Johnny Weir’s New Husband Accused Of Running Investment Scam

While Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov celebrate their one-month wedding anniversary, an anonymous denizen of the Internet, identified only as “Tanrioldu,” is accusing Voronov of running an investment-banking scam in Atlanta.

The detailed accusations, posted on RipoffReport.com, claim that Voronov, now a law-school grad, conned friends into giving him money a few years ago, but made sure not to put anything on paper so that he couldn’t be held accountable.

Victor S. Voronov operated a fraudulent/fake investment company called CIS Capital Holdings from 2007 to 2009. His targets were primarily friends, colleagues, former classmates, roommates, and acquaintances. Using the relationship of trust he had acquired with these people, he would con them into believing that he was running a very successful investment company…

He would also send a fraudulent ‘prospectus’ that detailed the structure of the investment, the type of investments being made, etc. He was very careful not to put any promise of earnings on paper, but would do so at length over the phone or in person. Promises of 25-50% returns in a few months, for example…

Eventually when the investors asked to receive official reports or cash out, they were met with ignored calls and emails and delays. Eventually Mr. Voronov cut off all communication (changed phone numbers, email addresses, blocked users from Facebook, etc.). Many months went by without any response from him regarding the status of the invested money or when the investors could get their money back.

Eventually, one by one, the investors were contacted by phone by Victor Voronov’s father, Anatoly “Tony” Voronov (owner of CIS Ventures, Inc.). Investors were informed that Victor has been admitted to a drug rehabilitation clinic (for addiction to amphetamines) and would not be able to communicate with anyone for 3-6 months. The actual duration of the rehabilitation, according to his father, lasted approximately 9 months at a private drug rehab clinic near Altanta, GA.

Do Tanrioldu’s claims hold any water? When we went to review sites Tan claims that Voronov ran (ciscapitalholdings.com, vicvor.com, stocksfromrussia.com, et al), they were all shut down. Voronov tweeted today that he would be taking “legal action” against the claim.

Tanrioldu claims to be a former friend of Voronov’s but, in an email to Queerty, said he couldn’t reveal any personal details. “I have to remain anonymous because Victor is bullying his victims with threats of defamation lawsuits if we go public about what he has done to us. But I can tell you that he has been reported to the FBI, the Attorney General of NY, the SEC, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the RCMP.”

We’ll let the courts decide who’s to blame in this case. But it does seem odd that Tanrioldu was allegedly bilked in 2007 but waited till after Voronov married Weir to press charges. Just sayin’.

Photos via Twitter

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  • Josh Eldee

    Well if it’s true, Johnny can always file for divorce and marry me. :) he is definitely my biggest, and only, celebrity crush. :) But oh well I know I’ll never meet him. A man can dream hahaha :P

  • William

    Am I the only one who busted out loling? Just, damn, gays just can’t catch a break.

  • Marie Cohn

    Poor Johnny–the girl just got tooken by Russian Mafia trash her first time at bat.

  • Dani

    For the better part of two years Johnny Weir has had an online stalker who has created multiple twitter names to post serious untruths about him and his life. This person met Johnny at a benefit in 2010 and believes mistakenly that there is a romantic connection between them. To make matters more complicated this person is a woman and does not believe Johnny Weir is truly gay (I know o_0). She has sent anon online threats to various people close to Johnny Weir. She even made threats to LaurieAnne Gibson when Johnny did Skating with the Stars. This made PerezHilton. The police were unable to find out who it was. In the fall Johnny tweeted a message on his twitter saying he was aware of a dangerous fan who is threatening his friends. He is aware of this. She is very hard to catch and pin down because one way of operating is creating a multitude of different websites, emails, and twitter accounts which she soon deletes. I believe that the claims made against Victor Voronov are completely without merit and the words of Tanrioldu is in fact this frightening fan of Johnny’s at it again.

    Her name has been confirmed to be Keri-Lynn Jones. She can be found on Twitter under the profile @Thekerilynn

    A few of her other known twitter alter-egos are @GrannySmithe and @Jillibn2012
    Her rantings about Johnny’s life and friends can be witnessed first hand on the two profiles above. Under her @TheKeriLynn ego she poses as a famous music star and pretends to have a successful career and worshipful admirers. It is untrue and she is clearly delusional.

    Again I’ve been a Johnny Weir fan for a while and so have been aware of Keri-Lynn’s stalking and threats. The claims of Tanrioldu are not being proven and the timing is very suspect. It all fits under the pattern of Keri-Lynn Jones.

