Josh Hutcherson Is Straight But Says He Can See Himself Dating A Guy In The Future

josh-hutcherson-hairstyleMaybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight. But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, I’m attracted to this person. I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, Damn, that’s a good-looking guy, you know? I’ve never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.”


— Hunger Games: Catching Fire star and Straight But Not Narrow founder Josh Hutcherson in an interview with Out magazine

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  • tardis

    All gay things aside, he’s totally right. The 100% straight/gay person is a minority. I think the entire notion of labels confuse the individual. In terms of categorizing, perhaps they do help us understand, but people are pretty much people and sexual preferences do fluctuate over time.

  • DarkZephyr

    I am in the minority of 100% gay guys, but I don’t deny that there are those with sexuality a lot more fluid than my own. I think when I was in my teens my own was a bit more fluid than it is these days. But now I am 100 gay and loving it.

  • Cam

    This seems like the Typical B.S. that were always said in interviews in OUT Magazine.

    The actor is very very certain to say something like “Well I never have….” or “I feel that I am 100% straight but who knows….”

    I mean he seems like his heart is in the right place, but if he is that age and never been sexually attracted to a guy…guess what, you’re either lying, or it’s never going to happen.

    Realizing a guy is handsome doesn’t make you gay otherwise every single man out there who wished they looked like Brat Pitt, Denzel Washington or Ben Cohen would be gay.

  • J.c.

    @tardis: Well said, kudos! That’s so true. It’s great that the world is finally understanding what the Kinsey Report tried to make society realize 50 years ago. With the new acceptance of sexual/emotional variation someday people might just allow their emotions to become their own natural varied inclinations naturally rather than forcing them into a specific sexual preferrence as with what Josh is saying in this comment.

  • MikeE

    It’s weird because, over the last 35 years that I have been out of the closet and in the LGBT community, I’ve met (I don’t mean to sleep with, but met to talk, to become friends, to socialize) almost only men who have always identified as 100% gay. Never an ounce of attraction to the opposite sex. Even those who DID have sex with women because they had been closeted and married said they were never attracted to their wives and had to think about guys to get off.

    I lived in a relatively large city (3.5 million people), so it wasn’t a small sample pool, and I’ve always been rather gregarious and surrounded with many friends.

    That’s my experience. I guess mileage may vary for other users.

    Count me as one of those who doubt this whole “fluid sexuality” thing, for the simple reason that I’ve never come across anyone in my entire life who has lived it.

  • Cam


    Well the old saying of “There are tons of 31 year old bisexual men but almost no 41 year old bisexual men would seem to apply there. lol

    And again, even the people I know who DO identify as bisexual always knew it. They didn’t say stupid things like “I’m 100% straight, but maybe one day”…..

  • Leonardo

    He’s a graduate of the “James Franco School of keep them hoping & they will watch any & everything you ever do, no matter how horrible it is”. Hey Kid!! It’s ok to say you are straight. You will still have Gay fans. We are not all so needy & shallow that we need to think we stand a chance in order to pay to see your crappy sequels.

  • Pistolo

    Sounds like another straight person capitalizing on the luxury of being able to tout unsubstantiated sexual ambiguity for intrigue, mystique, and a perceived “open-mindedness”. It’s like that Zoe Saldana chick who, in between very public romances with men, said if she “wakes up tomorrow and wants to be with a woman” she would do it. Some of us wake up *everyday* and aren’t straight and *every year* we are gay. It’s not something you can become, it’s something you already are and come to terms with.

    That’s why I can’t stand the kinsey scale garbage. First of all, the data was nowhere near the level of accuracy we demand in scientific studies these days (the test was conducted in the 40’s) but also, it puts soooo much emphasis on homosexual thoughts or vague attractions that are extremely fleeting and indicative of almost nothing. Let me tell you, if you’re between straight and bi or gay and bi then you’re either gay, straight, or bi. It’s not a terrible, close-minded thing to subscribe to “labels” and words over degrees on a scale that are equally qualifying and limited but also far less defined and articulated.

    Basically, if he’s thinking like that he’s probably just straight. And straight is fine by me. I won’t think you’re homophobic or close-minded if you’re straight.

  • mydude

    Cheese and crackers, you guys are so cynical.

