Josh Hutcherson On Why Gay Rights Are Close To His Heart: “I Had Two Uncles Die From AIDS”

Josh Hutcherson has opened up to E! Online’s Marc Malkin, revealing that he has two gay uncles who died from AIDS in 1993, at the height of the epidemic.

Said the 19-year-old actor, who plays Peeta in The Hunger Games:

“They were in their early thirties, in great shape, but unfortunately they were taken away from us too soon. Both passed away at about the time I was born.

“My mom has always been a big advocate, especially in the gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual community so for me it’s always been a part of my soul. This is what my family is most proud of and the same for me. Acting is one thing, but actually trying to change the world and the way people think to make people’s lives better? That’s the stuff I’m most proud of.”

Aw. I’ve been #TeamPeeta since I finished the Hunger Games books, and then when I saw that Josh, who I find adorable, was cast as Peeta, I was even more #TeamPeeta. And now, regardless of my feelings for his HG character, I am #TeamJosh.