  • Tanrioldu

    @ Dani. I am not Keri-Lynn Jones. I have no interest whatsoever in Weir (financially, legally, or otherwise). My fight is with Victor Voronov alone. I am not interested in causing damages to anyone, all I want is to bring Victor to justice and recuperate the money that he scammed from me. The other investors and I who have been scammed by this con artist have been trying to get our money back from him since 2008. People are only starting to notice it now because he just married someone famous. Before that, this guy was a nobody.

    I have emailed documents proving Victor Voronov’s fraud to the author of this article. Mr. Mulhivill, please publish what I sent you so as to eliminate any doubt about the truthfulness and accuracy of my accusations.

  • Dani

    Tanrioldu several months ago there was a twitter profile with the same name ‘Tanrioldu’ and it was posting horrible insults to Johnny Weir and his manager Tara Modlin. That profile has since been deleted. Now you claim you have no interest in Weir whatsoever and your problem is strictly with Voronov. Why on earth did it take you so long to profile this guy on the internet? If you felt he was someone who deserved to be watched when you were supposedly scammed by him you would have done that sooner (created a profile on ripoff.com and posted your concerns on like-minded websites). However you are only motivated to speak about Voronov’s crimes once he marries Johnny Weir 4 years later? I guess it’s safe to assume you are the creator of the brand new twitter profile @vicvoronovfraud. So if you have no interest in Johnny whatsoever and your problem is strictly with Victor as you say, why are the only people being followed by that specific twitter account Johnny, a Johnny fangroup, Johnny fan reporter, Johnny’s manager, and Johnny’s mother?? You have explaining to do.

  • Cam

    Looks like the guy needed somebody to be an honest face for his next phony scam.

    Hopefully Weir figures it out and gets out in time.

  • AB

    I don’t know what to believe, but I will say that this Tanrioldu person does not fit the profile of one of Keri-Lynn’s alter-egos. All of them make absolutely crazy claims that are not backed up and seem to revolve around the myth that Johnny is secretly in love with Keri-Lynn and Victor is a hired actor. It’s just clear that it’s a different person. I will say that I Googled Victor Voronov long ago, when his name was revealed, and there was something online about CIS holdings or whatever it the alleged fake company was. I can’t find that anymore.

    I sincerely hope this is all false, for Johnny’s sake. He seems to be a genuinely good, kind person, and for a long time it seems he did not trust enough to look for love. Now he has completely given his heart to someone. I hope that “someone” is truly giving his heart back. Johnny deserves happiness in his personal life…not drama and certainly not betrayal.

  • Seamus

    If the accuser has contacted several Federal agencies, should he/she really be offering to show “proof” to people on the internet who doubt the claims? I figure these agencies and any reliable lawyer would urge their client to keep a lid on it and leave it to them. It doesn’t sound legitimate to me.

  • AB

    Yes, I would agree with Seamus. If you have the authorities going after Victor Voronov now, let them handle it. Don’t drag Johnny’s name into it by talking about it on the Internet. Who does that help? It’s not fair to Johnny. For him, it’s a personal matter that he’ll have to deal with…if it’s true.

  • CBRad

    Johnny Weir is a dirtbag who enjoys wearing fur coats to feel the pain the animals went through as they were slaughtered. I’d rather the Russian mob made him disappear.

  • Matt

    I can confirm that the twitter account @tanrioldu actually existed.

    I also find it suspicious that claims of what Mr. Voronov allegedly did first were posted in an Huffpost article by tanrioldu. Asked for links to prove the accusations, he wrote there are no links. A day or so after that, suddenly the “ripoff” thing appeared (including home adress in GA that now seems to be deleted as well)uploaded on January, 29 with links that are very suspicious as well.

    “Only now that he married Weir has he come back onto our radar and we are able to go after him.”

    Mr. Voronov passed the NY Bar exam in July 2010. Tanrioldu claimed they took an united effort to prevent Mr. Voronov getting admitted to the NY State Bar. When did that happen if Mr. Voronov disappeared for 3 years and they had “a difficult time” to find him again due to his marriage with Mr. Weir?

    No, if you ask me, there is something rotten in Denmark.

  • Matt

    I can confirm that the twitter account @tanrioldu actually existed.