  • Doquinn76

    @DarkZephyr: agreed with you. If he wasn’t short and young I’d be all over him LOL

  • BJ McFrisky

    I believe this is what they call Damage Control, as it becomes more apparent that the individual “star” in question is subtly telling us to prepare for the Big Announcement.

  • litper

    What a bunch of self-hating queens! None of you obviously had sex with a “straight” guy.

  • BJ McFrisky

    Doquinn76, your comment is totally heightist. You should be ashamed of your attack on short-of-stature brothers-in-arms. Are taller people somehow more valuable than the shorter ones? I find that a bit offensive.

  • OutnProud

    Hutcherson sounds similar to my 2 brothers. Both of them are straight but comfortable with themselves in the fact that if they see a good looking guy they’ll say “he’s great looking.” They’ve both got no problem with LGBTQ people at all

    That said, I’d consider dating Hutcherson in a heartbeat

  • robho3

    And this is news why?

  • Derek Williams

    Sounds like another well adjusted straight guy to me. Look at James Franco.

  • jsarrowood

    I find it most disturbing how cynical many folks are in the comment section of this. Can’t we say accept the fact he is cute and accepting without ascribing some bad motive?


    I’m from the Cincinnati area, not far from where Josh was born and spent his early years. It’s easy to see why we’re so very proud of our Hometown Boy. And on top of all that understanding, maturity and very real acting chops, he’s just Soooo Darn Cute. Way To Go, Josh! I’d like to take you to a Reds game and have a few beers when you get back this way… ;)

  • John Doe

    @jsarrowood: “I find it most disturbing how cynical many folks are in the comment section of this. Can’t we say accept the fact he is cute and accepting without ascribing some bad motive?”

    The level of cynicism I see from many comments posted on this website is often quite disturbing to me…. but not very surprising anymore. Many people preach “tolerance” and yet they are the least tolerant (and most judgmental) of all. Apparently they believe that only OTHERS can be prejudiced on a particular topic (or towards a group of people)…. but not themselves.

    In regards to Hutcherson, I’m not sure why anyone would criticize him for his comment. In context (of his life), he is one of the most vocal straight actors when it comes to equality, etc. His statement only furthers my respect for him. At a minimum it shows that he demonstrates little (or no) prejudice against being gay or men liking men.

  • startenout

    I’m proud of him to see that. I know I didn’t when I was just a little older than he is. I had been certain in my homosexuality since I was 13, and openly “100%” out at 21. Then I met a girl doing summer theatre and fell in love with her. It was terrifying to have that feeling, because…well…I was GAY! She had known for years, too. And neither of us understood the attraction.

    So I didn’t act on it in any physical way and just pressed down the emotion. (I always wonder what would have happened.)

    A different heterosexual female friend of mine fell for a girl just this summer and they’ve been together a few months now.

    We have to stop thinking of sexuality in our community as being rigid because we are quickly becoming even more hateful, exclusive and discriminating than the heterosexual world.

  • tricky ricky

    what a load of hogswoggle. this is nothing but a lame p.r. attempt.

  • Pistolo

    @John Doe: What does criticism of this comment have to do with cynicism or close-mindedness? It’s a misguided remark and he’s probably going to get praised more than someone who is actually gay or actually bisexual for making it.

    He’s straight, of course he can play the “maybe” and “someday” card. It’s a non-committal, purely theoretical assertion of his that totally goes against the logic of any person who is genuinely bisexual or gay. I’ve come so far to be able to say I’m gay and live like a gay man, he hasn’t ever had to fight for his heterosexuality. So I’m sure to him, going a little gay is just a matter of decision and choice and open-mindedness…oh brother.

    But of course, since he’s predominantly straight (97% because 100% would just be closed-minded) he must just be sooooo generous to say that and we should all be thankful.

  • mz.sam

    l don’t have a problem with Josh declaring what he is now, or how his sexual imaginations carries him in the future for what ever reasons of his willingness to disclose his sexual fancies (like James Franco). Humans are forever in a constant state of evolving through periods in life…a prime example is Chastity to Chaz Bono when sharing a life with a ex-Lesbian girlfriend. The deeper issue is the repeated badgering of the gay press when interviewing a gay-friendly celebrity to gain readership and that includes the hopeful delving into there private lives…still. Does any intelligent reader care about it now that social sexual stigma barriers have mostly been broken down?

