Jonathan Groff Is Happy You’re Talking About “Looking,” Even If Some Of You Think It’s “Boring”

LookingBrosWhen we were making it we just focused on story and character, never really thought about what we were representing and if we were representing the gay community or anything. But now that it’s come out and people are seeing it and reviewing it and starting to have opinions about it, it’s sort of become this conversation piece, which at the end of the day is, for us working on the show, really exciting, that people are engaging with it, whether they like it or not. I think for me, personally, I believe in this more than anything I’ve worked on. So to hear people saying negative things about it, it’s a little hard because it feels like your baby is out there in the world. But I sort of have to put those feelings aside and enjoy the fact that it is a conversation, and it is engaging people and making people talk.”

Jonathan Groff addressing how the HBO series has polarized some gay viewers, during an interview with Huffington Post