Jon Stewart Destroys Mike Huckabee’s Tired “Traditional Marriage” Argument

o-DAILY-SHOW-HUCKABEE-facebookAccording to Mike Huckabee, expecting a good Bible-toting Christian like himself to ever evolve on the issue of same sex marriage is like “asking a Jewish person to start serving bacon-wrapped shrimp in their deli.”

“Not all Jews own a deli,” informs Daily Show host Jon Stewart. “Some of us — and I say this with respect — some of us are lawyers who represent deli owners.”

But zings aside, Stewart sheds some rational light on Huckabee’s argument.

“But more importantly,” he continues, “that analogy makes no sense. No one’s forcing you to get metaphorically married to the Biblical abomination that is this bacon-wrapped shrimp. People are just wanting to be allowed to eat/marry it themselves.

“But I hear your dog whistle. This is about that fundamentalist fear that if gay marriage becomes the law of the land, Christian businesses will have to cater gay weddings, or tailor their slim-fitted gay suits. And maybe they would, but why does this concern for religious small businesses only come up around gay people? When straight people get married, doesn’t the Bible say they’re supposed to be virgins? Or at least the woman is; thank you Bible.

“I’m pretty sure Christian business owners, when the happy couple come to order their cake, doesn’t go ‘Well I’d love to bake your cake, but first, a hymen test.”

Watch the full segment here, which gets going at around the 2:30 mark:

h/t HuffPost

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