    I also find it suspicious that claims of what Mr. Voronov allegedly did first were posted in an Huffpost article by tanrioldu. Asked for links to prove the accusations, he wrote there are no links. A day or so after that, suddenly the “ripoff” thing appeared (including home adress in GA that now seems to be deleted as well)uploaded on January, 29 with links that are very suspicious as well.

    “Only now that he married Weir has he come back onto our radar and we are able to go after him.”

    Mr. Voronov passed the NY Bar exam in July 2010. Tanrioldu claimed they took an united effort to prevent Mr. Voronov getting admitted to the NY State Bar. When did that happen if Mr. Voronov disappeared for 3 years and they had “a difficult time” to find him again Only now, they were able to find him due to his marriage with Mr. Weir?

    No, if you ask me, there is something rotten in Denmark.

  • Dani

    AB- you claim that it is clear that this Tanrioldu person is a “different person” than Johnny Weir’s known stalker Keri-Lynn Jones because it doesn’t fit her profile. I’m not sure I agree with that. Keri-Lynn can and has in the past been very convincing as other people, a random concerned citizen, she’s even posed as someone related to Weir. She does not always rant about their “love affair” and can be dangerously incognito when she wants to be. And Tanrioldu’s pattern of trying to get as much publicity for this story, posting it everywhere, and even creating a twitter account @vicvoronovfraud to tweet at him is VERY much in line with Keri-Lynn’s pattern of internet behaviour. That IS how she operates. That twitter account as of early yesterday evening (before I called this to Tanrioldu’s attention) was following only members of Johnny Weir’s fanclubs and Johnny’s family. Now, it is ONLY following Victor. Keri-Lynn is known to create new twitter profiles under various hard to pronounce names retweeting links from newsites such as CNN and the Huffington Post. Under these profiles she also tweets horrible insults to Johnny Weir and his friends and co-workers. Then as soon as they are created, they are deleted. My personal recollection is that “Tanrioldu” was at one time one of these profile names that has since been deleted.

    There are also other disturbing similarities between Tanrioldu and Keri-Lynn. The claims of ‘beware’ punctuated with exclamation marks are very similar to Keri-Lynn’s recent claims that Johnny Weir’s good friend Meg Carlozzi is also a fraud and conniving. Keri-Lynn under her many alter egos has been on an intense internet smear campaign against this woman. The wording of warnings and ominous tales of deceit are exactly the same as Keri-Lynn has tried to convince people about Meg Carlozzi and other people in Johnny Weir’s life including his manager Tara Modlin, and other close friends. Tanrioldu’s claims of ‘being threatened and bullied’ are also words Keri-Lynn has used EXACTLY before on other comment sections for blogs about other Weir friends and family members. Tanrioldu is also speaking in the collected ‘us’ and ‘we’ in a very similar way as Keri-Lynn has been known to do in her alter egos, yet after extensive searching I have not found another person on the internet who can support this ‘we’ claim that there are multiple victims who have bullied and threatened by Voronov.

    Until Tanrioldu can actually provide extensive and undeniable (not merely speculative and possibly manipulated) proof of Voronov’s criminal activities, I will have deep suspicions. And the claim that Voronov is not really a lawyer is ridiculous. As far as I know he has passed several bar exams to the different states he has lived. Not being admitted to the NY bar may have had something to do with a couple of DUI arrests in the past. That is the only thing that can be verified. Addictions and investment fraud can NOT be verified.

  • Dani

    Just as an added perspective, here are some other suspected twitter account alter-egos of Keri-Lynn:

    @catsnacs- contains various homophobic insults levelled at Johnny Weir that were similar to other ranting twitter profiles of strange names of a similar nature (Tanrioldu was one of them but has since been deleted)
    @pretty93- a brand new one

  • Hons

    Some of you seem to want to go to great lengths to connect dots that aren’t even there. To me it seems pretty obvious that one is a crazy fan who is obsessed with Johnny and the other person is someone got got screwed out of some money by the guy Johnny married. I don’t see any reason why they should be the same person. Just sayin

  • Cam

    Ugh, please spare us from fans that want to come on and write long screeds about their poor idol.

    Dani, I get that you feel you somehow have a duty to attack anything that is said about your idol Johnny, but really, after seeing the Clay Aiken Fans, the Adam Lambert Fans etc… please, just give it a rest.

    If this is true then the guy will get nailed, if it isn’t, he’ll get off.

  • Sammy

    I’m going to have to agree with Cam on this one. It’s alright to be a fan, but some of you need to cool it. None of us personally know Victor so whose to say what kind of person he is. If he did scam people then the authorities will catch him and he’ll get his due. And if he didn’t then life goes on people.

