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Jonathan Ross Once Told a Terrible Joke About Gay Kids. Turns Out, He Has One

Who doesn’t love a father who comes out for them? Jonathan Ross, the British television host married to screenwriter Jane Goldman, yesterday revealed in a radio interview that his eldest daughter Betty Kitten is a lesbian. But, LOL, remember guyz back in May 2009 when he joked on his BBC radio show, when discussing a prize contest, that “if your son asks for a Hannah Montana MP3 player, you might want to already think about putting him down for adoption before he brings his… erm… partner home.” GET IT? Because only faggy boys would like Hannah Montana, and those faggy kids should be put up for adoption? Sixty-one complaints to Ofcom and one Twitter apology later, Ross had moved on. Now you can too!

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  • gregger

    It just goes to show that what you are afraid of usually comes home to roost.

  • David

    His joke was just a bad attempt at humor, something he rarely does well.

  • Carl

    Fact Fail, queerty – Ross hasn’t outed his daughter, her sexuality has been common knowledge for a while: she tweets about it on a regular basis. All he did was mention it in part of a conversation on Gaydar Radio where he was a guest – seems a pretty appropriate topic, given the venue, don’t you think? lol

  • Ruinc

    @Carl: I think, Carl, that the newspapers today generally ran with the story as ROSS OUTS DAUGHTER so maybe you should cut Queerty some slack.

  • David

    Yeah, maybe.

    But his daughter is already out. So he didn’t out her.

    The press are sensationalising a non-story.

  • Carl

    @Ruinc: Just because other have done it too doesn’t make it right.

    He didn’t out her, she is already out. All he did was answer a question put to him honestly (“what would you do if your daughter brought a girl home?” was the question). Also, it’s worth noting that he didn’t trot her sexuality out when he was in the middle of the s**t storm over that bad taste joke. All the guy did was answer a question honestly – if his daughter wasn’t out, he would have just said “a family member”.

    Personally, I’m kind of tired of all these attacks on the guy – no matter what he does, someone attacks him. Had he not answered the question – or done so with the “family member” approach – and it later came out he would have been accused of homophobia. There are worse people on TV – Alan Carr for one, who is the worse thing for gay men since chemical castration.

  • Jeffree

    Betty Kitten? What kind of name is THAT? Regardless, Jonathan Ross has apparently not put his daughter Kitty Bitten “down for adoption.” That’s progress, no?

  • Hans

    God, this blog makes gay people look like the most thin skinned idiots. People make jokes, they aren’t all literally saying what’s on their mind, they’re making an observation about what they see as absurd. Ya’ll are humorless idiots.

  • Becky911

    this blog is an embarassment to straight lurkers and potential sympathizers. you guys are worse than al sharpton./

    gays can fight their own battles with fists or a thick skin

  • ithinktoomuch

    This San Francisco fag thinks Jonathan Ross is hilarious. Also, I do not think he is or ever has been a homophobe. In fact, I distinctly remember many times on his show when he’s commented on a male guest’s attractiveness in a way that comedically winked that maybe he wasn’t all-the-way straight. I neither know nor care whether he’s got a bi bone in his body. I just know that he includes “the gay” in his comedy all the time, and it’s almost always been just fine. Like a lot of successful comedians and talk show hosts, Ross has an exquisite sense of the appropriate, for any given situation.

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