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Jonathan Van Ness reveals more about whirlwind romance that led to marriage

Jonathan Van Ness and husband Mark Peacock in Amsterdam
(Photo: @jvn/Instagram)

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has revealed more about meeting their new husband and the romance that led to their marriage.

Last week, Van Ness – who is non-binary and uses they/he/she pronouns – revealed via social media they married in a quiet, private ceremony during summer 2020. Their husband is a British man, Mark Peacock. Until that posting, Van Ness had kept publicly quiet about the relationship.

On social media, Peacock has also posted numerous photos with Van Ness.

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On the weekend, Van Ness, 33, said they’d met Peacock during a comedy tour to London. Given that Van Ness was in London in October 2019 as part of their ‘Road to Beijing’ tour, and the two started commenting on each other’s Instagram posts around this time, it’s likely this was when the two met.

(Photo: @jvn/Instagram)

Peacock also posted a photo of himself to Instagram during a “spontaneous trip to Amsterdam” on November, 9, 2019 ,which he said had taken place two weeks previously.

“We went on a date in London, which turned into more dates whilst I was on comedy tour,” says Van Ness. “At the end of that time I was taking my mom, aunt & friends on a mini break to Amsterdam. I wanted @marklondon to come with but, was it a bit intense to ask Mark to come after a couple weeks worth’s of dates to come meet my mom & and friends on a mini break?

“Maybe so,” continues Van Ness. “But something about Mark felt different and I’m quite sure he felt the same 🥰”

Van Ness went on to post photos of some of their “favorite moments together,” before adding, “here’s to making many more 🏳️‍🌈 Thanks so much for your support and love for us!! Love y’all!!”


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A month ago, Van Ness told Self magazine why they didn’t talk much about their private life.

“It’s not that I will always be private about my relationships, but I just think that I need more time to kind of learn to date and be in a relationship as this public figure,” they said. “Dating’s hard enough not as a public figure, and then when you add this into it, it’s like, well, f–k me. It is a whole pile of complicated.”

(Photo: @jvn/Instagram)