  • pscheck2

    I am musing over his comments, re: maybe, possibly, etc. When the Hunger games went into production, I came across an interview wherein he mentioned that he and Liam became instant buddies, and the interviewe4r inferred they were inseparable In fact, she mentioned that Josh took Liam home (I think) for the holidays . Also, they got along so well, they were seriously thinking of renting an apartment in LA, together!! (Maybe one of you Posters, knows the source of this interview?) also: Now they are filming the second segment of the Hunger Games and no other than Jennifer L. mentioned how close Josh and that English hunk are on the set! Whether or not she was just being bitchy it would seem that if she made these remarks, it must have some truth to them? Remember: Zach Quinto? He denied for years he was gay–but now he is out and proud! On, yes: Wentworth Miller–big time denial–now?
    Need I say more?

  • D P

    Oooooohh…! I love this guy!

    So what if he *is* using the same tactic you #7 allege James Franco is using to keep the gay fanbase in the high numbers? I’ll accept it from them, and follow where they go… And if Hutcherson ever needed help testing the waters, I’d be more than happy to lend him a hand. Then I’d *give* everything else.

  • kmf1137

    I can say without a single doubt in my mind, I am 100% Gay! the thought of a woman even touching me inappropriately makes me sick to my stomach (sorry girls, I am not trying to offend, its just my preference)! that doesn’t mean I am against other folks liking either sex or all sexes, I just plain old don’t! I did however have girlfriends till I was 23 years old, but not cause I wanted them, but rather I was too afraid anyone would discover I was gay, and they were always set-ups, I never actually asked a girl out. This NEVER got any further than making out. I am a somewhat attractive guy, who always has had folks interested in, but I never even had a sexual relationship till I was 33, all out of fear. Still in this day, when folks find out I am gay, they don’t believe it, but I can honestly say, there aint an ounce of straight in me! Well, maybe if he is straight? lol

  • Joetx

    Hutcherson means well, but confuses recognizing that someone is attractive with being attracted to them. For example, I can recognize when a woman is attractive, but I have zero interest in her sexually.

  • bledoutcolor

    Ugh not this again. I hate the whole smug “sexual fluidity” argument/movement/fad whatever. I have no problem wkth full stop bi people, but the whole gay until you meet the right girl or vice versa thing pisses me off. Its exactly what my parents have beaten over my head since i told them i was born gay. And it doesnt make me close minded to be a full kinsey six gay man who would rather die than touch a woman sexually (inb4misogyny complaints, not wanting to sleep with them doesnt equal hate) and its flat out offensive to imply me having no leeway for females in my love life makes me close minded. Bi/ambiguously sexually inclined people arent somehow morally superior or more open minded than straight or gay people, and it makes me mad that some people try to erase gay/lesbian/straight identies just like some people do bi/pan etc identities. Im proud of and comfortable in that im exclusively sexually attracted to men only, which is why i find tryingto make sexual ambiguity or “everybody is bi” arguments into an indicator of progressiveness or moral superiority absurd.

    TLDR; wish idiot actors would keep their mouths shut and speakonly for their sexualities or not at all, especially not trying to make monosexual individuals seem like bigots. Great im getting the Cynthia Nixon vibes again…ugh.

  • lailaichong

    I am 100% gay and i know a lot of people are 100% straight!

  • Pistolo

    @bledoutcolor: THANK YOU!

  • litper

    @Joetx, if you aren’t disgusted of female body, you’re not 100% gay


    @litper: That’s a silly (and stupidly hetero-phobic)thing to say, even if it was a joke — which I hope it was… :(

  • bledoutcolor

    @KEVINVENTION: *facepalm* I cant believe you seriously just compared a distate for a female body in a sexual context to actual opression. If there were a phenomonon on par with homophobia only a loathing of heterosexuality, that isnt it. Far from it. That was painfully ignorant, and im disincline to take anyone who uses the phrase “heterophobia” seriously. Like racism against whites and sexism against males im sure it exists, but you cant put it on par with a widespread negative social stigma like the equivalent (homophobia, anti non white racism, misogyny) and expect to be taken seriously. Be more responsible with your words please. Im giving the benefit of the doubtthat you werent attempting to be offensive here.

