Jon Stewart Wins The Gay Marriage Argument

Last night, Comedy Central’s gay/straight content ratio surpassed even the theoretical gay/straight ratio of the human population, as it was a central subject on The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, plus there was a bonus interview with former Secretary of Education and well-known religious hate-monger William Bennett.


Jon Stewart thoroughly eviscerates Mr.Bennett in less then seven minutes, embarassing him and even getting him to admit that gay marriage is an inevitability. So that means that time is running short for Mr. Bennett’s new book, entitled Marriage Is Only For Straights: Just Because, and he must sell as many copies as possible before his book is rendered irrelevant. We recommend he choose his television appearances more wisely in the future.

Check out videos of all three segments over at the Malcontent.

A Stewart and Colbert MPA Tag-Team [The Malcontent]