Joseph Rocha’s Abusive Navy Boss Michael Toussaint Expected To Walk Away With Full Taxpayer-Funded Pension


Michael Toussaint, the disgraced Navy senior chief petty officer allegedly responsible (although he says otherwise) for leading a canine unit in Bahrain that involved the degradation of sailors, including the anti-gay abuse of Joseph Rocha, just might glide into retirement with a full pension.

His retirement board hearing somehow went swimmingly, with all three review members recommending he enjoy a full pension despite testimony from four sailors saying Toussaint’s was an abusive prick. (Toussaint’s attorneys claimed Rocha overstated his abuse to get media attention for his quest to repeal DADT.) Says Lt. Cmdr. Angel Bellido, who was among the three board members recommending full benefits, says, “Senior Chief Toussaint has served honorably and was made the ‘scape goat’ in this case, for the benefit of one disgruntled sailor.”

If the assistant secretary of the Navy, Juan Garcia, approves the recommendation — and it’d be a surprise if he didn’t — Toussaint is in the clear. An unjust ending for a guy who even the Navy admits was a d-bag, and who Navy Secretary Ray Mabus censured and forced into retirement.