  • litper

    It’s not heterophobic, it’s a fact. Most men don’t find male body disgusting, they actually like it. On the other hand I’m repulsed by a female body and couldn’t imagine being inside it. But 100% gay men like me are rare, just like 100% straight.


    @bledoutcolor: Not only am I not trying to be offensive, I’m being serious. Sorry if I don’t measure up to your self-imposed platitudes. Calling someone’s honest statement “painfully ignorant” is arrogant — and pretty painfully ignorant in itself. Hate to break it to ya, but as a Gay Guy myself, I, too, know a little bit about how disgusting homophobia can be. I’ve been on the receiving end of it many times. Who made you the expert on what constitutes “actual oppression”, anyway? I don’t do self-appointed martyrs. All I was saying was that I found the poster’s comment to be just as juvenile as I would if some homophobe said “if you aren’t disgusted of (sic) the male body, you’re not 100% straight.” It’s silly and polarizing, no matter which side is saying it… *sorry you hit yourself in the face*

  • litper

    “if you aren’t disgusted of (sic) the male body, you’re not 100% straight”

    and that is absolutely true


    Whatever you say, Dr. Kinsey. That’s blatantly absurd. I find those types of blanket statements to be equally repulsive, no matter which side — Gay or Straight — is trying to make their point. The fact of the matter is — realistically — you’re really only capable of defining your OWN orientation, not anyone else’s…

  • Camsean01



    Now excuse me while I go watch some 100% Gay Porn…

  • litper

    While most of 100% gay porn actors identify as 1000% straight. But of course, they’re “capable of defining their OWN orientation”, aren’t they?


    @litper: Who gives a shit what anyone else identifies themselves as? Unless you’re the one currently having sex with them, is it really any concern of yours? You’re trying to make everyone conform to your perception of reality and that, unfortunately, is not going to happen…

  • Joetx

    @litper: I’m disgusted of ignorant people like yourself.

  • litper

    @Joetx, now, go lick that pussy! There’s nothing disgusting for you!

  • michiganstateofmind

    Gay or straight. He’s a great Actor. Far as looks he’s hot! But……We all know looks fade… Character and Personality rules at the end. Mark Jacobs is living proof at 50

  • Sebizzar

    @bledoutcolor: I see your point, but I believe Hutcherson was mostly referring to homophobic men who deny their attractions to other men. Gays don’t have much of a problem admitting if they find the opposite sex or not, of course there’d be no backlash. But obviously, admitting you find the same sex attractive does bring some backlash. If only everyone could just be honest about their sexualities, without any fear or judgement. Bisexuality is probably the most common sexuality in the world, but so many people have yet to admit anything that’s not hetero-normative.

  • jimbryant

    Why does the gay media keep worshipping these flaky celebrity types? These people are superficial fame seekers.

    Remember the lame trend where straight women were claiming to be bisexual for reasons that were related to marketing? Men generally don’t wh0re themselves out like this.

  • ParkerSparx

    He appears to be an open-minded young guy. His generation is much more accepting. A generation that’s becoming our allies. I don’t think he’s doing this just for an interview. I think he’s sincere.

    His mother had two gay brothers. Both died from complications of AIDS.

  • ParkerSparx

    @ParkerSparx: Sorry. That should read his mother had two gay uncles.

  • Bellamy

    The ability of a heterosexual to find a member of the same gender attractive, or even to fornicate with them, does not make that heterosexual gay. Either you’re straight or you’re gay. All else is a perversion of your nature.

  • Cam


    Yes, I’m sure there are LOTS of closeted Baptist preachers who keep telling themselves that having sex with all those men doesn’t mean they’re gay. LOL!!!!!

  • Bellamy

    CAM, you’re an ignorant bigot.

  • ParkerSparx

    @Bellamy: @Bellamy: ?? Please expound on your theory that one can only be straight or gay.

  • litper

    Bellamy = gay to straight camp victim

  • jwrappaport

    @Bellamy: Perversion of their nature? If bi dudes are perverts, I’ll take two. I hate to break it to you, there are plenty of guys who enjoy pussy as much as they enjoy dick. I’m actually seeing one of them right now, and it’s pretty sweet.

