’s true nature via his unprovoked and threatening emails is justly, successfully and finally exposed by Mr. Lucas and Queerty. This indicates that you are, and have always been, and will always be on Mr. Voronov’s side.

    An experienced poker player only places their cards on the table when they are able to suffer the consequences. Too bad you “date” yourself when the Voronov family is in the habit of self-flattery. And please do not drag the Weir family into this. To wit Mr. Weir’s own words, his family did not approve of certain events circa 12/11 and have suffered enough embarrassment. Practicing the art of (emotional) DETACHMENT should serve you well in the coming days, months, years; however long it takes.

    Don’t miss your train.

  • Akasha

    Then again, there is one person in particular who always suggests psychological help to anyone who poses a perceived threat to their endeavors regarding Mr. Weir. They should know that the threats they sent via post are en-route to the appropriate boards and departments for further review. There are good reasons as to why they are unable to tend to their clients. Seems they never understood the rules of proportion, and now their work is suffering.

  • BrandoPolo

    @Akasha: My interest in it is the same interest I have in visiting the zoo or the local carnival freakshow.

    Calm down, boo. #nobodycares

  • Akasha

    @BrandoPolo: I am calm, but I am not your “boo”. If you do not care, then why respond? Since you love them so much, why don’t you go to a zoo or a freakshow and make yourself useful? Join them.

  • Akasha

    I guess I should know better than to respond to anyone who refers to themselves as “nobody”.

  • TruBlu

    Ha-looks like Vics trying to prove something, but the NYBar to date ain’t buying shit. They said you have to do 1 of 2 things. 1- take bar exam in the past year and pass @ 80% or more and have governor or judge sign an approval to go thru channels or 2- you have a license in another state in good standing and you get a waiver to be sworn in. But NYBar says there’s “NO RECORD OF ANYONE BY THAT NAME” and nothing on a cross-chk with systems in US. That would mean he got waived so he’s in on paper, but I was told only a judge or governor can render oaths and only they can sign and Victor doesn’t have a license in another state. KSo WTAF is going on??? Sounds like someone’s bending or breaking rules. Whatever payola, I hope its enuf for the principal and COC. NGL I smell rotten-raw fish!!! Something illegal and nasty’s going on.

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