WATCH: Jon Hamm Hints That Mad Men‘s Gay Sal Might Be Coming Back

Mad Men fans got their fix on Sunday when the hit show returned for its fifth season. Actress/activist Marlo Thomas had MM hunk Jon Hamm on her web series and read a viewer email asking if Sal Romano or any other gay characters were going to pop up in the new season. Sal (played by out actor Bryan Batt), a closeted art director,  was fired along with other staffers when Sterling Cooper changed directions last season.

Said Hamm:

“Sal’s not dead, and midtown Manhattan is a fairly small place,” said Hamm. “So if I was a bettin’ man, I would say we probably run into Sal again at one point… Even when people get fired they still show up, at another agency, at a business dinner, at whatever it is. You’re going to run into people you work with. You’re going to run into people you’ve fired.”

At least that’s what we think he said. We were distracted by Hamm’s staggering good looks and devilish charm.