    Bisexual dick = Sacrilicious

  • Celtic

    Some of the discussions above are really good ones, and spot on! I came out 45 years ago with my first partner, after having had sex with a couple women in college. I discovered having sex with another man set off all kinds of bells and whistles that did not occur while having sex with a woman. Many believe that sex itself is fluid, and that Americans more so than Europeans must keep each of us in a box from which we cannot escape. Years ago I was chatting with a young Italian lad in a beach resort bar. He said to me, “In Italy you might go to bed with a truly hot Italian man and when your sex play is over, he might say that now he should go home to his wife and children. That freaks out you Americans, because each of you must be containerized.” Wow! I continue to be very content as a lifelong gay man, but hey! To each his own. Bisexuality is regarded as the norm by some therapists. Each of us falls along that grid gradually to 100% gay or 100% straight.

  • Teleny

    I think this guy is just saying he finds some men attractive, but has never acted on it, but in the right time/place/person, he might. I think that’s refreshingly honest. Being Tranz I have had sex with persons all over the sexual spectrum. I think in larger cities, sexual identities are a bit more rigid. Glbt people in small towns/rural areas seem to have a bit more flexibility in choosing sex partners.

  • stfallon1028

    Horse manure. Jake Gyllenhaal make a similar statement about ten years ago before his star rose to the heavens, and which guys arm have you seen him on since then? I think Josh here is simply trying to build a fan base. Remember the Samantha Jones Sex and the City adage, “First the gays, then the girls, then Hollywood.” In terms of public Hollywood figures, only Angelina Jolie has had a bona fide bisexuality which is actually followed up by actions (literal and figurative) that can be taken seriously.

  • bledoutcolor

    Wow. This topic has certainly…went places.

    @Celtic and probably quite a few other users i cant remeber the names of above, that was my point. Bisexuality shouldnt be seen as the “norm” any more than straight should be. Its not fairto shove expectations of heterosexuality on gays or homosexuality on straights like that and is just as harmful are a heterosexist social view. Everyone should be able to identify with their own sexuality and be taken seriously as that (unless its a “straight guy” who sleeps exclusively with men or vice versa in which case its just flat out denial). Basically just respect everyones sexuality, and dont make blanket statements that push one sexuality az superior to others, like Hutcherson and in a way you did with your therapist comment even if that wasnt your intent. Not being accusatory btw.

    As for @Sebizzar, you made a quantitative staement without citing anything to back it up which is the only thing i take issue with. A gay person being told that everyone is bisexual is still harmful because it presents expectations to “choose” the heterosexual side because of the heterocentrist society we live in, and is just another way to tell them their identity doesnt matter or is invalid. Its just as bad as gays telling bi people theyre really just on the first stop to gayville. Its trivializing someones identity which is not okay one way or another, and is the same reason i hate when people knock the use of “labels”. Those labels are important to some people and thats okay.

    As for @KEVINVENTION nowhere was i attempting to not be civil with you but since you apparently wont extend the same courtsey I dont see that holding a discussion with you will be fruitful in anyway. My point is just that heterophobia ISNT in anyway on par with homophobia and it doesnt make me a self appointed martyr to state this. Its just fact. Heterophobic sentiment isnt endemic to American culture, so you crying about how someone being repulsed by female bodies in a sexual context is heterophobic is extremely insulting to anyone who realizes this fact. And by definition, yes a man who isnt 100% either repulsed or indifferent to male bodies in a sexual context ISNT straight. He is bisexual from an academic standpoint. There are varying levels of bisexuality, thusany tendency outside of sexual attraction to one gender is by its very nature bisexual.

  • Niall

    What a bunch of daft comments here lol. I am NOT 100% repulsed by the female body, but I have no desire to ever be in one. And I think I can recognize I’m fully gay, thank you very much


    @Niall: EXACTLY. Finally, someone else who can make a common-sense, rational statement about this — without coming off as confrontational or resorting to some tired, militant bullshit. And @Celtic, I also agree… ;)

  • Celtic

    @KEVINVENTION: Thank you for the affirmation. I will admit that I sometimes fantasize being with another man AND a woman, but have yet to try that one!! :D

  • benbear1973

    As one in the 100% Gay minority–Are WE STILL calling it that???? Anyway, I think Stars like Franco & now Hutcherson
    CLEARLY do this for the publicy. The fact is: For those of us that are really gay, we were fluid in our teens, messed around with Hetereosexualityt and rejected it, because it WAS NOT what we wanted. Came out in our late teens/early 20’s (for me anyway), and have been happily having same-sex relationships ever since. The core fact is: I knew I was gay & attracted to Men from the age of 13, however, I couldn’t come out until I was 19. I acted out in a very latent way my attraction and desires for Men during that 6 years, but it wasn’t until I was 19 , and fell in love DEEPLY for the first time with a man, that I understood what really being gay & out & proud meant. I would just say this: for those of us that dont have big fancy Hollywood careers to worry about, we are who we are, and for my sake, I am thankful I came out, and am happy to not have to go through life confused about who I am, or how I love. Life & love should NEVER be a publicity stunt, but then again, Hollywood is NOTORIOUS for that!

  • bledoutcolor

    @benbear I came out freshman year of hs so probably at age 14 and never even experimented with heterosexuality because iknew i was gay already at that point and it just felt wrong tothe core of my being to even consider girls as anything but friends. So the younger generation in HS now feels even less pressure to be something they arent. While i felt a lot of pressure to be straight itwas more because of being in a rural area and having ultra conservative christo fascist parents, but i still didnt even consider doing something that wasnt me to make them happy, and it seems like a lot of people my age in cities and rural areas alike are beginning to feel this way thankfully. So i guess my point is that even teenagers arent always as fluid as people think ;) even when they are having attempts at forcing them to be. And it does seem like straight actors can comfortably comment on issues like this that have no effect on them to garner publicity. Many comparisons have been made to James Franco, and Cynthia Nixon has said some similar things in a much more questionable way, tho for her it was less about publicity and more about not being careful and thoughtful of her words and speaking on behalf of others when she shouldnt have been.

  • pscheck2

    aside from all the comments are about theories of being str8, bi or gay, lets take a bet on when he will come out of his closet and declare himself ‘out and proud’. Anyone?

  • Celtic

    I want to jump back into this conversation. I don’t know if Hutcherson and Franco are doing this for publicity, or what their motives may be. Frankly, I am not planning to over think this aspect of the column. Again reading some of the posts here, let me share that around age 4 -5 I knew I liked men, especially their butts. I was born in 1944 one week after D-Day, so I grew up in what was a totally homo-intolerant society. In fact, I did not even know what the word homosexual meant until I was 15! I recall how as a young lad I loved to watch cowboys in tight jeans, dance musicals because the men wore tights or the nearest thing to tights. I found all that “rush” quite exciting even before I knew what sex was. My good fortune was that if my parents so much as suspected my homosexuality, they never broached the topic. (I actually suspect my dad was an unreconciled closet case. Food for another time.) During my four years honorable US MIL service, I literally buried all sexual interest in men. I was not about to dishonor or disgrace the Service or myself. Two years after discharge I came out with my first part – 1968! While I find beautiful women very exciting visually, sexually there is zero. When I see a hot, well-built man all my bells and whistles explode. It is perfectly natural to me. What I learned when I was with my first lover that I refused to live a lie and marry in order to pretend I was straight when I was not. My partner was overjoyed when I finally came to terms with that. Each of us should be free to be who we are at our core. Society should STOP this pressure that all people of God’s creation must be heterosexual. It simply is not true; it is not fact.

  • AxelDC

    I give him a pass. It’s a silly statement but I think he meant it as a compliment. He has been an outspoken advocate for the No on H8 campaign even as a teenager. He is only 20 years old, so maybe he doesn’t know his own sexuality yet. Perhaps this is a first step in coming out, but it may just be a hamfisted attept at a compliment to gay guys.


    @AxelDC: DITTO. It was meant as an off-the-cuff remark. He really does seem to practice what he preaches when it comes to being an advocate, though. Is he Gay? Doubtful, I’d say, but really, who gives a shit? He is awful darn cute. It also helps that he’s from around my “neck of the woods” and comes back often. If I ever ran into him, I’d tell him what cool (and cute) Mostly-Straight-Lil-Dude I think he is… ;)

  • MK Ultra

    Why is this such a big deal?
    A young, hot actor, who supports equality, says one day in the future he may be interested in a man
    and now some on here are pushing a hysterical conspiracy theory that he’s manipulating gay men? That he’s trying to say gays can change? That he’s part of the Illuminati agenda?
    umm, yeah….ok.
    Take the damned compliment!

  • grero

    @tardis: Absolutely. Most guys in the ancient world were drawn to other guys. I’ve written a free book/audiobook on this:

  • KyleD

    @MikeE: Ever thought that maybe the bisexual men are mostly in relationships with women and that’s why you didn’t meet them in the gay community?

    I’m a bisexual man but I’m currently dating a woman who’s also bisexual so we don’t really hang out in the gay community anymore. I’ve also dated other bisexual men who are now in relationships with women.

    Secondly, it’s only recently that men have begun to openly admit sexual fluidity. You see it more and more. Before it was only women but now you see more and more famous straight and gay men who are saying that they are not 100% straight or gay which I think is great.

  • KyleD

    @Cam: Music producer Clive Davis who not too long ago came out as bisexual, said that he only became attracted to men at the age of 50 and before that, he had only been attracted to women.

  • yesorno

    yes he said it can be possible, but I think or rather also said I hope it will never be like what he said
    because he has never been with a men only with very pretty girls like Vanessa Hudgens, Zoey Deutch or Victoria Justice
    But its his decision and I probably think he can not be influenced from anyone.
    But well we’ll see

  • SteveDenver

    What I really hear Josh saying is “I have no limitations and I hope this pisses off those of you who have.”

  • colin4

    @SteveDenver I believe the same n i thnk Hutcherson is right

  • colin4

    There r a lot of gays who come out as gay n then becomes bisexual or bisexuals turning full gay or straight turning gay…No one can be ssure about things like this..These just happen!

  • enlightenone

    @tardis: But sexual orientation itself does not fluctuate over time! Sexual orientation isn’t a label it’s a biological predisposition. We now know more (neuroscience) than Kinsey did when he developed his “scale!”

  • enlightenone

    @SteveDenver: What I hear him saying, so he doesn’t piss off his female fan base, agent, and/or sponsors is that he is bisexual or gay – “not 100% straight!” Sexual orientation isn’t a limitation per se, it’s a biological fact. Suggestion: don’t listen to a guy who objectifies gay men for his own present or future escapades, read salient sources! I’m 100% gay and proud of it! Many men and some women have fought, was jailed, and died and continue to do so all over the world so we can be what WE ARE.

  • enlightenone

    @KyleD: Your point?

  • enlightenone

    @KyleD: So why do you bother “labelling” yourself bisexual. Interesting how you use the “Gay community” when it’s convenient that is why some gay men take issue with some bisexuals.

  • enlightenone

    @MK Ultra: What compliment?

  • enlightenone

    @DarkZephyr: I suspect that it’s not “fluidity” depending on your definition, but rather you were settling into your sexuality in a world that is heterosexually-oriented and same-sex orientation is at worst “an abomination,” “an illness/sickness,” confusion due to rape by a male (fluidity?), “not natural,” “a phase,” you were “recruited,” and so on. By the way, I appreciate your posts.

  • enlightenone

    @MikeE: We’re twins! lol Thoughtful post! Where I was from and during my adolescence (’70’s), there was no label of “versatile” at least I was not aware, but I come to learn it is real. This would be a preference, perhaps fluid for some. Sexual orientation and identity are not.

  • enlightenone

    @Cam: Well said!

  • enlightenone

    “…I’ve never been, like, Oh, I want to kiss that guy. I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded.” AS UNEDUCATED AS HIS COMMENTS ARE and I will say irresponsible, the fact is he is no psychologist, psychotherapist, sex expert, or a student of biology or neuroscience! He is just an actor, YOUNG man, celebrity, and charitable. A person’s sexual orientation is NOT “defining yourself;” it’s accepting, respecting, and appreciating what you are. As human beings you can choose to indulge in behaviors though they do have natural, negative, and positive consequences/outcomes, some can be damaging to the psyche, mental health and/or soul!