  • Lucifer

    Is he really GAY or in it for the money?

  • Rico

    It does seem odd, anyone know how long they dated? It seems like one day this Victor guy just appeared out of nowhere and now they are married. I hope its for the best but it does seem somewhat suspicious.

  • Layne

    “Tanrioldu claims to be a former friend of Voronov’s but, in an email to Queerty, said he couldn’t reveal any personal details. “I have to remain anonymous because Victor is bullying his victims with threats of defamation lawsuits if we go public about what he has done to us.”

    This makes no sense. The only reason Tanrioldu should fear a defamation lawsuit is if he/she is lying through his/her teeth about this whole thing. If he/she actually has proof that Voronov perpetrated a crime, then there is no reason to fear a defamation suit and no reason to remain anonymous. Sorry, but this stinks to high heaven. I call BS.

  • Dani

    Uh, Sam clearly you did not actually read my posts because I never went on long screeds about my poor idol. I gave information about a problematic situation with a Johnny Weir fan that only seems to be getting worse. This person has created numerous fake twitter accounts to hurl nonsensical, delusional, homophobic drivel. She has used the internet to slander many people, some seriously. I pointed out some important things I thought should be known about the possibility of her being connected to this ‘Tanrioldu’ who is claiming this story. If there is a connection I think people should know about it, because potentially slanderous, life-ruining information is being spread around about innocent people who don’t deserve to have their reputations trashed due to her delusional obsession.

    ‘Tanrioldu’ left his/her email to contact him/her privately so she/he can show proof of Voronov’s guilt. I emailed Tanrioldu and she/he has still hedged on providing any information. If you can’t put up than you should really shut up.

  • Dani

    whoops I meant ‘Cam’.

  • Abby

    OMG!!! I know him! That guy used to work at my law firm! He was fired but no one knew why. Maybe it had something to do with this???

  • AB

    People can be fired for a lot of different reasons. I would think that if the law firm found out about some investment scam, he would not only have been fired, but also arrested, right?
    Many of Johnny’s fans are assuming Victor is innocent, probably because it’s true that some in Johnny’s circle have been vilified by that crazy stalker and they’re just assuming this is the same thing. But the truth is that we (fans) don’t know anything about Victor. We can’t assume that just because Johnny fell in love with him he’s innocent.
    I will say that Johnny has met Victor’s family and friends. He’s met Victor’s parents. It seems hard to believe that Victor is pretending to be something he’s not in front of his loved ones unless they’re being kept in the dark too.
    Victor tweeted that legal action is being taken, and someone in his family (his sister, maybe) is actually a lawyer or at least works at a law firm. So I’m sure that if he is innocent, he’s got people working on the case. At this point, I don’t think there’s enough evidence provided to say he’s guilty. Anyone can make one of those RipOffReport things, and the “proof” isn’t adequate. “Proof” that he is a gambling addict is one blog mentioning that he was a dealer in a poker game. That’s not proof. Playing poker doesn’t mean addiction.
    We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • Kelly Check

    David Lapointe, you have been outed. Speak up, state your issue like a man.

  • Casey

  • AuroraBorealisLTD

    Gentlemen: On behalf of Keri-Lynn, her family, friends and thousands of loyal fans (yes, she has those!); I ask you all to please ignore the crazed rantings and ravings of some of Johnny Weir’s more delusional fans…..including but not limited to Dani (aka the very dangerous and highly psychotic @SlipperySwanson and many other Twitter names and aliases on the web) and AB (God only knows what other names SHE uses).

    If our client, Keri-Lynn, were to spend her time doing what Dani, especially, is unjustly accusing her of doing here; there would be no time for writing and producing music, working on other projects, keeping her home clean, etc. Nothing would get done. Please Note: Keri-Lynn’s bills come due on time like clockwork just like everyone else’s. So, Dani’s claims are ALL fraudulent, slandering, very injurious and VERY damaging to Keri-Lynn.

