Johnny Weir’s Husband Was In The Closet Until A Month Before Marrying “The Gayest Person Alive”

bethenny-johnny-victorSince the passing of old school queens Paul Lynde, Liberace and Charles Nelson Reilly, there have been few gays to take up the mantle of “Gayest Person Alive”,  but thanks to Johnny Weir and Bethenny Frankel, that center square has been filled.

Michael Lucas’s BFFs, Johnny and Victor Weir-Voronov paid a visit to Bethenny where they had an in-depth discussion on masculinity as a social construct that’s relative and open to interpretation but ultimately detrimental to gay men’s views of themselves and others.

Nah, they just had a kiki over some stereotypical shit:

Johnny: Okay so before we got married he was actually in the closet until about two months before we were married.
Bethenny: Oh my God. What?
Victor: Yeah, I was in the closet. I told my family a month before we got married and then my friends only found out in People magazine.
Bethenny: Wait a second, hold on. You were in the closet a month before you got married? I’ve never heard that in my entire life. That’s crazy. How long did you know you were gay?
Victor: Probably since I was the age of six or eight.
Bethenny: You come out of the closet and you dip your foot in, you date like a banker, an accountant. You date Johnny Weir, flamboyant, furs.
Johnny: The gayest person ever.
Bethenny: You’re the gayest person alive. So like mom, just want to let you know I’m gay and I married the gay person in the dictionary, when you look up the word gay, I married that guy. Go big or go home.
Victor: That’s what happened, I chain stormed the door down, I didn’t come out of the closet. I basically said A. I’m gay, B. I’m getting married and C. It’s to Johnny Weir and the expectation, I’m a masculine guy people don’t.
Bethenny: No, you look straight as an arrow friend.
Johnny: And he talks like it. I was on, I did the campaign for MAC Cosmetics and at that time I was in every mall in America when he was doing the coming out process so I had the mohawk, the full dirty face and nipples out and everything and he would walk his friends by the poster and say, I’m gay and I’m dating that.
Victor: After I did my dad. I was going to do my dad last because he’s a soviet man, I told him first, he was so supportive, everyone was so supportive so I decided I am going to have fun with this. So I took my best friend to the mall and there was a huge poster of Johnny in makeup and was like, I’m gay and I’m married to that.
Bethenny: That’s amazing.

I tried looking up “gay in the dictionary” and I found this:


Which is also just a synonym for “YAAAAAASSSSSS!”

Check out Bethenny interviewing the Weir-Voronovs below:

h/t: Matthew Rettenmund/BoyCulture