    I’m curious to know how his comments have impacted his relationship with his “girlfriend?”

  • enlightenone

    @Pistolo: Excellent! May I quote you in my upcoming book, essay, etc?

  • enlightenone

    @startenout: “…So I didn’t act on it in any physical way and just pressed down the emotion. (I always wonder what would have happened.)” The only person that stopped you was YOU. So let’s not project. “Rigid”/fear/doubt was you NOT allowing yourself to find out if your feelings were authentic/real or not! We tend to fear being embarrassed, “wrong,” making changes, or fearing loss of an “identity,” perhaps prematurely decided given your experiences or possible unexamined traumas, etc. Sexual orientation is fixed though complex in it’s development and environmental influences. Seeing a skilled, licensed therapist, specializing in LGBTQ development, social challenges, and “cultures” wouldn’t hurt!

  • enlightenone

    @Derek Williams: I’m 100% straight… I really love women. But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded,” ESPECIALLY if you are leaving your/a backdoor open for “gay”/”homo” sex! This is not what is considered to be a measure of a “well-adjusted, straight guy,” although it can be yours of course. Some males do have “straight” fetishes!

  • enlightenone

    @mz.sam: Chaz was never a lesbian! And no “sexual stigmas have [NOT] been broken down” when their are about 37 countries and parts of this country like Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Utah, to name just a few that have harsh penalties, public stoning, prison sentences, even death/MURDER if human beings aren’t “heterosexual.” What are needed are sexual intelligence and less/no fear, hate, and/or control much of which is perpetuated by religious dogma, ignorance, and reactionary LAWS.

  • enlightenone

    @enlightenone: Self-correction: …Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Utah have laws, school curricula, so called “conversion therapy”/”reparative therapy, NARTH, etc.

  • enlightenone

    @Celtic: …”During my four years honorable US MIL service, I literally buried all sexual interest in men. I was not about to dishonor or disgrace the Service or myself. Two years after discharge…” NOT sure how you were able to do that 24/7 for at least four years as a man? No masturbation? Unhealthy in many ways, but of course your choice. As a 10 year active duty serviceman, I assume you would say I dishonored the military and myself for being gay, having homosexual sex, dating and falling and being in love with men was dishonoring myself and the military even though they were wrong and punitive rewards brave, heroic LGBT military personnel at least between 1940 and 2011?

  • startenout

    @enlightenone: a.) you don’t know me and apparently can’t read because yes I did say I was the one who stopped me. B.) sexuality is fluid and not fixed according to many people more learned and intelligent than you. Don’t judge people you don’t know especially since you choose not to acknowledge all of what people say; perhaps your superiority complex could use some therapy.

    • enlightenone

      @startenout: Don’t need or want to know you! Typically people post based on the posts of others, not presuming to know them. Those “more learned and intelligent than [me]” would agree with my comments. A person with a “superiority complex” would not make such a statement! Drop the defenses and perhaps you will read my comments differently. If not, so be it.

      “We have to stop thinking of sexuality in our community as being rigid because we are quickly becoming even more hateful, exclusive and discriminating than the heterosexual world.” Take your own advice and not “judge people or a ‘community’ you can’t possibly know!”

    • startenout

      Typically, people respond to the article they are reading, not to the personal experiences of other commenters, but since you’re going there…

      A person with a superiority complex would actually use the opinions (non-cited, mind you) of those smarter than them to support their own comments. Your own defense mechanism doesn’t allow you to see that in recounting my story, I said that it was my own fear and that I have learned on the intervening years that sexuality is fluid which is why I find this young man’s statements refreshing. I’ve been living openly gay for two decades and was recounting an incident that happened with feelings for a girl well after I was an active part of the gay community; since then, I have become very involved in LGBT activities and understand the nature of myself.

      Again, you know nothing about me or anyone else here, read things with your own personal bias and thus your words mean nothing other than you being a sanctimonious blowhard who wants to judge people as being not as “enlightened” as you. Please, even your name speaks to your self-importance as evidenced by your need to critique the posts of so many other people who were merely sharing own story.

      How about you let people live their own lives and look at your own need for validation? Or better yet, just stick to talking about the story and if you feel like it, share your own life experience without feeling the need to try and step on others.

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