    It is more likely that Dani (aka @SlipperySwanson and many others with aliases) who suffers from a highly delusional state where she has fantasies about not only meeting Johnny Weir but more likely about having many and various sexual encounters with him. These, of course, have not happened and will probably never be fulfilled in real life. This leaves Dani (aka @SlipperySwanson and many others) very frustrated and angry. If she were to hold this anger inside, she might do harm to herself or others. So, her selected target for release is Keri-Lynn; who IS a professional singer-songwriter, who has met Johnny Weir and Victor on good terms, and who has received invites of late to audition and/or sing for several TV spots. The latter leads to Dani’s greatest fear…..that should Keri-Lynn be fortunate enough to land a spot on just one of these TV or Broadway shows and sing just one song, then all the horrid and mean and ugly and fraudulent and damaging things said about Keri-Lynn will be proven UNTRUE and FALSE; therefore making Dani and others who think like her complete and total LIARS.

    You should never judge a book til you read it, cover to cover. Sincere apologies to Tanrioldu and to the author of this post for enduring Dani (@slipperyswanson, etc.) and her insane nonsense. Dani, now that we know who you are, from now on…..redirect your insane babbling to OUR email address BEFORE you pollute the world with your craziness. Thank you.

  • AuroraBorealisLTD

    “Keri-Lynn is known to create new twitter profiles under various HARD TO PRONOUNCE.” and “A few of her other known twitter alter-egos are @GrannySmithe and @Jillibn2012”

    Just one of many clear examples of how insanely ridiculous and jealous Dani and her many alter-egos are over Keri-Lynn and ANY friendship or whatever she MAY enjoy with Johnny Weir. Need anyone say anything more?

    Dani (aka @SlipperySwanson and many others)? Weren’t you or aren’t you friends with Meg and/or her sisters? Or per-chance, anyone who works with FSM?

    Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/johnny-weirs-new-husband-accused-of-running-investment-scam-20120130/#ixzz1t7GhmZFh

  • AuroraBorealisLTD

    Careful, AB. You’re the one on Johnny’s Twitter who tweets as if she knows all things Johnny, but the truth of the matter is……you know nothing.

  • Gail

    Truth is, no one said anything of Johnny Weir being stalked by ANYONE til Meg Carlozzi and her PR idiots signed a contract with Fireworks Sports Marketing; or it was she and PMA/BFA the companys she works for, that were signed to represent FSM artists and sportsmen. The signing was done back in April of 2011. Meg sought out, selected and slept with a fashion designer go-between. Meg knew she could get to Johnny thru this person, and she did. Now, THAT is a STALKER.

    Then, before the ink dryed on paper, Meg and her PR idiots went to work creating BS story after BS story; like the BS one created and released, 1st by Lynn Rutherford, last summer. Meg’s goal, at first, was to try and get to Keri-Lynn using any means possible. Meg’s idea was to drive Keri-Lynn over the edge, etc. Meg used any and every friend she had to do this. Johnny and KL met up again and they got on like old friends. I guess some jealous observers like Meg and some fans got pissed off and started the stalking rumour mill. I know all about the back-story because, uh-hem, I was in the office and overheard your plans, Meg. You and your friends should be ashamed but you’re not. It takes principles, moral fiber and backbone, which are among the many traits you and your friends and co-workers lack. Even at the 10/2011 Gala, you and some very jealous JGW fans, male and female, were spreading shit about KL behind her back, Meg. The stalking rumour mill and the backstabbing shit about KL was started and lead by YOU, Meg. It ALL points to YOU. WTF is wrong with you bitches? Keri-Lynn never said or did anything to any of you. Yes, Meg, I’m addressing YOU here because I know you or one of your bird-dawgs will be reading this, shortly.

    As for Victor, he was hand-selected by Meg. Shortly after JGW and KL met up again in the Fall/2011, Meg became insanely jealous of JGWs and KLs instant friendship to one-another, enough that Meg felt threatened by this. So, Meg and a fashion designer friend went to work. This friend, as per Meg’s suggestion, contacted a friend of JGWs. You may have heard of him. His name is Justin. Some of Justin’s friends in and near Atlanta went to the same college as Victor and they stayed in touch. Meg’s contact info was given to Victor and voila instant reconnect with someone Johnny only knew from before in casual passing. Meg had to accomplish this before a celebration in late Sept. so that she would have a platform thru which to physically reunite these two “long lost lovers”. If Victor truly meant anything to Johnny, why haven’t we heard of this Victor before? Hello, VERY AMATEUR PUBLIC RELATIONS SPIN tactic.

    The DUIs against Victor are true. The ethics violations are true. All other issues being discovered about Victor were bound to surface anyway and are probably true, too. This is what happens when YOU, MEG, FAIL to do your HOMEWORK. Meg, you know nothing when it comes to the ART of the SPIN. Go back to school.

