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Jonathan Escobar Won’t Be Wearing Wigs Again in Atlanta. But He Will on Tyra!


Jonathan Escobar, who withdrew from an Atlanta high school after being told by administrators he needed to come to school not wearing women’s clothing, is returning to Miami to graduate and plans to enter beauty school. Sure, the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition was willing to go to bat for him, but then Jonathan began uploading videos to YouTube, and the Internet commenters began calling him a fakeseeking whore! Snap!

So while Jonathan is heading back to live with his parents in Miami, the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition will still meet with school administrators. But even they were anxious after the YouTube clips. SoVo:

Escobar faced negative reactions from commentators at the Marietta Daily Journal, Neal Boortz and other sources who called Escobar’s actions fame seeking. Escobar also posted a YouTube video where he made sexual comments about another student. The YouTube video has since been deleted.

“I think if we would have gone in there and made it all about Jonathan and then there was this YouTube video of him, then that would have made things more difficult,” [Georgia Safe Schools Coalition’s Maru Gonzalez] said today.

Escobar posted several videos on YouTube, including one posted on Oct. 18, where Escobar says he “doesn’t have a contract with Disney” and therefore doesn’t have always be polite. At one point Escobar appears to receive a text message and tells the camera, “That was your boyfriend, he said he wants to suck my asshole,” and, “Hopefully you aren’t so stupid as most of you appear to be.”

Escobar said on the YouTube video most of his behavior was sarcastic, and that it shouldn’t be taken seriously because he is a sweet person. He also posted videos about his trip to New York to appear on “The Tyra Banks Show.” That segment has not yet been promoted on the show’s website.

Now let’s be sure: Nobody goes on Tyra to get famous. They go so Tyra will give ’em a hug and make them feel good about themselves!