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Josh Hutcherson opens up about THAT full-frontal “FutureMan” scene

Actor Josh Hutcherson holds a mic, in a black leather jacket, while presenting on a panel at the ComicCon convention.

Last week, we reported Josh Hutcherson filmed a full-frontal nude scene for an episode of Hulu’s Future Man — albeit one that looks like it relies an awful lot upon prosthetics and other cheap tricks.

Now, the Hunger Games star is discussing the already-notorious scene, in which he gamely strips naked with an alternate version of himself.

During a Twitter Q&A on November 21, the 25-year-old actor was asked whether they used a stunt double.

“It’s a scene that I was asking a long time leading up to: ‘How are we going to do this?’

I knew it was going to be really funny and it was going to be done tastefully, so to speak. It was the day before that we actually figured out how we were going to do it.”

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Then he spilled the beans: “It’s a combination of me with camera lock-offs, and also a stunt double, and a lot of prosthetics as I’m sure you may have noticed.”

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You can view the whole scene here if you haven’t already — but consider yourself advised that it’s not at all safe for work.

Watch the trailer for Future Man Below: