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Jonathan Groff Serves Up Leather Daddy Realness On The Set Of Looking


As the men HBO’s gay-centric show, Looking, film around San Francisco, more and more pictures keep popping up on social media. The crew recently filmed during the Folsom Street Fair, which may have prompted Jonathan Groff‘s character to serve up some leather daddy realness.

The staff behind the show are definitely the best people to follow for continued updates. Reed Morano, the show’s director of cinematography, tweeted the above photo as well as a tease of episode three.

Meanwhile, the show’s creator Michael Lannan has been tweeting and Instagraming a number of behind the scenes looks at the making of the show. And the fun they’ve been having on set.

While there’s still no premiere date set, the 8-episode series will air sometime in 2014.

[H/T Keithers, Broadway World]

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  • QJ201

    leather daddy realness?

    Leather: Amateur hour, aka, annual folsom
    Daddy: No
    Realness: hold on, still laughing

  • DarkZephyr

    @QJ201: You use your mouth to laugh, not your typing fingers.

  • startenout

    @QJ201: judgemental humorless queen realness? Check haha

  • MikeE

    @QJ201: I thought your comment was funny. Nothing “real” nor “daddy” about a twink in a leather vest.

  • Spike

    @MikeE: Welcome to Queerty, a twink in a leather vest is Queerty’s idea of a leather daddy.

  • Cam

    I wasn’t aware that a “Leather Daddy” had a waxed chest, plucked eyebrows and artfully gelled hair.

    Seems a bit like a twink dressing up as “Leather Guy” for Halloween.

  • timelord89

    … Crap I knew he looked familiar… Crap I walked through a ton of their shots topless, because they were near by Wicked Grounds. If my cousins catch me in the freaking background of that show. Fuckity fuck fuck. I thought it was a porno, at least with pornos it is a whole “well hahaha you can’t say shit because that means you are going to have to admit to watching kink.com” which no one out of my cousins wants to cough up to. But this is just some random show on HBO. Hahaha well what can I do, I will just go with the whole “um that could be any Filipino dyke, because that shit happens. You should see what happens at Pride, people confuse me for like 30 different people it happens, that could be anyone. Plus um you know Folsom is on Sunday right? I work at Church on Sundays…”

    But really leather daddy? Also who else feels like Folsom is just getting tamer and tamer with each passing year. Also What the Fuck was with all the teenagers and parents with kids?

  • royster

    it’s a headline, not a political statement. Calm down, Heather.

  • Niall

    “Serving leather daddy realness”, who typed this? One of those annoying gay people on the internet who try to sound like a sassy black woman?

  • royster

    as opposed to sounding like a disdainful bitter bitch?

  • Aaron

    Profitable: young, average to athletic build, middle to upper-middle class, masculine, attractive, skilled

    Non-Profitable: over 40, overweight, underweight, working class, feminine, non-white, unattractive, unskilled

  • Dixie Rect

    Leather Daddy? LOL, can’t stop laughing. No realness there, at all. Doesn’t Queerty realize that gay people know what a leather daddy is? Obviously, Queerty does not.

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