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‘Joker,’ ‘Judy,’ ‘Parasite’ and ‘Popes:’ Queerty predicts the Oscars!

Awards season builds to a climax this Sunday with the 92nd Annual Academy Awards broadcast on ABC. This year, as with so many others, has seen its share of controversies over inclusion, sexism, politics, and whatnot. On the other hand, we didn’t have to sit through anything as obnoxious as last year’s Kevin Hart debacle (who has evolved and apologized, incidentally. Good for him).

So, if you’re thinking of going in on that office Oscar pool or throwing down at a viewing party, we’re here to offer our insights into this year’s awards. For the record, we correctly predicted an upset win in the Best Picture category last year…so, there’s that.

Take heed, say a prayer and pony up. Have a look at our predictions before cracking open the bubbly!

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Best Supporting Actress

  • Kathy Bates, Richard Jewell
  • Laura Dern, Marriage Story
  • Scarlett Johansson, Jojo Rabbit
  • Florence Pugh, Little Women
  • Margot Robbie, Bombshell

Pugh’s inclusion here marks her as an up and coming actress to watch. Johansson’s nod is a win unto itself, as she becomes one of a handful of actors twice nominated in the same year. The crowded category of Best Actress might signal to voters to reward her in this category, though don’t bet on it. Robbie and Bates both deliver fine work, but Richard Jewell faced controversy over its political leanings, and was otherwise ignored by the Academy. Bombshell fared better, but Hollywood views Robbie as at the start of a long career; in other words, she’ll get rewarded later. That leaves Dern, one of Hollywood’s most dependable actresses, who sits on the apex of a career Renaissance. She’s given awesome performances in Wild, Twin Peaks, The Last Jedi and two this year in Little Women and Marriage Story. Bet on her.

Should Win: Laura Dern

Will Win: Laura Dern

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