  • Gail

    I’d go so far as to say that you, Meg, probably know more about the art of SIT AND SPIN than you do about actual SPIN.

  • Whatever Lola Wants

    Of course, if I were Johnny I guess I’d play along, too; all contracts aside. It must really hurt him to his core to know that at a crucial moment when he asked Keri-Lynn to meet with him at his apartment after an event back in 5/2010, Keri-Lynn politely and gently replied, “Not right now. (hugs) Next time?” or something like that. From what I’ve heard, her demeanor was more like “this is too rash, too sudden”. Any idiot can figure out what would happen next if they did meet like that. Yes, if I wanted to hurt Keri-Lynn really-really badly for telling me “No” when I obvsly wanted something, I would welcome anyone, be it Meg, Victor and especially back-stabbing, conniving bitches to do my dirty work for me (hello, misfitz blogger and others). If this game keeps up, in the end, it is Johnny Weir who will end up with a broken heart.

    To anyone out there: If you want to test my theory and see Johnny Weir sweat and squirm in his tight-tights or short-shorts, come together RIGHT NOW over Keri-Lynn and blast her over-night to the top of the charts, all over the radio and TV shows, anywhere and everywhere, and we’ll just see what happens next.

  • Whatever Lola Wants


  • Gaga

    I think @SlipperySwanson is some gay fun-guy named Alex Cohen (Andy???), aka Petey. (does Andy have a SON???) Johnny’s friend? The man has some serious problems, ISSUES. He/she/it is notorious for spreading shit about Keri-Lynn all over the internet and such. They have databases for checking, ya know. It’s all bullshit and applesauce.

    Guess someone enjoys stepping into their own pile.

  • lalala

    “Her name has been confirmed to be Keri-Lynn Jones.”

    Nothing has been confirmed, Dani. It’s all been ALLEGED by Johnny’s jealous, unintelligent, unimaginative, crazed and pychotic fans like YOU. Your latest attempt to pit Johnny Weir against Keri-Lynn and try to make Johnny and Keri-Lynn fight and hate each other has FAILED. You or Beth or AB (etc) posed on Twitter as @Abishaham, who called Johnny a Queen among other slurs and then you DMed misfit (Lynn V.) with a LIE that you guys knew it was Keri-Lynn. You KNEW misfit would DM Johnny with your false info and cause a fight to break out. You’re nothing but a bunch of hateful, fked up liars.

    It just so happens Johnny deleted the horrible and undeserved tweet he made to Keri-Lynn and she has graciously accepted his apology. I’m sure she will delete hers that she made to him, so there. It’s getting you nowhere to try and make Keri-Lynn and Johnny Weir hate each other so just stop it already.

  • AuroraBorealisLtd

    lalala, Recently, as of November 5, 2012, either Victor with the use of Johnny G. Weir’s phone during practice or one of Johnny’s crazed fans (could have been Meg, Lynn, AB, Dani, Jackie or anyone with Johnny’s password or his phone) tried once again to pit Johnny G. Weir against @TheKeriLynn. The words used to describe Keri-Lynn were slanderous and defamatory and revealed a mind that is sick and psychotic. The remarks sounded very much like the psychotic rantings of Keri-Lynn’s nemesis, @SlipperySwanson. Thankfully, we tweeted this to Tara Modlin-King and Johnny’s mom, and soon the remarks were removed. Soon thereafter, Patti and Aunt Diane arrived in Moscow to be with Johnny, at Johnny’s request. We doubt it was to Victor’s liking. Apparently and allegedly, there was a brief discussion in the lobby of the hotel and certain arrangements were made between them.

    You should know that Victor was promoted in the public eye as though he was a lawyer but it has now been discovered that the publicity created by Ms. Carlozzi at the time was based on lies and fraud. Victor doesn’t have a license in GA, NJ or in NY; although at one time he did in NY but the license was dropped due to an ethics violation. Now, Jackie wants our client to call her and discuss something. We have a feeling she may be doing this on behalf of Victor in order to save him or something.

    They’re beyond sick and are so very hateful. There’s no doubt in our mind that Victor, Meg and some fans will continue to grab Johnny’s phone or hacking into his phone and/or Twitter account to post or tweet things that are not of Johnny G. Weir’s thought process in order to hurt Keri-Lynn and/or FORCE Keri-Lynn and Johnny G. Weir to hate each other in real life.

  • AuroraBorealisLtd

    Tanrioldu, contact us at [email protected] immediately, at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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