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Josh Hawley whines to Tulsi Gabbard about last week’s midterms and we’re all a little dumber now

It’s been a crappy seven days for the Republican party after last Tuesday’s midterm elections didn’t produce the “red wave” they were hoping for and, in fact, saw Democrats keep the Senate and win several competitive races for governor, as well as flip numerous state legislatures.

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Fresh of the Republicans’ deeply disappointing week, toxic male Josh Hawley appeared on Fox News yesterday to call for new leadership in the party he’s helped to destroy ever since cheering on the January 6 insurrectionists and then fleeing down the hall.

Speaking to gay-hating ex-Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, Hawley took a swipe at Mitch McConnell when he said the GOP needs “good, strong, independent” leadership that “actually listens to voters and doesn’t just listen to the Washington lobbyists.”

Hawley, who himself has accepted tons of money from lobbyists over the years, went on to call for more cops–100,000, to be exact–on the streets and better border security before blowing the old familiar homophobic “stop the indoctrination of our children” dog whistle.

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“That has got to come to an end,” he concluded. “Republicans have got to be the party of working people and working class culture. That’s what we’re fighting for.”

The pro-Trump, anti-LGBTQ lawmaker posted a clip from the interview to his Twitter page last night, along with the caption: “Time to rebuild the Republican Party – we need a party more focused on working people than Wall Street, more focused on our culture than foreign wars.”

Clearly Hawley has learned absolutely nothing from last week or he wouldn’t continue using the same divisive rhetoric that cost his party so many elections.

We’re talking mainly about the “stop the indoctrination of our children” line, which has been a GOP talking point for the past year and, clearly, didn’t land with voters, who just elected more LGBTQ people than ever before.

NPR reports:

The 2022 midterm election made history with the most wins for openly LGBTQ candidates. At least 340 candidates have won their races, beating the prior record of 336 in 2020. This year also saw 678 out LGBTQ candidates – the most ever – on the general election ballot.

Since the organization Victory Fund began in 1991, it has supported LGBTQ candidates running for office – from helping train people how to campaign and what to do after winning, to offering a network of fellow LGBTQ elected representatives to learn from.

This election, the fund endorsed more than 500 candidates, Victory’s Vice President of Political Programs Sean Meloy told NPR. The most it had endorsed previously was around 300.

Here’s how folx are responding to Hawley’s comments on Fox News yesterday..

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