Johnny Weir’s Master, Bitch-Filled Plan to Blow Up Bigger Than Evan Lysacek

Yes, Johnny Weir, keep the bitchslapping coming against Evan Lysacek! Throwing barbs and turning cheeks at each other is either a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt to drum up headlines for both — or, what we believe to be true: Two catty queens who have to have the last word.

“Evan and I have had a very rocky relationship to say the least,” Weir tells WSJ. “Recently I was on Chelsea Handler [a show on the E! network] and it was through clever editing they had me winking at a very inopportune time it looked like me had me insinuating something about Evan so I’m sure he wasn’t happy about that. But I think in general he’s a very jealous person and a very two faced person. He’s the kind of person who will rehearse what he’s going to say in an interview two weeks in advance. He’s probably very jealous that despite the fact he’s an Olympic champion he’s on Dancing with the Stars and I’m writing a book and recording a song. I’m crossing over to be a personality. ”

To be fair, Evan is probably earning much more money on Dancing than Johnny will with his track “Dirty Love.” But it’s not like there’s only bad blood between these two: “But I can say I voted for him twice on Dancing with the Stars just as a sign of support. And I have always said he works very hard and does deserve his Olympic gold medal…But he mocks people and makes fun of people and I’m sure this was just a situation where he just said something that he knew would hurt me.”