Joseph Rocha: Being Gay In They Navy Was Fine, Except For The Not Being Able To Say ‘I’m Gay’ Part

Joseph Rocha, the gay discharged Navy vet abused by his superiors (and forced to simulate oral sex) in Bahrain, is among the discharged vets who tried re-enlisting following Judge Virginia Phillips’ DADT ruling — but thanks to his use of anti-depressants (following his torment), and the Ninth Circuit issuing a temporary injunction of Phillips’ ruling, he won’t be suiting up anytime soon.

Says Rocha of his service under DADT: “I had no problems getting along with anyone … it was only when I was backed into a corner into these questions of, ‘Are you gay because of this? Are you gay because you don’t do that?,’ and the inability of saying yes I am, leave me alone.”