Jon Hamm Knows The Gays Well

Handsome Mad Men actor Jon Hamm recently sat down with The Advocate‘s Brandon Voss for a little homo heart-to-heart.

In addition to discussing the requisite “man crushes” – MM writer Matt Weiner and costar John Slattery – Hamm talks advertising, his fictional character Don’s forte:

BV: How would you create a Mad Men ad campaign geared specifically to the gay community?

JH: Well, it’s a very high-drama show, and it’s very stylish. Three things that the gay community responds to are attitude, sexiness, and style. We’re a prime property for a big gay following–I love it.

BV: We’re an easy sell, Jon — just show us some skin.

JH: [Laughs] I don’t know about that. I don’t know if you want me anywhere near any kind of skin thing — that’s a nightmare.

Mr. Hamm, we respectfully disagree…