Jon Hamm, Ansel Elgort & This Week’s Biggest Celebrity Show-Offs

A little skin never hurt anyone…


– The Hammaconda is on the loose again! The owner of Hollywood’s most beloved bulge takes his pants off for the September issue of British GQ.

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– How did the Internet miss this? Justin Bieber apparently flashed some pubes while in Cannes in June.


– Ryan Guzman, the actor playing Rio in the Jem and the Holograms live-action reboot, removes his shirt for Da Man magazine.


– The men of Broadway’s Rocky strip down and spar for Out. (Pictured: Okieriete Onaodowan and Adrian Aguilar.)

– Supertwink actor Ansel Elgort accepts the “ice bucket challenge.”


– Native American actor Blair Redford shows a ton of ass on USA Network’s Satisfaction.


– Idris Elba sent the Internet into panic mode this week with the faint outline of a massive bulge. Spoiler alert: it’s a “mic wire.”

– Boxing champion Cyril Benzaquen takes his clothes off for Pablo-chester.


True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten adjusts himself at the beach. Watch his steamy gay sex scene with Alexander Skarsgard here.


– Big Brother‘s Hayden Voss managed to show peen before his sudden departure from the house this week. Check out the best of Big Brother 16‘s homoerotica here.

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  • Caine

    Ryan Guzman looks a lot like Ryan Seacrest – in fact, I thought it was Seacrest all buffed up.

  • Tackle

    Justin Bieber is so unsexy.
    And that is not a faint outline on Idris Elba. That is a MASSIVE outline.
    And if that’s real, he puts Jon Hamm to shame…

  • Ihadtosayit

    If that is ALL Idris that is a lethal WEAPON…he needs to register that as a Weapon of Ass Destruction

  • crowebobby

    Sorry, girls, but the Biebs, within his type and disregarding his douchiness,is an absolute 10-plus. Face-wise he’s better looking than the adorable Daley. Switch their personalities and you would all switch your appraisals of their hotness. Of course if you’re into Tom Selleck and Denzel Washington, you’re not going to find Bieber sexy, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t.

  • Ron Jackson

    Bieber would be a real babe if it wasn’t for all those tats.

  • Saint Law

    In your local park their are ants and, indeed, a variety of insects: bole-weevils, termites, earwigs…of whose existence you are more aware than the stars you futilely drool over are of yours.


  • semtex

    Everyone’s opinion of the Beebs will change when our bareback porn comes out, just waiting until I really need the cake.

  • Cagnazzo82

    Justin Bieber couldn’t be any less attractive for me.

    Every site he’s on I always scroll quickly past his pics.

    There is nothing about that creature that I can ever find remotely appealing.

  • Cobalt Blue

    @Cagnazzo82: Yes, I agree.

  • ingyaom

    Wow, did we just see actual butts on QUEERTY?

  • Bopper1

    …Bieber is handsome and in good shape no matter what you think of his act or his behaviour, he’s “movie star” good looking …he becomes more physically attractive as he ages, more mature, less of a kid…if he can hold it together personally and professionally, he might amount to something…but for most of us our opinions have been formed by his “spoiled rich kid” behaviour…only time will tell…

  • Ridpathos

    @Bopper1: Bieber is only attractive if you’re a 12 year old girl with no hope of a love life for the next 20 years. Are you a 12 year old little girl?

  • Xzamilio

    @Ron Jackson: Yeah.. the tats… personality… the lack of any humility… the arrogance… the bad friends… the immaturity… but yeah, he’s sexy if you’re into that “To Catch a Predator” type of thing

  • blondeboyz

    How did we miss Justin Bieber? Because nobody cares about the little twat! He’s a train wreck waiting to happen.

  • SportGuy

    Biebs is a douche bag who only appeals to 14 year old girls/gay boys, or members of nambla.

  • NoCagada

    @SportGuy: And, what? You’re an expert on NAMBLA?

  • Horse Lips

    No more Bieber please.

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