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Jonathan Escobar’s Pink Wig + Makeup Are Too Much For High School, Eh?

If we didn’t know any better, we could have mistaken 16-year-old high school student Jonathan Escobar for one of those 90210 chicks. But Jonathan is a boy. And like any young man who chooses to wear women’s clothing, he’s facing some not so nice treatment at school. From its administrators.

Just three days into the school year, Escobar says an assistant principal at North Cobb High School (outside Atlanta) told him he had to wear more masculine clothing, or possibly have to be home schooled. This, despite administrators telling Escobar before he enrolled that there would be no problem with his wardrobe. (Escobar moved to live with his sister after his parents in Florida disapproved of his dress.)

And what was he wearing to school that was so atrocious? Things like pink wigs and makeup — but never dresses or even heels! AJC:

You can’t wear clothing that causes a disruption,” said Jay Dillon, spokesman for Cobb County schools.

Dillon said he believed Escobar arrived at school in a dress and heels. But Escobar said he never wore a dress. He says he opted for “skinny” jeans all three days with flats.

The district lists the dress code on its homepage. The rule states that students should “refrain from any mode of dress which proves to contribute to any disruption of school functions.”

School administrators and teachers are the final judge of the appropriateness of clothing, according to the rule.

But then the school forgot about the power of Facebook. And how these stories tend to attract a ridiculous amount of media attention.

Jonathan Escobar says he wasn’t a disruption in the classroom, but he attracted attention in the lunchroom. “Everybody was surrounding me,” he said.

On his second day of school, Escobar says he was pulled out of class to speak with a police officer who told him he was concerned about the student’s safety.

“They should’ve told the students to back off,” Escobar said. “They should have never given me the option of homeschooling or changing who I am.”

In his short time at the Kennesaw school, Escobar apparently made quick friends. By Tuesday evening, nearly 900 supporters had joined a Facebook group called “Support Jonathan.” Many were planning to purchase a bright pink T-shirt with the same phrase.

And Jonathan? You look great. Wear whatever you want, though we are concerned about those stiletto platforms you’ve got on. Thems can be dangerous.