Jon Stewart Obliterates Antigay Supreme Court Arguments As Only Jon Stewart Can

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 8.50.10 AMJon Stewart gets it right when he rounds up the Supreme Court arguments against gay marriage in a segment titled “You got nothin’.”

“They tried everything, starting with the good old classic slippery slope…When women fought for suffrage, nobody was like, ‘Well, what if one day a dog wants to vote? How ’bout that ladies?'”

Then he moves on to Justice Roberts’ comments that “closing the debate” by favoring same-sex marriage rights would also “close minds” — that people are more likely to change their views on something if they have the chance to vote than if it’s imposed on them by the courts.

Stewart pulls up a photo of a man with a “God hates fags” sign, reasoning, “If you don’t impose gay marriage, folks like this will be more openminded to evolving their position.” With that, the sign switches to “Fags are okay.”

Watch below and see Jon’s prediction for June:

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