Joshua Wilkerson’s Family Insists Slain Teen Would Never Make Sexual Advances Toward Another Guy

Joshua Wilkerson, the murdered 18-year-old Texan whose body was burned by supposed friend Hermilio Moralez, is not a homosexual, his uncle insists.

(Cue to about halfway through the clip)

With Moralez telling police that he killed Wilkerson with a closet rod over sexual advances — made not during a car ride home, as initially reported, but at Moralez’s home on the back porch — the Wilkerson family wants to make sure everyone knows the young man was not gay.

“Everything you hear, don’t judge a book by its cover,” says Wilkerson’s uncle John Crochet. “This guy is not human, so don’t believe what he’s saying,” he adds about Moralez. “There had been some accusations by this animal that some sexual advances were made. We have no reason to believe that would have ever happened. The bottom line is whatever happened, he didn’t deserve to die.”

While KHOU reports Crochet says his nephew isn’t gay, the only soundbites that aired have Crochet saying his nephew wouldn’t have made sexual advances. There’s a difference.

Meanwhile, very curiously a fake Wilkerson Facebook profile went live after his death and while Moralez was in custody, hinting there’s another party interested in either protecting Moralez or tarnishing Wilkerson’s name: The profile lists him as gay, interested in Justin Bieber and hating “Negroes.”