Jonathan Groff, Andrew Rannells Star In Musical Addressing Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Because an actual musical about Grindr and murder wasn’t enough this week, a handful of big Broadway stars have lent their talent to a “fake” musical about the fictional stars of Russian Broadway and how they’re dealing with with layoffs.

The stars of the short YouTube musical, which include Andrew Rannells, Jonathan Groff, Jeremy Jordan, Stephanie J. Block and Michael Urie, are losing their jobs after “The Great Red Way” has been shut down for “promoting homosexual propaganda.” Penned by budding composer Jason Michael Snow, the surprisingly refreshing tunes stand in protest to Russia’s anti-gay legislation while the overwhelmingly talented cast satirize a handful of high-profile events that have caught global headlines ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Why? Because “musicals have the power to change hearts and minds,” says Dan Savage, who makes a short cameo via phone. Great point, Dan. For once.